Kate looked at her daughter as though she’d just spoken an
“Look at me! You don’t need that information for
anything…not for anything! Do you hear me?” Kate screamed at her daughter.
“I don’t want to feel like an outsider anymore mom, you
either introduce me to my father’s family or I’ll leave this house!” Winnie
Her mother jumped off the bed and rushed up to her and shook
her shoulders.
“Listen to me Winnie, you don’t need that information at
all. Do I make myself clear? I am your mother and I know what’s best for you.”

Winnie struggled to free herself from her mother’s grasp.
“No! I don’t want to remain in the dark anymore. You told me
that my dad died and that you took care of me single handedly before you got
married. Doesn’t my father have a family? I want to know his family.” Winnie
insisted with tears in her eyes. “It’s obvious that I don’t belong here.”
“Winnie, don’t bring up this subject again…I demand that
you never talk about this again.” Her mother said to her.
“I’m not a child anymore mommy and I won’t let this go until
you tell me the truth. What is the dreadful truth that sister Eva kept talking
about? What are you hiding from me?”
“Go to your room Winnie and drop this topic! Drop it!” Her
mother spat in fury.
Her father walked into the room and spoke to his wife and
“What is going on here? I could hear your voices from down
the corridor.” He said to his wife.
“I was asking my mom to tell me about my father and his
family.” Winnie said sniffing back the tears.
“What? C’mon Winnie…it hasn’t gotten to that…” Her
father said.
“Yes it has! I don’t feel as though I belong here…I used
to feel that I belonged here but now, I don’t think so anymore.” Winnie cried and ran
out of her mother’s room.
“What just happened?” Her father asked,
staring at her mother.
“She just came here…and she started demanding that I tell
her about her father’s family…I don’t know what to do.” Kate said with tears
in her eyes.
Winnie’s brother walked up to his parents.
“Isn’t my daddy, Winnie’s daddy too?” He asked.
“Honey…you heard wrong, just go to your room…take your
brother along.” Kate said sniffing and wiping the tears from her eyes with the
back of her palms.
Winnie’s brothers left the room and Kate stared at her
“You started this!” He said to her.
“That’s not true…” She said in self defence. “You love to blame me for anything that goes wrong.”
“I told you that we needed to calm down before bringing up
the issue about Steve…but you refused. When will you learn to control
yourself? When will you learn to stop fuelling the fire whenever you feel like
Kate looked at her husband and burst in tears.
“I’m sorry…I don’t know what to say… I thought it was
best to confront her and tell her that Eva is trying to destroy me.” Kate started.
“You’ll have to pull yourself together and tell her the
truth because if she hears it from someone else, you might find yourself in a
worse situation.” He said and walked away from her heading towards the
Winnie lay on her bed with her head buried under her pillows,
she was so sad. It was as though things couldn’t get worse than it was. Mira
was still missing, Rachel was still hiding from Black while she was being
tossed about like a roll of tissue paper by the people she called ‘Family’.
“Don’t feel sad Winnie…I wish there are words that I can
say to you to make you feel better.” Rachel started.
Winnie’s phone rang again and Rachel looked at the phone and
“It’s Steve again and he’s been calling for a while now…”
Rachel said.
“Turn off the phone, throw it away, I don’t care!” Winnie
“Why don’t you speak to him? He must have a version to the
story…don’t get so angry okay. I feel he must have something to say about his
involvement with your sisters and…” Rachel said.
“Leave me alone….I don’t want to talk to him or anyone!”
Winnie said crying louder.
Rachel sat there and stared at Winnie, things weren’t
getting any better as all of a sudden it seemed as though problems couldn’t stop knocking at their doors.
Suddenly, Winnie sat up and picked up her phone and made a
phone call. Rachel stared at her, wondering who she was calling.
The phone was answered almost immediately.
“Hello…” Theodora’s voice floated down the line.
“Hello Mrs. Theodora.” Winnie said stiffly.
“Excuse me? Winnie? Is that you? You sound strange and why
are you referring to me as Mrs. Theodora?” Theodora asked.
“You’re not my sister and you’ve never loved me. I just
found out that Steve was set as bait for me and it was your sister’s idea. I
also know that you were in on it too because I remember that you wanted me to
date him when I asked you for advice.”
“What…what are you talking about Winnie?”
“Stop it! We both know how close you are to your sister, and
that the both of you do things together. Don’t lie to me!” Winnie said. “It
seems I’ve been lied to, all my life and I don’t want to be lied to anymore.”
Theodora sighed and after a while, she said.
“Is that why you called?”
“I called you because I know that you know somethings that I
do not know and I expect to tell me
the truth. What do you know about my father’s family?” Winnie asked.
Rachel stood before her and stared at her in shock.
“No! Winnie, no!” Rachel said. “Leave that for your mom to
tell you…I beg of you.”
Winnie looked away and listened to what Theodora was saying to her. Rachel stood there staring at her with her breath
in her throat.
 She watched as the
phone fell from Winnie’s hand to the bed and she stared at her friend.
“What happened? Winnie! What did she say?” Rachel asked.
Winnie stared at Rachel with the most unreadable facial expression.
“Please…talk to me. Should I call your dad? Should I …”
Rachel started. “Winnie, what’s wrong?”
“Theodora told me the truth…” Winnie said forcefully.
“What truth? Winnie…talk to me. What truth?” Rachel asked.
“I’m the product of rape.” Winnie said quietly.
To be continued next week….
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  1. I have come to realise that being a parent requires special skills, especially when the child is a teenager. If Kate had handled things properly, she wouldn't have had most of the issues she's having with Winnie.
    Anyway it's a lesson to those of us who have not started the journey of parenthood… It is not an easy ride and we have to get prepared.


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