“I can’t seem to connect with her phone. The line’s switched
off.” Winnie said staring at her phone in worry.
“Wow! That’s serious! Maybe she’s at summer lesson and
doesn’t want to be disturbed.” Rachel said.
“You’re right Rachel.” Winnie said. “Do you have the phone
number of anyone else at the summer lesson? I really don’t have anyone else’s
phone number.”
Rachel brought out her phone and turned it on. She dialled a
phone number and quickly spoke into the receiver.

“How are you Maggie?” Rachel greeted.
After speaking to her classmate for a while she hung up and
stared at Winnie.
“She said that Mira isn’t in school today.” Rachel said.
“What? What if something happened to her? What if Monica and
Daniel hurt her? We need to go to her house as soon as possible.” Winnie said
in a panic.
Rachel nodded and was about to speak when a message filtered
into her phone. She opened it and froze. Winnie looked at Rachel questioningly.
“What is wrong?” Winnie asked.
“I just got a message…from Black.” Rachel said with tears
in her eyes. “You know I switched off my phone for a while now because I was
scared to receive a call from Black.” She said.
“What did the text message say?” Winnie asked with fear in
her voice.
“It reads that he’s going to find me even if it takes the
last breath in his body, he says that I can run but I can’t hide.” She said and
burst into tears.
“Shhh…it’s okay…my dad is going handle this situation.”
Winnie consoled.
“I hate to drag your dad and family into this…these guys
are dangerous and they can inflict harm on your family too and I don’t want you
guys to get hurt.”
“Don’t worry about that. The law is on your side besides
that’s why you are here with us in our home and that’s why we are here to
protect you.” Winnie said to her.
The doorbell rang and the maid walked up to open the door
while Winnie and Rachel were still seated on the sitting room sofa talking to
“Open this door! It’s high time we finished this once and
for all!” A female voice screamed at the maid.
Winnie turned to look at the direction of the door and was
“Sister..it’s so good to see you. You’re welcome.” She
greeted her father’s eldest daughter.
“Where is that whore? Where is that mother of yours? Where is
Kate?” The woman screamed.
Winnie was surprised, she didn’t understand why her
step-father’s daughter had charged into the house like a bull.
“What’s going on? Why are you like this?” Winnie asked her
step father’s daughter. It had been a long time since she’d paid them a visit
as her work took her all round the world.
“Don’t you dare stand there and speak to me as though we are
mates!” The woman fired at her.
“I’m sorry sis…I didn’t mean to disrespect you.” Winnie
said in apology.
“I am not your sister and you are a bastard!” The woman
flung at her and headed up the stairs.
Rachel’s mouth stood open for a few seconds, she couldn’t
believe what had just happened.
Kate was in the bedroom getting ready to leave for her
studio when the door opened and her former best friend barged into the room.
“What…” Kate started in shock.
“I am here for you…I am here in flesh and blood to make
you pay.” Her husband’s daughter said to her.
Kate stared at her and she didn’t know what to say. It’s
been over three years since her former best friend had stepped feet into her
father’s house and today that she’d decided to do so, she was pertrified about
“What do you really want?” Kate asked.
“I want you out of my father’s house. I can’t keep thinking
of this place as home if you are still here…if you’re in this house and under
this roof.” She said.
“You know that’s not possible! What do you hope to achieve?”
“I want to rearrange my family, I want to take it back to
the way it used to be. My mother is ready and willing to work things out in her
marriage and it’s time she came home.”
“Family is not furniture dear, it’s made up of people who
care about eachother and you can’t expect to push them from place to place.”
Kate said.
“Really? Look who’s talking so passionately about love and
care. You whose daughter loathes you? You can’t even hold a decent conversation
with Winnie without her walking away from you. She doesn’t love you and yet you
claim you have a family.”
Her words hurt Kate deep but she held a formidable front.
“I don’t know what you’re hoping to achieve with all of this
but if you’re here to visit, you’re welcome but if you’re here to cause a
nuisance, then walk away…go away.” Kate shouted at her.
“Watch me sit and cross my legs because I’m not going
anywhere until you pack your things and leave.”
“Isn’t it too late already? I’ve been married to your father
for about eight years and you couldn’t chose a better time but now to chase me
out? You’re pathetic!” Kate spat at her.
“Since you don’t want to leave, I’ll start by making you
“What do you mean? How do you hope to achieve that?” Kate
“Watch me.”
Kate watched as her former best friend made her way out of
the bedroom and she followed her closely behind. The woman hurried down the
stairs and headed towards the sitting room to where Winnie and Rachel were
seated and screamed aloud.
“Winnie! Do you really want to know the story behind your
birth? I’d like to tell you about your true father and who he really is…”
Kate rushed up to her and clamped her mouth shut with her
palms while she struggled wildly.
“Winnie! Quick, leave the house for now…come back
later…” Kate shouted at her daughter.
Winnie and Rachel stared at the two women who were
struggling with eachother.
“Go!” Kate yelled at her daughter.
“Come let’s go…let’s go to Mira’s place…” Rachel said
quickly to Winnie, taking her hand and pulling her with her.
Kate’s former best friend made to rush after Winnie to Kate
dragged her back and they both fought widly.
“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare!” Kate said with emotion
laden voice.
“Watch me destroy all you’ve built! Watch me turn your
daughter against you! I couldn’t get her to fall into my trap but I’m going to
have her listen to the truth about her parentage.” She yelled.
Monica watched Mira’s mother step into the sitting room of
the house. She was a beautiful woman, she was so confident and her stride said
a lot about her.
“Where’s Mira’s father?” She asked no one in particular.
Monica looked at her in spite, she looked away and didn’t
even borther to respond to her. Mira’s father chose that moment to step into
the sitting room and when he saw her he hurried towards her.
“Don’t hug me. Where’s my daughter?” She asked.
“The police are working so hard to locate her…” He said.
“Did the kidnappers call? How much did they ask for?” His
wife asked.
“Ten million.”
“What’s ten million naira compared to the life of our child?
Pay them and get her back.” His wife screamed at him.
“That’s what I’ve been telling him but he’s insisted on
getting the police involved.” Monica said.
“Did I talk to you?” Mira’s mother spat at Monica.
“I’m just trying to help.” Monica said.
“If you have been trying to help as you stated, then my
daughter won’t be missing.” Mira’s mother flung at Monica.
“Look who’s talking? Do you know that this is now my house?”
Monica flung at her.
“It’s nice to know that you love leftovers…” Mira’s mother
said sarcastically.
Monica stood up in anger while Mira’s mother gave her a full
stare. Mira’s father quickly stood between the two women.
“My daughter is missing…this is not the best time for
war.” He said to them.
The doorbell rang and somewhat stopped the growing tension
in the sittingroom. The door was pushed open and two young girls stood inside
the sitting room of Mira’s house.
“Good morning…we’re friends of Mira…and we would like to
see her.” Winnie said.
“We’ve tried to reach her but her phone has been out of
reach.” Rachel said.
Mira’s mother turned to stare at the girls and her lips
“What’s wrong?” Winnie asked in fear.
“Mira has been kidnapped and the kidnappers have asked for
ten million naira before they can release her.” Mira’s father said.
“Oh no! Oh God, no!” Winnie screamed and fell to the ground
in tears.
Rachel could only stare in shock, how could life be so
cruel? She wondered.
To be continued next week….
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  1. Is she really evil? She feels betrayed and is just blinded by rage and the need for revenge. I hope her dad can step in and make things better. I also hope Winnie tells Mira's parents the truth about Monica and Daniel.


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