Frieda sat still while they spoke, she wasn’t really
listening, only pretending to pay attention so that they would stop bugging her
“Frieda….I don’t understand this…why have you decided to
be such a difficult young lady?” Uncle Fry asked.

Since, he was in town, her parents had invited her uncle to
their house to talk to her and they were really banking on his words of wisdom.
If only they knew? She thought and almost laughed aloud. Her uncle had already
sent her a text message earlier, promising to take her out for a fulfilling
time after his visit to her place. The straw that had broken the camel’s back
was the condom her mother had seen in her room which had led to an open
confronted in the presence of Morenike.
Morenike, she thought, would get served on Monday but as for
today, she’ll take everything in good stride.
“I really was confused Fry….I mean, haven’t I been a good
mother? What is my fifteen year old daughter doing with condoms?” Freida’s
mother said in tears.
“Who have you been using those condoms with? Who?” Her
father demanded, his eyes threatening to spill out of his face.
“Calm down…I’m sure Frieda has a reasonable explanation
for those condoms…” Uncle Fry said trying to pacify her parents.
“No she doesn’t! I have asked her all through yesterday and
this morning….she has no explanations at to the condoms I found in her room. Frieda
is not the only teenager I know for pete’s sake! We have neighbours with
teenage children and I know that they don’t carry condoms around….oh my God!
Who have I offended?” Frieda’s mother cried.
“Who’s that bastard that you’ve been using the condoms with?
Who? You must confess today or I’ll kill you with my bare hands.” Frieda’s
father shouted as he lunged at her.
“Brother! C’mon, calm down!” Uncle Fry said in alarm.
“Don’t stop me! I’d rather not have a daughter than I have
one who’ll bring shame and disgrace to my name.” Frieda’s father started.
Frieda was instantly afraid, she had never ever seen her
father in such way and he looked as though he was going to really kill her as
he had threatened.
“Daddy…” Frieda cried.
“Don’t you dare daddy me! You are going to tell me the
source of those condoms or you face my wrath!” Her father screamed.
Frieda remembered the lies her uncle had told her to tell
her parents, yesterday when she had called him to tell him that her mom had
snooped through her things and found the condom.
“I’ll tell the truth…I haven’t been having sex. I have
never had sex…I…I…was given the condoms on one of the seminars I attended
with my friends. I didn’t tell you guys that I was going for the seminar
because I knew that you both would say that I was being too curious. At the
seminar, we were taught about sex and that using protection could spare us from
the worries of STDs and HIV, but they said that abstinence is the best. So at
the end of the seminar, we were all given free packs of condoms…” Frieda said
in tears.
“Why didn’t you tell us that you were going for any seminar?
Why didn’t you trust us with the questions about sex that you wanted to know?”
Her mother asked.
Frieda fell to her knees before her parents.
“I am really sorry….mom…dad….please forgive me. I was
trying to be so grown up and…I guess that I upset you both so much. Please
forgive me….please don’t turn me away…please…. I am also sorry for being
so rude to mommy on several occasions.” Frieda cried.
Her parents were instantly moved by her tears and hurried to
hug her, apologizing for accusing her falsely. Her uncle spoke up.
“I am so proud of you Frieda….now…as a reward for being
a good girl…I’ll like to take you for ice cream…”
“No uncle…I don’t deserve it…I’ll just go into my room
and study…” Freida said.
“Nonsense! You deserve to go for ice cream…c’mon…” Her
father coaxed.
“Is it okay with you, mom?” Frieda asked her mother, still
with tears in her eyes.
“It is fine by me baby…I am so sorry for accusing you
wrongly…” Her mother cried and hugged her tight.
Frieda nodded and stood up, then placing her hand in her
uncle’s they both walked out of the house.
“I really believed those tears….” Uncle Fry laughed as he
fed his niece some ice cream.
“Yea….I had to fake it so that they leave me alone…”
Frieda said as she inched closer to eat the ice cream.
“So…after here…I have arranged a special arrangement
somewhere special. Remember I told you that my friend and his family went on
vacation. I have the keys to his place, we can go there and spend some quality
time together.
“Don’t you think it’s too soon?” Frieda said hesitantly.
“What do you mean by too soon….” Her uncle demanded.
“I just had an emotional encounter with my parents about sex
and I just don’t think that I should jump into it just yet.” Frieda said.
“Do you want me to take back everything I’ve ever given you?”
Her uncle threatened.
“No uncle…”
“Do you want me to cancel the calls I’ve made to Olamide’s
manager for an appearance of the star at you birthday bash next month?”
Frieda’s eyes widened as she stared at her uncle.
“You didn’t!” Frieda said in excitement.
“I’ll do anything for you…I’ll move the world for you and
yet, you can’t give me the little thing I want….”
“I…..okay….let’s go…” Frieda said.
They quickly finished their ice cream and left the ice cream
Frieda looked at her uncle and hesitated, they were at his
friend’s house and in his bedroom.
“Do you have a condom?” She asked.
“No….you are the custodian of the condoms!” Her uncle
“But mom has it….have you forgotten the confrontation that
just took place at my house?” Frieda asked.
“Oh gosh!”
“There should be a supermarket around…” Frieda said
“What? No way….going out to look for condoms will kill my
emotions…” Her uncle said.
“We’ve never….had…sex without condoms….” Frieda
“There’s always a first time to everything…” Her uncle
“I’m so scared uncle Fry….I feel uneasy and it’s like
something bad might happen…” Frieda said.
“Hahahaha…you make me laugh…something bad will happen?
From sex? No way!”
“Can we use a condom please?” Freida asked.
“Will you shut up? What is this about? Don’t you trust me
enough? Do I look like I have HIV or STD’s?” Her uncle raged.
“What of pregnancy? I’ve never been pregnant before and I
don’t want to be a pregnant teen…”
“You are not getting pregnant! It’s just one time without
condoms and that’s not enough to make you pregnant.”
“I’m sorry uncle…” Frieda said in a quiet voice.
“That’s my girl…” her uncle said.

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Frieda with a your gragra you aren't even smart after all. Very sad. Because of gadgets u wanna FORSAKE your future. SMH. I'm sure she would end up pregnant with her uncle Fry's baby or be infected. Teenagers should just learn. #deepsigh.
    Ada love……keep up the good work.


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