Winnie and her friends stared at the young guy who had called
out her name and their hearts skipped beats. Mira’s jaw-dropped -the guy wasn’t
any random guy, he looked so cool and so fly. Rachel couldn’t believe her eyes
as she stared at Winnie’s new friend and suddenly realised that her pretty figure
had never snagged her such a cute dude before. Even the guy she was crushing
over at school, didn’t come close to Winnie’s friend.
“Hey!” Winnie waved, breaking the silence.

The young guy walked up to them and greeted them, as he took
their hands in his for handshakes, they stood stunned.
“I hope I didn’t come too early…” Steve said. “You said
your sister was running late so, I thought that I could get here earlier.” He
said to Winnie.
Rachel stared at the guy, he hadn’t even given her second
glance and from her ratings, she was the hottest amongst the three girls. She
made a mental picture of her dressing, she was wearing a mini blue halter
bodycon dress which hugged her body and a long sleeved blue and white plaid
shirt which she’d tied into a knot at her waist. On her feet were sandals and
she had a bit of make-up on, yet the guy hadn’t paid any attention to her.
Mira spoke next.
“I see my driver, I have to go…see you guys tomorrow.” She
Rachel didn’t speak, she nodded instead and waved her off as
Mira hurried to the sleek car waiting at the other side of the road and got in.
Winnie waved too.
“It’s okay…you’re not too early, we just ended our
lessons.” Winnie said.
“I was thinking we could maybe hang out somewhere around
here, I noticed a small restaurant on this street. Is that okay by you?” Steve
“No, honestly, it’s not. I don’t really know you and I’d
rather we stay here in the open and if you’re worried that we’ll be standing,
then we could go inside the school and sit under a tree shade.” Winnie said.
“Winnie! Stop being such a bore! Ofcourse she can hang out
with you at the restaurant. Haba!” Rachel cut in.
Steve spared Rachel a small smile and she rejoiced, maybe
she thought, this hot dude would later find out that Winnie was a bad match and
a big mistake and come after her instead.
“I think I should stick with Winnie’s plan, I mean…I want
her to feel comfortable.” Steve said.
Rachel shot him a murderous glare.
“So, let’s go inside the school then…” Winnie said.
“Sure…” Steven said.
“Oh really? Is this how you’ll leave me hanging here?”
Rachel asked.
“Aren’t you going home?” Winnie asked.
“My driver is not here yet.” Rachel said.
Winnie didn’t mind that Rachel wanted to stay but she’d
rather it was Mira. Rachel was too blunt and didn’t care if she hurt her friend’s
feelings, she also had a very sharp tongue and Winnie didn’t like it.
“If you want to join us, you’re welcome.” Winnie said.
Rachel rewarded her with a big smile and followed them into
the school.
Mira got home and wished she had stayed longer at school.
There was no point returning to a broken home where everything had run amok.
She was angry, bitter and very tired. She brought out her broken phone which
her gateman had helped her glue back together -as her parents separation made
it difficult to demand for a new phone-and called her mother.
“Hey mom…” She greeted.
“How are things there?” Her mother asked.
“You didn’t do well at all.” Mira said.
“What do you mean by that?”
“Why did you leave? You should have at least, stayed back
for the sake of your family.”
“It’s easier said than done, baby. I really don’t expect you
to understand.”
“I understand it all mom and what I understand is, that you
let another woman get into your home.”
“That’s the choice your father made.”
“Did you ever stop to think of me? How I feel in all of
this?” Mira said as her voice broke.
“I did honey, I honestly did and that’s why I made sure I
provided you with a driver, a car and basic necessities.” Her mother said.
“I don’t need all that, I want you…” Mira said.
“Stop being a baby, Mira…grow up…”
Mira was upset, she was very upset.
“Do you know what I think? I think you’re the most selfish
mother on the planet. You didn’t think of the impact your separation with dad
will cause your kids but you moved out instead. Plus, you expect me to call you
over every issue but guess what mom, I’m a big girl and I won’t call you
anymore to whine or complain. I wish you luck in your estrangement from your husband.
I know you guys fought a lot but you should have done something to stop it and
if you couldn’t, you could have taken me along with you to where you went but
no, you didn’t so from now on, I am an independent teenager and I’m never
asking mommy for help anymore. Goodbye!” She said and hung up.
A loud clap startled her and she turned to see Monica
smiling at her with her huge gap tooth at the center of her mouth.
“That’s the spirit my dear, tell your mother your mind.”
Monica said.
Mira stared at her in anger and turning on her heels, she
ran up to the house in anger.
Rachel listened as Winnie spoke to Steve, they spoke about a
lot of boring things like the weather, school, colour, mathematics and so on.
The most annoying part was their long discussion on the maths subject which
Rachel hated by the way.
“Wow! You had straight A’s in your maths exams from primary
school till date?” Steve said in interest.
Rachel rolled her eyes and counted the number of teeth she
had in her mouth with her tongue.
“Yes but that’s not big of a deal you know. I am yet to see
a maths question that I cannot solve.” Winnie smiled.
“Wow! What do you want to be in future?” Steven asked.
Rachel rolled her eyes again and thought she’d faint from
boredom. Common sense told her to excuse the pathetic crows but her ‘I’m so pretty-self’ told her to stay
put and see if she could snag Steve for herself.
“An Engineer…although I haven’t decided if I want to be a
chemical engineer or a mechanical engineer.” Winnie said.
Rachel almost scoffed, she was very brilliant as well but
she was in science class because that was where the smart kids were and not
because she really wanted to be there. If she was left to chose, she’ll go the
Economics route since she was so good with the subject.
Steven’s phone rang and he quickly answered and while he
stood up and walked away from the girls to answer his private call, Rachel
cleared her throat.
“You’re boring you know.” Rachel said.
“I can’t wait for summer school to be over.” Winnie said.
Rachel looked at her questioningly.
“Yes, I can’t wait for it to be over because I’m tired of
seeing you.” Winnie spat.
“Calm down princess…” Rachel said coyly.
“You’re jealous that I have a university dude as a friend.”
Winnie said.
“Well, yea…I mean for drabby miss goody too shoes, you are
quite lucky.”
“Now you know the world doesn’t revolve around you because
you’re pretty.” Winnie said.
“I’ll accept that compliment, so thank you.” Rachel said
with a smile.
Winnie frowned.
“I admit he’s quite a catch and I’ll also admit that he’s
way out of your league…I mean, look at those biceps but then, there’s
something that draws him to you so….maybe you’re just a lucky girl.” Rachel
“Well, we are just starting to be friends and that’s all we
can ever be.” Winnie said.
“Where did you come from? The caves? Why do you think a
young dude is interested in you? Do you think he wants to hold hands and talk
about mathematics? Look! If you want to snag this guy, you’ve got to follow the
right steps.”
Winnie looked at Steven who was talking on the phone and
looked back at Rachel.
“Are you interested?” Rachel asked.
“Why would you help me? You’re jealous of me…remember?”
“Well, let’s say I want you to be my protégé, I want to test
my skills at grooming people.” Rachel said.
Winnie laughed.
“You want to groom me?”
“Is that a bad idea?”
“No…I mean…” Winnie said.
“Right now, with the way you’re conversing with Mr. hot and
handsome, he’ll quickly shove you to the friend zone and soon enough introduce
you to his girlfriend.”
Winnie clasped her palm against her mouth.
“Are you grooming me to be a girlfriend?” She asked with
eyes wide.
“Of course! What else do you do during your teenage years?
The list is endless but I’ll narrow it down. First on the list is; enjoy yourself,
second is, embrace your features, third is get a guy to like you and if you’re lucky,
get a boyfriend and next is, live life to the full. You only have seven years
to be a teenager and from the looks of it, you have approximately four years to
go so go for it.”
“My mother shouldn’t hear this!” Winnie said closing her
eyes with her palms.
“Your mum has lived her teen life and you weren’t there to
monitor her so…”
Winnie looked at Rachel and said.
“Something tells me you are leading me right into the path
of destruction.”
“Wait…so what do you want from this dude?” Rachel asked
“We just met this morning and you’re already planning a
relationship. Rachel! You’re not serious!” Winnie said.
Rachel wanted to speak but Steve was through with his phone
call and was walking up to meet them, she flashed a smile instead and thought
to herself, ‘if Winnie wasn’t ready to snag Steve, then she’ll do the snagging
Steve walked up to meet the girls, he had to confess to
himself that Winnie was more interesting than he had imagined. He had been captivated
by her open personality and had been enjoying their conversation when Theodora
called him to make sure he was with her. He wondered why Theodora and her
sister wanted to get back at a woman who destroyed their family through her daughter.
Winnie was innocent in all this. He thought. If he led her on and she fell in
love with him and perhaps fell pregnant as they hoped, he won’t be hurting her
mother alone but Winnie as well and he knew he didn’t want to hurt her at all.

To be continued tomorrow….



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