James and his mother rushed to the door and were surprised
to see two young girls at their door.
“Good morning ma, my name is Clara and this is my friend,
Rose Lily. We are here to see James, can we come in?” Clara said.
James’s mother’s eyes stood transfixed on Rose, she quietly
Clara and Rose walked into the house, Rose was wondering
what her friend was trying to achieve by visiting Kendra’s supposed ex-boyfriend’s
“I am sorry for coming so early, but I had to because I know
that James leaves so early for school. I actually came to see James
first…then, you….” Clara said to James’s mother. “Since I recently learnt
that you are my maternal aunt.”
Uncle Wepke, quietly took a seat and watched the girl speak.
“You have no right to come here! No right whatsoever!” James
“You won’t speak to me in such condescending tone, James.”
Clara spat.
“You are in my house so I’ll speak to you however I want.”
“You got my sister pregnant!” Clara shouted.
“Hahaha…look at you, fighting for her. She never liked
you…you know, her mother hates you. According to her, you destroyed their
family when you came in when you were little…” James said determined to make
Clara feel bad.
“That’s not the point here mister!” Rose said,
self-consciously as she couldn’t figure out why James’s mother kept staring at
her. “We are here to make you talk! You have to say the truth and shame the
devil! You dated Kendra and got her pregnant and I can attest to the fact that
you both were a couple because I remember that Clara and I saw you at the
cinema with her.”
“Look who’s talking, the pauper from the house next door. Do
you think I don’t know where you came from? You moved into the estate and suddenly feel on top of the world…” James started.
“Will you shut up James? Shut up!” His mother screamed at
James was stunned at his mother’s tone, she hardly ever
screamed at him.
Rose was mortified by James’s insultive tone.
“Clara, I’ll wait outside…” Rose said.
“No…please stay…” James mother said in a half-pleading
“Please stay, Rose…please…don’t mind him at all.” Clara
said then turning to James, she said. “My dad is going to punish Kendra all
because you don’t want to say the truth. If you at least say that you dated
her, her punishment might not be as heavy as it would be now that you deny it…”
“I don’t understand your reason for coming here. Are you
deaf? I didn’t get your dumb sister pregnant. I have never slept with anyone in
my entire life. Have you checked my age? I am just fifteen for pete’s sake!”
James fired.
“I know my sister and I am sure she didn’t just fabricate
your name and give it to my parents. There’s something you’re not telling me
and I’m getting to the root of this.” Clara said.
“Dig all you want, you can’t get any dirt on me!” James
spat. Turning to his mom, he said “Mom, are you taking us to school or not?”
His mother looked at Clara and Rose and turned to look at
James and Raymond.
“Boys, go and get ready for school…I’ll speak with
err…Clara and Rose briefly.”  She said.
James and Raymond left the sitting room and as soon as they
left, their mother turned to regard the girls.
“Hello Clara, the last time I saw you, you were a little
girl who didn’t want to go to her daddy’s house because you were so scared of
the change….” She said quietly.
Clara looked at her and stared at the ground.
“I am sorry that I haven’t looked for you all these while
but your grandma asks of you very often. I saw her the last time I travelled
and she asked that I…err…look for you and send you her love.”

Clara didn’t want to get emotional but tears welled up in
her eyes.
“I don’t know…you or anyone linked to my mom’s side of the
family.” Clara said.
“That’s uncle Wekpe, he’s my little brother and he was
twelve years old when you were born.” James’s mother said.
Clara looked at the young man who was seated on the sofa at
the right side of the sitting room and looked up at James’s mother.
“She’s your aunt?” Rose asked in surprise.
Clara nodded. “Kendra told me last night.”
“Are you serious? Isn’t this one hell of a problem? Her son
is a big liar….so in order words, your cousin is a big liar. I definitely don’t envy you. I’d hate to be related to
that…that…devilish boy.” Rose said passionately.
“Please…don’t say that, James is a sweet child…he just
hates being lied to. I gave birth to him and I nurtured him from childhood, he
is not a bad boy.” His mother defended.
“That’s because he’s placed some kind of blinders over your
eyes. I know what I see…that boy is not to be trusted. I can feel it…” Rose
“Calm down Rose…” Clara begged.
“I told you I’d rather wait outside and you begged me to
stay here with you. Now, I’m telling you what I think and you’re telling me to
calm down. Didn’t I tell you from the very beginning that he looks like a
player? He is a player, Clara…and I am sorry you’re related to him.” Rose
said in a no-nonsense tone.
“Please don’t say that…” James’s mother said. “Rose…”
Rose looked at her questioningly, she wasn’t comfortable
with the way James’s mother looked at her and called out her name.
“Can we leave now Clara? This meeting is over!” Rose said
standing up.

“No, please wait…Clara, you need an explanation as to everything that happened. I’m sure you might be bitter at my little sister for giving you up to your dad but it was not her fault. She had a choice to make, it was either she kept you or become a single mother and she was too young for that.”

“I thought…I thought she was dead…” Clara said quietly.

“Dead? No…now way…she’s alive but she’s been away for so long…it’s a long story but we’ll have to talk about it another time.”

Clara was surprised. Her mother was alive? Where did Kendra’s mother get the false news that her mother was dead?’ She thought. She held her face with her palms and breathed deeply.

“I had no..idea…I thought she was dead…”

“Who told you that?” James’s mother asked. “She’s alive…”

Rose stood up to leave. “I know this is an emotional subject but I really have to go…I have somewhere to be at.”

“No…no…Rose please tell me about yourself…your family…”
James’s mother asked quickly.
“That’s none of your business!” Turning to Clara, Rose asked. “Who is this woman? Why is she asking about my family?”
“I am asking because you look so much like someone I know.” James’s mother continued.”
“No…that’s not possible, I grew up in the slummiest part of
this city and I recently upgraded to live in this area. So, I don’t think I’ve ever encountered you in my life..” Rose said. Then addressing Clara she said. “Let’s go Clara…you’ll have another day for family reunions, I have a ten o’clock class today and I need to get ready.”
Clara stood up to leave. “It’s nice meeting you aunt and I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about my mother.”

“You are welcome to come here any time you want. This is your home also.”

Rose scoffed and walked to the door while Clara said. “Sure”
As soon as they left, James’s mother turned to her brother
and said.
“She was here…that’s my Preye and she just left my house and I couldn’t
tell her the truth…” She cried.
Her brother walked up to hug her.
“We are not sure about it…it could be a coincidence besides we have a lot of explaining to do to Clara about her mother.”
“Yes…you’re right. I’ll call our sister first and see if she’ll talk to me.” James’s mother said.

“She’s still angry with us…with you especially and daddy even though he’s gone.”

“What do you expect? We made her give up her daughter in exchange for a foreign education. Sometimes I wonder if I’m paying the price for separating my sister from her daughter by losing Preye.” She sniffed. “You know, I should have stood by our sister and let her fight for her daughter but I refused to…I was very mean to her.”

“It’s all in the past…” Wekpe consoled her. “At least now, she’s very successful and since we’ve seen her daughter, she might actually forgive you…”

“I remember waking up the morning after Michael had come to take Clara to find that Preye too was gone. Her father had come to take her without my knowledge because he was trying to pay me back for leaving him for James’s father. It wasn’t my fault, Wekpe, I tried to condone his bullying and his beatings but I could not anymore…so I ran away from him and came home. I met James’s father shortly after I left Rose’s father and we started a relationship and he was ready to love Preye like his own.” She wiped her tears. “I asked for a divorce and while we were at it, Rose’s father found out that I had met James’s father, so he came to the house and…took my daughter without my knowledge…” She cried. “And I’ve never seen her since then…and it’s been fifteen years…”

“Let’s take it one step at a time. We can’t rush into conclusion, the first thing we have to do is contact our sister and tell her about her daughter then, see if we can get to Rose’s family and see if everything fits the puzzle. Let us not forget that the reason for their coming here is because of James and funny as it sounds, at least, it
brought your daughter and our niece to know us. Now, the next step is to find
out the truth about that pregnancy and see if James is involved or not.”
His sister pushed him away in anger.
“How dare you? James is my son and a good boy…you won’t
dare suspect that he got that girl pregnant.” His sister shouted. “He can’t get that girl pregnant!”
“Aren’t you going to count yourself lucky that it was
Kendra? Haven’t you stopped to think that it
could have been Clara? That would have given us cause for serious thinking
because they are related by blood.”

“You are very stupid for insinuating that!” She shouted and stormed off from the sitting room.


Raymond wore his school uniform shirt and picked up his tie.
James whistled as he buckled his shoes.
“Ray, could you pass me the comb?”
“No…” Raymond said.
“Why? It’s close to you…there on the dresser.”
“James you are lying to save yourself. What of that girl?
That poor Kendra who is pregnant because of you.” Ray spat.
James rushed at him and pushed him to the wall.
“If I so much as hear you say that again, I’ll break your
“One day’s for the thief …”
“You are stupid!” James fired.
The door opened and their mother walked in, the boys quietly
moved away from each other.

“Get to the car downstairs…” She said.
“Is it true that the girl is our cousin?” James asked.
“I’ll talk to you about it over lunch today…” Their mother
James nodded and left the room, Ray stayed behind and as
soon as the door was shut, he quickly hurried to take his phone from the
drawer. He scrolled to the videos section and played a video. The video opened and he saw two familiar faces indulge in a very wrong act. As he watched
it, his facial expression was grim, it was the video his brother had sent to
the boys in school. Some weeks ago, he had taken his brother’s phone and copied the video from there
while he was asleep. Now, his phone was the only device which had the truth in
it and something told him to provide it as evidence.

To be continued next week….


  1. O my goodness see twist. As in ehn Ada you are good. Chai
    Raymond thank you jare.
    Clara I'm happy for you.
    Rose let's see how the story of your life(true) story unfold.


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