The next morning, as Sesan and Abigail were on their way to
school, they were immersed in separate thoughts. Abigail was still thinking of
Jibo and how to prove her love to him, she mentally resolved to do a Google
search on ‘how to get your crush’ while Sesan who was seated beside her at the
back of the car, was so sure that he had gotten his crush already after their
heart to heart talk yesterday.

The driver pulled up some steps away from the
school gate and they both alighted from the car, however, Sesan who had an art
project in the car, told the driver to wait so that he could go into the school
and drop his bag before coming to pick his project, since arts class was for
the first two periods. Abigail on the other hand said her quick goodbye to the
driver and hurried into the school compound. Abigail was a science student
while her brother had opted for arts.

Sesan was almost at the gate when he saw Isiuwa being
dropped off by her father, he was shocked. Her suspension was supposed to begin
today or was there some sort of misunderstanding? He thought. He abandoned his former
quest of going into the school to drop off his bag and walked up to her as she
still stood beside her father’s car.
“Hey Isiuwa…I’m glad you are at school today…” He started.
“Shhh…” Isiuwa whispered.
Her father poked his head outside the window and handed her
some money then, addressing Sesan he said.
“How are you my boy?”
“I am very fine sir, good morning sir.” Sesan greeted,
bowing respectfully.
“I hope you will be coming for Isiuwa’s birthday party this
Saturday.” Her father said and fishing through the pigeon hole of his car for
something, he withdrew invites. “These were all we could get from the bookshop
on our way here, please have one. You are invited.” He said as he handed over
an invitation card to Sesan.
“Thank you sir, I’d love to come.” Sesan said in delight as
he accepted it.
“You’re welcome dear.” Then to his daughter, he said, “Isi
baby, share the rest amongst your classmates and friends but be sure that they
are coming because you know that we weren’t able to get enough invites. The
bookshop only had twenty of them.” Her father said. “I also hope we legibly
wrote our house address clearly in the venue space provided.”
“Yes daddy we did…thank you…” Isiuwa said quickly.
“Have a nice time at school today…I love you.” Her father
said as he turned on the ignition of the car and drove off.
“I love you too daddy…” Isiuwa said quickly.
She watched her father drive off and turning to Sesan she
almost shouted.
“You almost got me caught!” She said.
“What? Why? What happened Sesan asked.
“That was so close…” She said then, turning to look around,
she continued. “The school authorities shouldn’t see me here, or else they’ll
know that I didn’t deliver the letter to my parents. Let’s go somewhere else
and talk.”
“You didn’t what? It’s a one week suspension Isiuwa and I
have been thinking of it…you should tell your parents because it’s going to
reflect in your grades and remarks in your report card. You need to tell them,
so that they can plead with the school management on your behalf.”
“Stop over-reacting! Today is Tuesday, I should be back at
school on Tuesday next week, and since the week runs fast, the suspension days
will soon be over…” Isiuwa said as she walked hastily away from the school
“I hope you know what you are doing.” Sesan said as he
followed her behind, “Wait…what’s up with your dad bringing you to school, I
thought you took the public bus and what’s with the birthday invites? Is your
birthday on Saturday?”
They found a small hidden corner just beside a closed kiosk
and stood there, satisfied that no one could see them.
“My dad suddenly realized he loved me so much and insisted
on bringing me to school this morning even when I told him not to. I was so
scared during the drive here because I thought that as he dropped me off, we
might bump into a teacher who’ll tell him the whole truth. My heart was in my
mouth all the while.”
“What about the birthday?”
“My birthday was yesterday but my dad insists on throwing me
a house party at home and I didn’t know how to tell him that I can’t host a
party because there is no way that I would invite my classmates without having
them spilling about my suspension at my house.”
“Happy belated birthday, I didn’t know it was your birthday
yesterday. Since you don’t want anyone from school, am I still invited?” He
“Sure…you can come.” Then handing him the remaining invites
she said. “Please help me dispose these invites…I don’t want to keep them with
me. Throw them in a trash can somewhere.”
“Okay. But what are you going to do now? Do you have any
place to stay and wait till school is over?” Sesan took the invites from her
and placed them in his bag.
“That’s the confusing part. I had already planned yesterday
that I’ll get dressed for school today, say goodbye to my parents, leave the
compound, then, go to the back gate of the house, scale the fence and hide
behind the huge trash can in our compound and wait for the maid to go on her
morning rounds to the supermarket. Then, I’ll sneak into the house, run up to
my room and lock the doors behind me then after school hours, I’ll sneak
outside, scale the fence again, come in through the front gate as though I’ve
just returned from school and come back into the house.”
“That sounds like a helluva plan! Are you going to go
through all that trouble for one week?”
“Yes…but today, I really don’t know how to go back into my
street unnoticed. I have this very nosy neighbour who sits at her balcony every
day and her house is just at my street gate. If I come in, she’ll scream my
name and ask me why I’m back from school so early and somehow, my parents might
get to know.”
“You know what? My driver is still here, why don’t you go
with him to my house? When you get there, go to the last floor and ask for
Jibo. Tell him that I sent you to him and that I’ll explain better when I get
home.” Sesan said.
“Really? You’ll do that for me?” Isiuwa asked in gratitude.
“I’ll do anything for you.” Sesan started.
“Excuse me?” Isiuwa asked confused at his response.
“I mean…what are friends for?” Sesan hastily said.
“Thank you so much…and please don’t forget to dispose of
those cards, I want only you at my party and maybe a bunch of other teens from
“Sure…” Sesan said.
Sesan led her to his car and he told his driver that Isiuwa
is sick and the school authorities had told her to go home but since no one was
at her house, he had told her to go to Jibo’s house to stay for the day. The
driver nodded and sympathetically told Isiuwa that he was sorry about her
illness. Sesan took his art project which was so heavy by the way and still
with his school bag slung on his shoulders, he went into the school.
Isiuwa was so grateful to Sesan and sitting quietly at the
back of the car she watched the driver start the car and drive them out of the
school street, she however made sure to duck when her fellow students passed

At the art room, everyone had already brought out their
projects and placed them on their desks for inspection. Art was the first on
the time table and Sesan had hurried to the class with his school bag since he
didn’t have any opportunity of dropping it off in his class because he had
spent time conversing with Isiuwa and had missed school assembly.
The teacher stared at everyone’s projects, applauded some
and criticized the rest, Sesan’s was the best as the teacher held his project
up so that everyone could see. He had done a small sculptural work of a mother
and child.
“Look at this master piece! How difficult is it to listen in
class and observe while I teach? Sesan’s work is the best so far and for all
whose work I criticized, go home and redo your work.” The art teacher said.
Sesan was so happy that his work was one of the best and
vowed to show his dad his sculptural work when he got home. Sesan dreamt of
being an artist and he was so good at art that sometimes his works baffled him
but his dad would hear none of that, it was either he became a lawyer or
nothing else and Sesan strived to prove to his dad that he could make something
out of being an artist.
The class soon ended and the teacher quickly called Sesan to
speak with him privately. Meanwhile, the S.S.2 arts students were waiting for
the junior class to vacate the art room and as soon as Sesan’s classmates
vacated, the students filed in, taking up the seats in the classroom. Sesan had
left his bag opened on the seat he was formerly seated on and Morenike quickly
occupied it.
“Whose bag is this sef?” Morenike asked, dropping the bag to
the ground.
“I guess it’s one of the SS1 students…” Andrew, her
classmate said.
“Lemme see…” Morenike said as she pulled out one of Sesan’s
notebooks and saw the name on it. “Oh, it’s Sesan the twin…” She said and
dropped back the book but something else in the bag caught her eye, it was some
very colourful invites. She picked out one and read.
‘You are cordially invited to Isiuwa Igbinovia’s fifteenth
birthday bash this Saturday at No 7 Lake T avenue…’
“What? Isiuwa’s birthday party is this weekend? And she didn’t
even invite anyone but Sesan a junior student? What is he doing with all these
invites in his bag? This is definitely going to be big news for Frieda! Oh my
gosh!” Morenike said to herself as she quickly swiped two extra invites and
placed them in her arts textbook.
Sesan had finished speaking with the teacher and walked up
to his former seat to pick his bag. He noticed the twinkle in Morenike’s eyes
but quickly ignored her as he picked up his bag and left the art room.
By the time he got out of the art room, he brought out the
invites, took a scissors from his art pack and shredded the invites. He quickly
threw them into the huge bin which housed the rubbish from the art room and
hurriedly left for his class.
Sesan was so happy over the news his teacher had given him,
his teacher had told him that he had been chosen to represent the school in an
art contest. He thought of breaking the news to his father and imagined the joy
on his father’s face when he heard the good news, little did he know that
Morenike had taken some of the invites from his bag.

To be continued next week…


  1. Dear Adaeze,
    I have been following your series closely for some time now.- Refreshing my browser frequently to ensure i haven't missed out any juicy tantalizing article.
    You are gifted,YES -gifted. Over and over, i have come to watch you diligently, work hard to improve upon yourself.
    DON'T EVER STOP.You can only get better.
    MY OPINION……….SEX EDUCATION is very important to 21st century teens.
    …..i hope I have not taken more space that could be used for creative writings ooo…..


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