Osas hadn’t woken up yet and Isiuwa and Mense had been sent
home by Mr. And Mrs. Igbinovia last night. They woke up quite tired and
immediately got to work setting up the house for the party. The nanny had
helped them out but there were not enough decors as Isiuwa’s parents who were
supposed to buy the party decorations the day before had had to rush their son
to the hospital.

“This party is going to be a big disaster!” Mense proclaimed as
she fell on the sofa in a resigned sigh.
“I hope not because the whole youth wing of my church is
coming and they are expecting a bash!” Isiuwa said tiredly as she joined her on
the sofa.

“What if we write a sign and place it at the front of the
street which says ‘Party is cancelled’ besides your brother is in a coma and
you can’t be throwing a bash while he’s on his sick bed.” Mense said.
“Dad said that we must have the party regardless of Osas’s
condition. You heard when I told him yesterday that we should cancel the
party.” Isiuwa said.
“Yes…I heard…” Mense said.
Isiuwa looked around at the disarrayed decorations and
scanty balloons.
“Well…let’s hope we have a sweet fifteen ambience around
here. I am so glad that none of my school mates are coming here because if they are, the whole school would hear about my boring party and that’s going to be
bad news!” Isiuwa said.
“Let’s hope not! News travels fast!” Mense said. “Let’s get
you dressed shall we?”
“Not in that bow-tie inspiration, I hope…” Isiuwa said dryly.
“We can’t dress you in that now….your brother is in the
hospital and we can’t take his bow tie without his permission.” Mesne said.
The two girls hurried upstairs to start getting dressed.

The party had started in full swing as the teenagers from
the youth section of Isiuwa’s church had arrived at Isiuwa’s house. There was
small chops, cocktails and mocktails and the teens were having fun, not even
noticing the poorly decorated house. The nanny was responsible in making sure
that everyone had something to eat and as soon as Isiuwa’s cake arrived, it was
placed at the centre of the sitting room for everyone to see. Isiuwa hadn’t
made her debut yet as Mense was still readying her for the party.

Sesan arrived and soon Frieda and Mornike joined in. Sesan
was shocked to see Frieda and Morenike, he had thought that Isiuwa didn’t want
them at her party. The teens from Isiuwa’s church kept staring at Isiuwa’s
outfit and her confidence in it while Morenike folloed her closely behind like
her watchdog.
“Hmmm…such poorly decorated house! Mtcheww! You should
have seen my sweet fifteen birthday which I celebrated last year. It was a
blast! My theme was from the classic ‘Swan Princess’ and I didn’t even use my
house as the venue. My venue was at one of the biggest fastfoods in the area,
it was swell. My uncle really knows how to surprise me with such amazing parties you know.” Frieda said.
“I bet your celebration this year would be better.” Morenike
“Oh shut up! I’m talking about last year and you’re blabbing
about this year! No wonder you’re so daft!” Frieda said.
Morenike was wondering where the insults sprung from, she
was trying her best to be the bestie of Isiuwa but it seemed as though there
was no pleasing her at all.

Isiuwa stared at herself in the mirror and hugged her
“Thank you so much! I love the dress and everything!” Isiuwa
said in delight.
They had finally settled for one of Mense’s dresses which
fitted Isiuwa very well and by the time they were through, Isiuwa didn’t
recognize herself. Mense had risked using make-up on Isiuwa because she knew
that her aunt and her husband weren’t at home and might not be around for the
better part of the day as they were still at the hospital with Osas.
“Are you set?” Mense asked in smiles.
“Go downstairs and dazzle your guests…” Mense said.
The two girls walked out of the room and headed down the
stairs, as soon as Isiuwa stepped into the sitting room, she saw Frieda seated
on the sofa with Morenike and froze. She turned and stared at Sesan who was seated not too far from them, questioningly.
“Happy birthday Isiuwa!” Everyone screamed.
There was no DJ or music, the teens started singing the happy
birthday song aloud. Mense quickly went to the sound system which was by the television to play some songs. Frieda laughed and clapped her hands in disgust.
“Oh please! So, you guys couldn’t even get a common DJ for
the birthday party huh? Is this a church service or a birthday party?” Frieda
“Yea…is this a church service or a birthday party?”
Morenike echoed.
The teens stopped singing and stared at Freida and Morenike
whose voices had risen higher than the song.
“Boooooo Boooo!” Frieda laughed.
“Boooo Boooo Boooo….fake party!” Morenike followed suit.
“What’s your problem? Who are you anyway?” Mense asked
already getting upset at Frieda.
“I used to be her best friend. Who are you?” Frieda shouted
“I am her cousin! If you are not going to respect yourself
in this house…I’ll have no choice but to ask you to leave. If you made proper
investigations, you would have found out that Isiuwa’s only brother is in a
coma at the hospital so, her family decided to skip music and make the party
low key.” Mense said, lying to cover up the no music aspect. “Who invited you
Frieda didn’t know what else to say, she had no idea that
Isiuwa’s brother was in the hospital. Morenike spoke up,
“Oh please. Isiuwa is such a jerk! She got suspended in
school because she wrote a test for Frieda all because she wanted Frieda’s
friendship so bad!” Morenike said, trying so hard to please Frieda.
The teens from the church’s youth started whispering amongst
themselves, .
“Sesan! Why did you invite her? I invited you alone to my
party!” Isiuwa cried.
“I am sorry…I didn’t invite anyone…I tore up the invites
and trashed them…I don’t know how they got hold of it.” Sesan said
At that moment, Isiuwa’s mother walked into the house, she
looked dishevelled and in a mess.
“Good afternoon ma…welcome ma…” The teens greeted.
Isiuwa’s mother stared at the teens with swollen red eyes
and turning to Isiuwa, she screamed.
“Why is make-up on your face?”
“Mom…it’s just for today, Mense applied some of hers on
me…” Isiuwa said in a shaky voice.
“Is this how I trained you? Is this how I brought you up?”
Her mother screamed as she walked to her and using her hand she wiped off the
powder and lipstick from her face. “You love to disgrace me right?”
“No mom…I…” Isiuwa started.
“What dress is this? Who gave you this dress?” Her mother
screamed at her as she dragged her by the dress as though she wanted to rip it
“Stop it mom! You’re embarrassing me!” Isiuwa cried.
“Stop it auntie! Stop it for pete’s sake!” Mense shouted.
“Go upstairs and change or forget this party! Am I clear? Go
upstairs and wear something you have now! I won’t have you wearing someone
else’s clothes!” Her mother screamed.
“I am tired of all this mom! I am tired of the way you treat
me, I am tired of the way you want me to be perfect. I am not perfect! I was
suspended in school and I was at home all through last week but I didn’t tell
you because I was scared. I am scared of you mom and that’s not right, you
should be my friend and my mother as well, but you are not…you hate me and I
hate you too!” Isiuwa screamed and ran out of the house leaving everyone
staring at her retreating back in silence.
Isiuwa didn’t know where she was headed but she knew she
didnt want to be in that house with her mother. She left the compound and headed down the street in her pretty gown and with a firm resolve never to
return home.


  1. This took the cake! Poor Isiuwa… Blind parents.. see Isiuwa's pain. Freida was unnecessarily stupid and needs to be brought down serzly!

    Ada, you do a good job, i love how Wife Material S2 ended and find Blackmail intriguing..

    Well Done. When is your book coming out?


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