As soon as the first pint of blood was finished,
Abigail opened her eyes and looked around, the nurse was busying herself by the
corner and Abigail called out to her.
“Oh…you are awake…thank God you’re getting
better…if you hadn’t been brought in sooner, it would have been worse.” The
nurse said.
“Yea…thank God…” Abigail said.
The nurse walked up to her and said.
“Your father is at the waiting room…”
“My father?” Abigail asked in surprise.
“Yes, the man who brought you in here and who
didn’t know that you have sickle cell, he claims to be your father.”
“He’s not my father.” Abigail said weakly.
“Who is he? I suspected him so I gave him some
heavy dose of sleeping medicine, he should wake up soon…” The nurse said.

“I was kidnapped…” Abigail started and launched
into the story of her abduction to the nurse who stared at her in alarm, and by the
time she was through, the nurse said.
“I called the police when I found that the man
who brought you in looked suspicious, they sent two of their representatives
who are in the hospital right now…” The nurse said.
Abigail smiled in gratitude, what she had always felt was a
curse to her, had become a blessing in aiding her rescue. If she didn’t have
the sickle cell anaemia, she would never would have fallen ill and thus, might
never have come this close to getting her freedom. For the first time ever, she was thankful for her genotype.
The man woke up with a start and quickly glanced
at his watch, it was almost nine pm, he sat up and stared around, the hospital
reception was empty except for two men in mufti who were seated at the
reception too. He stood up and looked for the nurse but couldn’t find her, he
looked at his phone to see if any call had come in, there were eighty missed
calls from madam and some members of the team, he stood up quickly, he needed
to tell them that all was alright. A call came in again and he quickly picked
the call and answered.
“Where have you been? You got us all frantic!”
The madam’s voice floated down the line.
“I slept off ma…I am sorry ma…” He said in
“Where is the girl?”
“They told me when I brought her in that she
needed a blood transfusion, they said she has sickle cell and that I should
give some blood so I tried calling but the network was bad…” He whispered.
“You have been at that place for more than six
hours already, that girl seems like she’ll cause us more harm than good. Leave
her there and come back quickly.” The madam ordered.
“Yes…leave her there…I can’t have one girl
jeopardize my business, we’ll get a replacement for her…wait…where is she?”
“In the emergency ward…”
“Since when? Six hours ago? That girl must have
said something…I need you out of there fast…get out of there now!” The madam
The man hung up the call, stood up and headed
towards the door but the two men who had been feigning sleep in the reception
waylaid him.
“Excuse me?” The man said.
“Where are you going?” One of the men in
mufti asked, he was a policeman.
“I want to ease myself…” He said.
“There’s a toilet inside the hospital.” The other
police man in mufti said.
“Well…I want fresh air… wait..what is all this?
Why are you interrogating me?” He asked, then looking at the both of them, he
quickly panicked and rushed to the door but the men were fast as well, they
caught him just in the nick of time.
Frieda’s parents sat in the doctor’s office,
they had rushed their daughter into the hospital after she had collapsed from
her father’s slap and hadn’t been able to be revived.
“Doctor…what is going on? Is she going to be
okay?” Her father asked worriedly.
“She’s fine…but she is very lucky…” The doctor
“Lucky? Do you mean that the slap could have
killed her?” Her mother asked.
“No…it has nothing to do with the slap, people
seldom faint from slaps especially as they weren’t hit by a very hard object. You
only hit her with your palm am I correct?”
“Yes doctor…” Her parents echoed.
“I wasn’t talking about that…your daughter,
Frieda Akpan, just had an ectopic pregnancy which miscarried on its own.”
“What? Preg what? What are you talking about
doctor? My daughter is a fifteen year old teenager.” Frieda’s father shouted.
“This can’t be possible…what are you saying
doctor?” Her mother asked in shock.
“I am saying that your daughter is sexually
active, we ran some tests on her and found that she has the pelvic inflammatory
disease (PID) most often caused by chlamydia, this caused a scarring to the
fallopian tubes, hence the ectopic pregnancy. She is lucky that the baby
miscarried on its own accord, if it hadn’t we would have had to evacuate the pregnancy
through surgery. She’s still young, I advice that she joins the hospital’s health center’s
programme on ‘young adult sex and its consequences’ as well as get on with a treatment
for the sexually transmitted infections. She’ll be fine, don’t worry.” The
doctor said.
Frieda’s parents stared at the doctor, they couldn’t
believe what they had just heard.
Isiuwa and Mense arrived the party and saw a lot
of other young girls and boys at the house, there was a swimming pool and many
youths were in the water already swimming. The house was located in a quiet
street in GRA and at the entrance of the house was a banner which read ‘Chantelle
is 20’ which had a picture of a smiling young girl dressed like a celebrity.
“She’s twenty?” Isiuwa asked in surprise.
“But you are not even eighteen yet…” Isiuwa said
to her cousin.
“What does that have to do with anything?”
“Isn’t this party a bit too mature for you? She’s
twenty years old and from the looks of it, the people here are even more than
twenty…” Isiuwa said disapprovingly.
“Are you going to spoil this party for me or
enjoy it with me?” Mense asked her cousin angrily.
“Sorry…I was just saying what I noticed.”
They were both standing at the corner, looking
around the house when someone shouted from the upstairs balcony.
“Mensiiii…you made it! Come on up!” The
celebrant called from upstairs.
“Awww…it’s the celebrant…I’d better go and say
hello…look for some place to chill, I won’t be gone long.” Mense said and not
waiting from a reply from Isiuwa, she hurried off.
Isiuwa was regretting her decision to follow her
cousin to the party, she hissed and went to look for a place to sit down.
“Hey…how are you?” A guy said to her, he was
seated on one of the chairs by the swimming pool.
“I don’t know you so…mind your business.” Isiuwa
said angrily and walked to the bar where lots of girls and guys were to wait
for a drink.
She wished they had told Dayo to stick around
but Mense had told him to come back just before midnight, now she was bored and
didn’t want to be  here anymore.
“What’s your order?” The guy at the bar said.
“I just need a drink…”
“What kind of drink, we have Martinis, sex on the
beach, anything you want.”
Some girls were looking at her curiously and
Isiuwa didn’t want it to seem like she had no idea of what she wanted so she said.
“Martini please…”
“Are you sure?” The bartender asked.
“What do you mean by that? Yes, that’s what I
want…” Isiuwa said, clueless of what she was ordering.
“On ice?” He asked.
“Do you want the Martini on ice?”
“Yes…lots of ice…I want lots of ice…” Isiuwa
Two of the girls at the bar chuckled to each
other and giggled.
In three minutes she had been handed the drink and
she made her way to an empty chair where she sat to sip the drink. She quickly
drank the contents of the glass but stopped in horror, it was the most horrible
drink she had ever tasted since she was born, she kept the glass on the table
vowing never to drink such again.

To be continued tomorrow…


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