Late post again! I had an appointment with the eye doctor today and as God will have it, the doctor transferred me to another young doctor who used me for presentation. So, after waiting for about six hours at the hospital, the young doctor took me to a room filled with eye doctors where they scored her based on her findings as regards my eye. In other words, I was the lab rat! That’s why I didn’t post the series on time today. Please say you forgive me and the doc who used my eye as a case study….thanks darls!
“Listen to me you buffoon, I won’t be the monkey who works
while the baboon enjoys everything I worked for.” Kehinde spat.
“Well…look who’s talking! I got the contact remember? She
called me first and I just decided to let you guys into the deal. What’s the
big deal in beating up a girl anyway?” Chike said, menacingly.
“Look guys…let’s not fight over this….Chike, give us our
share of the money and let’s settle this amicably.” Ikechukwu said trying to
make peace.

Chike pushed his hand into his school uniform pocket and
brought out two hundred naira which he handed to Ikechukwu.
“This is your share…and I mean for both you and
“What? Two hundred naira? Chike don’t test me….Chike don’t
test me….” Kehinde said, prancing about.
It was break time and the students were busily roaming about
the school compound, the three boys were beside their school cafeteria.
“What will you do? What will you do ehn? “ Chike challenged.
“Chike…you better split that eight hundred naira in equal
parts….who do you think you’re trying to fool?” Kehinde shouted.
“Shhhh…guys…we are drawing attention…”Ikechukwu said.
“Let’s draw the attention of the whole school sef…I am not
giving you guys more than two hundred naira besides, I don’t even have the rest
of the money, I bought a new watch for Fatima.” Chike spoke of his school
Kehinde lunged angrily at him and the both boys fell to the
ground fighting, the students gathered and while some cheered, the others
looked on with fear. It wasn’t until one of the teachers pulled them apart that
the fight stopped.
“Do you mind telling me the reason you boys want to kill
yourselves?” The teacher asked angrily.
Kehinde and Chike panted heavily and stared at each other
while trying to catch their breaths.
Osas was tired of sitting at home and waiting for his
father’s miraculous news about his relocating to his uncle’s place at Port Harcourt.
He wished he had asked for his uncle’s number the last time he had come
visiting but then again, he remembered that the last time he had seen his uncle
was when he was still seventeen and at that time, he hadn’t been gifted a phone
yet by his parents.
“Oh crap!” Osas snapped in anger as he stomped his foot
angrily and fell back on the sofa in the sitting room.
Mense walked into the sitting room from the kitchen, she was
sipping one of her home-made tea drinks.
“Hey coz….bored?” Mense asked.
“Who wouldn’t be?” Osas said.
“Errrr….I need a favour…”
“Whenever Mense needs a favour, it can’t be good….you
always spoil for trouble….” Osas said to his cousin.
“I’m sorry…that’s how I was made….beautifully and
wonderfully….” Mense curtseyed and smiled.
“What do you want?”
“I want Isiuwa to accompany me to a party this evening….”
“Evening? You mean a night party?” Osas asked cautiously.
“Shhhh…I promise that we won’t stay there for too
“And who is taking you girls to a night party?”
“We’ll take a cab….”
“Really? A cab? Young girls below the ages of eighteen are
not supposed to be prowling the streets at night unchaperoned.”
“The party is at the GRA….c’mon, this is my chance to show
the host that I’m not a little girl as she thinks and that I can hang out with
the big girls….pleassseeeeee….” Mense stressed.
“No…I won’t let you or Isiuwa go for that party…”
“Excuse me? I was asking for permission for Isiuwa and not
for me….”
“Well…I am in charge once my parents leave for camp and if
I tell the gateman not to open the gate, he’ll do as I say…”
“I’m sorry….I just really need to go….please…” Mense
said, when she figured that it’s best her cousin was on her side.
“No….infact….just go away from me, I have a lot of
things in my head….I need my dad to get my uncle to agree to let me come to
PH to stay with him….”
“How hard is that?”
“I made the decision to go to PH since I left the
hospital….I don’t know why dad has not gotten his brother to agree to let me
come over.”
“Are you sure he asked his brother to let you come? Your dad
can be pretty bossy, I’m sure he didn’t even tell his brother
anything….”Mense was saying.
“Exactly my point…that’s why I am worried.”
“Don’t you have your uncle’s number?”
“No! I don’t have it…” Osas said regretfully.
“Your dad has it I’m sure…. we can try to get it from his
phone without him suspecting. What’s the likely name he’d save it with?”
“Uncle is his only brother, so I guess he saved it with brother….” Osas
“Okay…I’ll try and get it for you.”
“You will?”
“Yes…if you let Isiuwa and I go for the party and maybe
arrange someone to take us there.”
“I don’t have anyone who can take you there…” Osas started
“Your friends can drive….what are their names again? Emeka
and Dayo right?” Mense said.
“I’m not asking them for favours….” Osas said.
“Then, forget about your Port Harcourt dreams and get ready
to stay at home for the remaining one month before returning to school…”
“Okay, you win….but you have to get the number first or
I’m not letting you guys go and I’m not calling anyone to take you guys there.”
“Trust me…I’ll get that number as quick as possible.”
Mense said and headed up the stairs.
Frieda was in her classroom when the principal came to call
her to his office. She was puzzled that instead of the principal, sending a
teacher as he normally would, came to summon her himself. Once she got into the
principal’s office, she knew why.
“Look at these boys….do you know them?” The principal
“Me? Know them? No!” Frieda lied.
Kehinde, Chike and Ikechukwu stood inside the principal’s
office with their vice principal who had escorted them to Frieda’s school.
“They say you paid them to beat up a fellow student.” The
principal said, in anger.
“Me? Paid who? Beat what student? You guys must be crazy…”
Frieda said.
“Watch your words Frieda!” The principal said sternly. “I
hope you understand that this accusation labelled against you by these boys can
lead to your expulsion?”
Frieda’s eyes widened as she stared at the principal. “Sir,
I never paid them anything…I have never seen them in my life…” She lied.
“Haaaaaa…this girl can lie ooo…” Ikechukwu said.
“You paid us and yes, you might be surprised that I know
your name but that’s because I did my research after you gave me the balance of
the money. I trailed you home, without your knowledge and asked details about
you from some people on your street.” Chike said.
“We are going nowhere with this! We need to be able to
accuse someone of this appalling act.” The boy’s vice-principal said. “Who is
the girl you guys beat up?” The vice-principal asked further.
“I don’t know her name, she is not tall, she’s fat….she
speaks with her tongue…she’s dark skinned too.” Kehinde said, trying to see
if he can recall the way Morenike looked.
“We are going to take you round the classes and you are
going to try to identify her….” The principal said.

Frieda stared at the boys, she knew that Morenike wasn’t at
school today and she was thankful for that, what she hadn’t thought of was the fact
that the boys could bring her trouble and she didn’t expect that!



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