Abigail couldn’t feel herself when she got to
the hospital that evening, she felt as though she was fading away. As soon as
she was brought into the hospital, the nurses
rushed her into the emergency ward. Her blood count was too low and she felt as
though she would die. She was suffering from acute pain episodes and dizziness.
“Can you hear me?” The doctor was saying to her.
Abigail couldn’t speak, the pain was too much.
“She needs an urgent blood transfusion. Who
brought her in?” The doctor asked.
“Her father …” The nurse replied.
“Go out and tell him that we need blood and
urgently too…this looks like the case of sickle cell, he must be used to her
crises by now and ready to give blood.” The doctor said.

The nurse rushed out and informed Abigail’s
companion that they needed a blood transfusion, the look on the man’s face was
epic. He had no clue that the illness was severe, he stammered a little and
quickly excusing himself he went to make a phone call. It was no news that the
network service in place they lodged the girls was questioning so it was
difficult to make calls. The madam’s phone rang and when she picked, he
couldn’t hear a word from her, he really needed to talk to her and update her
on what was happening. The nurse on the other hand was ready for transfusion,
she had prepared the materials and was already ready to draw blood from the patient’s
father. She walked out of the hospital to look for him and found him at a
corner, looking through his phone and smoking a cigarette. She stopped short,
something wasn’t right she thought, so she turned back and ran into the
hospital. She entered the room with the doctor and the patient and said
“Doctor…something is wrong.”
“What is it?”
“I told the patient’s father that she needed a
blood transfusion and he hurried out of the hospital, saying he needed to make
a phone call and when I had prepared the materials for the blood taking, I went
out to look for him. I saw him outside the compound, smoking a cigarette…I am
quite suspicious of this man…” The nurse said.
The doctor looked at her and said.
“Get the girl’s blood group quick, I’ll see if
we can get blood from the bank for transfusion…we’ll deal with the man’s case later.” The
doctor said.
“Okay…I’ll do that.” The nurse said.
The nurse hurriedly ran out of the room, brought
in the instruments to draw a small amount of blood from Abigail. Abigail’s blood
level was too low that she could hardly get any from her but after much
attempt, she got a small measure and quickly took it for tests. The doctor
didn’t leave Abigail’s side as he had quickly placed her on drip. The nurse
emerged soon after with the result and two pines of blood was brought for
Meanwhile, Abigail’s companion had come back
into the hospital after trying to call the madam to no avail. He saw the nurse
coming out from one of the rooms and spoke to her.
“How is my daughter?”
“She’s not very well…we are still trying to revive
her.” The nurse said.
“Please do all you can…I have paid a deposit…”
He said.
“What do you normally do whenever your daughter
has crisis? Is this her first time of experiencing this?” The nurse asked calmly.
“Nothing…she doesn’t ever get sick…she’s a
healthy child.” He blurted.
“Hmmm…so this is the very first time you are experiencing such from her…”
“Well…err…yes…I mean…no…yes…” The man said and
seeing that the nurse was staring at him pointedly, he said. “I am like an
uncle…to her…”
“It’s alright sir, you did a good thing of
bringing her in, please sit down, I’ll get you something to drink.” The nurse
“Cold water please…” He said.
The nurse nodded and went behind the counter,
picked up a pack of medicine, removed four tablets from the pack and taking an
empty bottle, she threw in the pills inside and went to fill the bottle with
water from the dispenser. As soon as she was done, she took the drink to him
and watched as he gulped it down.
‘Thank you…”
“You are very welcome sir…” The nurse said and
walked away.
She quickly got behind the counter and counted
to one hundred, she glanced the man’s way and saw him struggling to keep awake
but soon, fell asleep. She dialled the police.
Frieda stood before her parents, they were so
devastated with the news they had received from the school.
“Frieda, this means you didn’t change…even after
all your dad and I said to you when your uncle was here…” Her mother said in
“I am very disappointed with you Frieda! This is
so degrading! How can my daughter send boys to beat up her fellow student and
get expelled too? What have I been raising? A monster?”
“Dad…she dragged my name through the mud at
“Will you shut up? Even if she said things about
you at that time,  you would have borne
it after all, gossip fades with time but this, this is in the school’s record and
soon word will get to other schools…I doubt that any school would want to add
you to their list because if parents find out, they will protest.” Her mother
“We have to send her to a school out of town, a
boarding school maybe…” Her father was saying to her mother.
“No daddy…please don’t send me far away from
home, I will change…I promise I will change…please…” Frieda cried.
“We have to change your school and it would be
stupid to let you school around the area, you will go to boarding school…” Her
mother said. “And this time, it would be a school that we, your parents can
afford, we are not going to receive any favours from your uncle again. I will
take your phone, laptop and infact all your gadgets, from henceforth you are
going to be a real school girl and not a spoilt one.” Her mother said.
“You are so wicked! Both of you! That’s why I
love Uncle Fry much more than I love you…I wish he was my father!” Frieda
screamed at her parents.
“Sorry love, he’s not your father and never will
be, so get used to it!” Her mother screamed at her.
“You both are so pathetic, because you are
poor…too poor…to even afford to give your only child a better life! Send me off
to school somewhere in the bushes and you’ll see what I’ll become at the end of
the day! I’ll disown the two of you!” Frieda shouted.
Her father stood up and gave her a very hard
slap. Frieda saw stars and fell down in an unconscious heap!
Isiuwa and Mense were getting dressed for the
party, Isiuwa really didn’t want to go but a part of her was curious of what a
night party looked like and another part wanted to accompany her cousin to the
party, just to be a voice of reasoing. They soon got dressed, Mense had applied makeup for herself and helped
her cousin with makeup as well, as soon as they came down the stairs, Osas
looked at them and shook his head.
“My mother shouldn’t see the both of you like
this, besides Mense, that dress is too revealing…” Osas concluded.
Mense was wearing a black figure hugging cut out
dress which was too clingy and super short, while Isiuwa was wearing one of
Mense’s trousers which she paired off with a sequinned top and heeled sandals.
“What’s inappropriate in my dressing? I look
nice and I’m not revealing too much.” Mense said in self-defence.
Osas shrugged and looked at the both of them.
“Dayo would be here soon.” He said.
As though on cue, there was a knock at the door
and Osas went to open it, it was Dayo.
“Hey bro…” Dayo greeted.
“Good evening Dayo..” Osas greeted.
“Wow…why so formal? I thought we are cool…” Dayo
“Not because you are helping me out with my
sisters you think we’re still friends…we are not.” Osas said coldly.
“It’s okay man, we’re cool all the same…” Dayo
said and looked at the girls. “Woww…when did you have damsels for sisters…these
girls are hot!”
“Thank you dear…I am his cousin Mense, so
pleased to meet you.” Mense said walking to Dayo and holding out her hand to
“Enchante…mademoiselle…” Dayo said and taking
her hand to his mouth, he kissed the back of her palm charmingly.
Mense blushed.
“Can we go now? I want to sleep…” Isiuwa said
and hurried past them heading out of the house.
“Let’s go…see you later Osas…” Mense said turning to blow a kiss at him.
Osas watched them leave, he had exchanged his
sister’s freedom for a chance to call his uncle in Port Harcourt, he was
beginning to wonder if it was worth it.

To be continued next week…


  1. Haba Q.O.S
    This one is short ooo
    I hope the kidnapping gang is busted and severely punished.
    As for Isiuwa, how could she think of partying even when she knows it's not safe.
    Parent's better watch and study their wards else things get out of hand.
    Well done Ada

  2. … Haba Q.O.S
    This one is short ooo
    I hope the kidnapping gang is busted and severely punished.
    As for Isiuwa, how could she think of partying even when she knows it's not safe.
    Parent's better watch and study their wards else things get out of hand.
    Well done Ada


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