Kendra looked at the glass of water on the bathroom sink and
opened her palm to reveal different colours of tablets and felt the tears
fall. She stared at her reflection in the mirror above the sink and shook her
head. ‘This isn’t me!’ She thought. ‘This is someone else and not the perfect
Kendra.’ She thought again.
Unknown to her father, she had rummaged his medicine cabinet for different
types of tablets. She had seen it happen in movies many times, the lady or the
guy took an overdose and died. Yes, death was much better than carrying this
child and facing the humiliation of not seating for WAEC exams with her
classmates. Death was certainly better than being a teenage mother, it was
better than many things that life was offering her at the moment.

She gulped as she stared at the pills in her palm, she
remembered the laughter she shared with her siblings, the joy of sharing life
with her parents and family and thought of the vacations her father planned for
them all.
“How can I leave life now? I am so young…I am just
fifteen…” She sobbed. “But it’s better than the humiliation of being
pregnant….the shame…the gossip…oh what would people say? I have been
exalted in the eyes of men and everyone wants their kids to be like me…what happens
now that I am no more the ideal child? Is abortion better? Should I go ahead
with mommy’s idea? But I’m scared of abortions….I have read stories of young
girls dying due to the pain and sometimes losing their wombs. There is no
better way out of this than death. At least, when I am dead…I am at peace.”
She said. Then she remembered the teaching her pastor had given once in church,
he had said ‘Anyone that takes his or her life will be eternally dammed because
you didn’t give yourself that life. Expect hell fire for eternity.’ She
shuddered at that thought.
She looked at the mirror again and quietly raised her palm
towards her mouth to throw in the pills when the bathroom door opened and Clara
walked in.
“Oh…I’m sorry…I didn’t know you were in here…” Clara
started but stopped when she saw the pills in her sister’s hands. “Kendra!”
“I am sorry Clara…I have to go…” Kendra cried.
“No…how dare you? No!” Clara shouted and hit Kendra’s
palms with her hand so the pills scattered on the ground.
Kendra stooped to pick the pills up.
“Why did you  knock
them off why?” Kendra cried.
“What are you thinking? Do you seriously want to kill
yourself? Do you really want to die? Are you ready to die?” Clara demanded.
“Well, that’s my best option…”
“Will you keep silent? Kendra!” Clara shouted, dragging her
up from the ground. “No! Don’t you ever think of suicide as an option! No!”
Kendra began to cry, she hugged her sister and sobbed.
“Oh Clara…I am so sorry…I have been a bad sister to
you…and you’re being so kind to me. I feel so bad…”
“Shhh….don’t worry, you are my concern. I feel guilty too
because I somehow knew that James was up to no good but because I was angry
that daddy and mommy preferred you to me, I wanted you to slip…to make a
mistake and I’m sorry…” Clara said.
“No…it’s not your fault. Even if you warned me, I would
have gone ahead anyway….” Kendra said.
Clara broke the hug and took her by the hand and led her
into the room. They both sat on the bed.
“What’s going to happen to me now? My future…my life…”
Kendra asked.
“Well, a child is good thing but the circumstance is wrong.
I am glad that you didn’t contract HIV or worse.” Clara said.
Kendra’s eyes widened. “I never thought of that!”
“Are you serious? Don’t you pay attention to the adverts on
sexually transmitted diseases? The ABC says ‘Abstinence, Be faithful, Use a
Condom’ but for us who are under age, we have to go with A….it’s the best
“I feel so empty Clara…so empty…I failed my mock
exams…all because I was not concentrating on school but on my boyfriend.” Kendra
“You failed mock? Are you serious?”
“Yes…I failed it but I lied to mom….I altered the
results…” Kendra cried.
“I am sorry you had to do that but this is the time to come
out clean…our parents are disappointed in you but worse of all, they are
disappointed in themselves. They think they’ve failed as parents and we must
show them that they haven’t. This was just a mistake and many girls and boys
fall into it.”
“If only James could tell the truth…if only he could tell
the truth, I’d feel better. Daddy sees me as a big liar.”
“Don’t worry about James, karma will definitely catch him.”
“Do you know that his mom was on his side all through?”
Kendra started then suddenly remembered something. “Clara, I found out that you’re
related to James…”
“What are you talking about?” Clara asked.
“We went to James place and daddy recognized James’s mother
as your mom’s sister.”
Clara’s eyes widened. “What? Are you serious?”
“Yes…she is actually your aunt and she said she’ll pay you
a visit soon…”
Clara was elated. “Are you serious? I can’t believe this! It’s
a miracle…does she look like me?”
“No…she kinda bears close resemblance to your friend Rose.
Strange isn’t it?”
“Rose? Ha! Well people look alike…” Clara said. “I’ll
leave you to sleep now, it’s almost midnight….and aunty Carol comes
“Yea…she likes you so….lucky you.”
“That’s nonsense! Aunt Carol likes everyone of us…we just
get along because I gist alot and you love reading your books.” Clara laughed.
“I wish…” Kendra said, managing a small smile.
“Good night …” Clara said watching her lie down to sleep. “And
do not ever scare me like you did today, again.”
“I won’t Clara…thank you for being my sister…” Kendra
said and closed her eyes to sleep.
Clara sat on the bed thinking of what Kendra had told her
about her mother’s sister, ‘could it be true?’ she thought.
Rose was almost dragged out of bed by Clara who ran into her
room in the wee hours of the morning.
“Clara? What are you doing here?” Rose asked, wondering what
Clara was doing in her house early in the morning.
“I need us to go to James’s house!”
“James…the guy that got my sister pregnant!”
Rose sighed deeply and looked at the time.
“It’s six am…”
“Yea…I know, and it’s a Monday morning which means that,
he’ll be off for school soon. I need to confront him once and for all….and this time, he has to tell the truth.”
Rose shrugged out of bed and quickly hurried to the bathroom
to have her bath. In fifteen minutes, she and Clara had left the house.
James was eating breakfast with Raymond, the aftermath of
Kendra and her parents visit still hung in the air and their mother was trying hard
to be cheerful as she refused to believe that her son had started having sex.
“Can I have more cereal mom?” Raymond asked.
“Ray, you know I bought that cereal yesterday. With rate at
which you’re eating it, it won’t last…” His mother complained.
“I thought dad sends money to you for upkeep. What’s a extra
bowl of cereal?” James asked.
His mother sighed and said. “Alright, you can have extra…”
“Thanks mom…” Raymond said reaching out for the pack of
There was a loud knock at the entrance door followed by a
doorbell. Uncle Wekpe who was trying to turn on the DVD player in the sitting room
walked to the door.
“Who is it Wekpe? I’m sure it’s our neighbour Ifeanyi, he
mentioned to me last night that he’d be leaving early to work today and that I
should be ready to take out my car for him to drive out.” James’s mother said.
Uncle Wekpe opened the door and stared at two teenage girls in surprise, the first was a pretty girl who had a huge scowl on her face while
the second was the splitting image of his sister as a teen. 
He called out to
his sister.
“Veronica! I think you should come and see this…”

To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Ada, don't tell me that James mother and her sister got pregnant and gave birth to Rose and Clara respectively? Which one is close resemblance with Rose again?


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