Winnie kept silent while Mira’s mother drove, her mind was
far away and she was happy that she was quite far from home. She wished that
Mira’s mother could drive out of Lagos as it would be a welcome relief. However,
her wish was short lived.
“I thought that was the taxi he got into. How come he’s not
in there anymore?” Mira’s mother said in a near sob.
“What did you say ma?” Winnie asked.

“That cab in front of us had Daniel in it. I can swear it
but look, the person that alighted isn’t Daniel. I can’t believe I’ve been on a
wild goose chase all along.” Mira’s mother said in disappointment.
Winnie looked at the cab which was already on its way and
turned to look at the young man who had alighted and was making his way into
one of the streets. The young man wasn’t Daniel.
“I’m so sorry ma.” Winnie said.
Mira’s mother stopped the car and began to cry.
“Where’s my daughter? Oh my God! I’ve never undergone such
torture in my life. I’ve tried to keep calm but it’s like my heart is being
ripped out of my chest.” She sobbed.
“Let’s look at the brighter side ma…”
Mira’s mother looked up at Winnie.
“Is there a brighter side in all of this?” She asked.
Winnie started to nod then shook her head.
“I just don’t know what to say to cheer you up but I’m sure that Mira will
be found safe and sound.”
“That’s my prayer but…but with the way things are going, I
don’t know if hope is enough. I regret all this. It’s all my fault! I left my
home for that woman and her son and look at what happened. If I had stayed put,
I’d have protected my daughter.”
“It’s no use blaming yourself ma…” Winnie started
“I’m sorry for bringing you here with me, I should drive you
back home.” Mira’s mother said wiping the tears with the back of her palms.
“It’s okay ma…don’t worry, no one will really miss me at
“Are you serious?”
Winnie nodded.
“Are you so sure Daniel could be behind this kidnap?” Winnie asked.
“Yes, but don’t you also mentioned your reservations about him to me on the day we first
met?” Mira’s mother said.
“Yes…I think it’s Daniel. Infact, I know a lot about him
and the first is that he’s not Mira’s brother. His dad is in jail…I mean, his
real dad.”
Mira’s mother’s mouth was opened wide.
“My husband didn’t do a DNA test?”
“No…he didn’t, I guess he just assumed that Monica was
telling the truth.”
“That’s unbelievable. How do you know his dad is in jail?”
“There’s this friend of mine called Steve…well, he used to
be my friend until recent…when I…errmm…made up my mind to stop talking to
him because he lied to me. Anyway, Steve knows Daniel from uni and he said that
Daniel left school because he was expelled. He also told me that Daniel is
really dangerous and shouldn’t be trifled with.”
“At first, Steve told me the truth about Daniel but after
some time, when Mira confronted Monica with the truth, I realised that Steve
began to change the story. I didn’t buy his  new story at all though…”
“This your…friend Steve…can I talk to him? He could help
me…help me find Mira.”
Winnie sighed, she really didn’t want to contact Steve.
“I could give you his phone number.”
“I don’t know him, I think it’s best that you call him and
talk to him.”
“Well…you see…Steve really hurt me badly and I…don’t
want to talk to him.”
“Do this for your friend Winnie, please. She’s somewhere
dangerous and anything could happen to her…please.” Mira’s mother begged.
Winnie nodded, sighed deeply and brought out her phone. She
had switched it off so she turned it on and placed a call to Steve. Steve
picked immediately the phone rang.
“Winnie! Thank God you called me, I’ve been trying your
number for ages and it’s been switched off.”
“Can we see?” Winnie asked.
“Yes sure…thank you so much for contacting,me. I admit, it was all
my fault, I agreed to help your sisters because I needed the extra cash and
“Hold it Steve! I’m not in the mood. Can we meet at the
restaurant beside the summer school in about thirty minutes?”
“Yes…yes…” Steve said.
Winnie hung up and looked at Mira’s mother.
“Let’s go to the summer school…he’s on his way.”
Daniel was not stupid, he’d seen Mira’s mother follow him
with her husband’s red vehicle as soon as he left the house. Did she think he
was an amateur? He scoffed. It had been easy for him to quickly loose her trail
as he’d paid the cab driver and slipped out of the car discreetly at the front of the
traffic light when her car was about four cars behind the cab. He’d seen her pick up
Winnie from the street and he chuckled as he wondered what a teenage girl and
an emotional mother could do to stop him.
He was determined to kill Mira! First, for all the trouble
she was putting his gang through, second, for being so privileged that her
parents could break an arm and a leg for her. Even her father who had acted as
though he was dissatisfied with his daughters was a mess after Mira’s kidnap.
He’d watched the very organised man, sob like a baby, all through the night
when he thought no one was awake.
“I bet if I were the one kidnapped, that foolish man
wouldn’t even raise a brow.” He hissed to himself as he spoke of Mira’s father.
The police had lost their trail and he could tell from the
sad look on his father’s face whenever he gave an update of the case. He, had tried
to be the best son any man could ask for as he’d been involved in the whole
Mira case but when Esther called him to tell him that Mira had escaped, he was
hell-bent on finding her and putting an end to this charade once and for all.
He had planned it all, he’ll find Mira and place a call to
her father through his secure line. He’d scare her so badly that she’d cry for
help and he’d threaten her parents that she had three hours to live, after
which he’d give them the location for the drop of the money and voila! Once the
money had been dropped, he’d kill Mira and dump her remains somewhere then
return to the house as though nothing happened then one day, he’d pack his bags
and leave Mira’s house, with his mother in tow.
Now, his only challenge was finding Mira without being
recognised by her. He couldn’t possibly wear a mask over his face as he
searched around for her and he couldn’t have Esther help him out because she
was wounded.
Daniel made his way into the hideout, making sure to look
out to be sure he wasn’t being followed. He entered the house and saw Esther on the
ground. She was wearing a camisole as she’d used her top to bandage her knee. From the swelling of her leg, he could tell that there was some severe
“What took you so long?” Esther asked.
“Where is she? Where’s the brat?”
“Didn’t you hear me on the phone? She ran away!”
“I can’t believe this! You’re second in command in the
Vipers cult and listen to what you’re saying. How can you say that a fifteen
year old overpowered you? She’s not even as quick as you are.”
“Will you cut it out? She got me because I was drunk.”
“Next time, don’t ever mix business with pleasure.” He spat.
“Did you bring any pain killers? I need to see a doctor.”
“I’ll see to your wound when I get back. Now, I have to find
that girl before she wanders far.” Daniel said and left the house.
To be continued tomorrow….
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