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Exams had begun in full swing and it
was a full week since the principal had told them of Abigail’s disappearance. Sesan
hadn’t been in school since his sister disappeared and on the day Isiuwa had
gone to pay him a visit at home with her mother, they had been told by a
neighbour that the family had gone to the police station. Abigail’s pictures were
everywhere, from the school walls to the television and newspapers, everyone
was devastated at her disappearance.

Freida on the other hand mopped
about school, she had no friends anymore as Isiuwa and Morenike had deserted her.
The students had just finished writing
their first papers and were sitting at different points of the school compound
reading their books.
Frieda had finished last from her
exams because she had been feeling a bit funny when she left the class and
headed towards a tree shade with her books to read. Suddenly she heard a boy
cough behind her making his cough sound like a word ‘whore’, she turned back
and looked to see who had coughed but the boy was in the midst of friends so
she couldn’t pick who had made the sound. She took another step and heard the
cough again, this time it was multiple.
“Whore…whore…” Coughs
echoed here and there.
Frieda turned back and hurried
towards the boys, they ignored her and kept reading their books.
“I’ll appreciate it if you guys
man-up and let whatever you have in your minds out!” Frieda shouted.
The boys stared at themselves and
ignoring her, they concentrated on their books.
“Listen to me guys, you don’t
know who you’re messing with…” Frieda warned.
“Excuse me lady, would you
kindly get out of our way? We are trying to read…” A boy called Musa
“Really? And you think I’d let
this matter hang in the air while you guys continue to insult me? You must be
joking! ” Freida snapped.
tell her…”One of them whispered.              
“Shhhh…” Another said.
“Oh crap, I’m telling
her.” Musa said. ” I know that you’ve been having sex with a man old
enough to be your father.”
“Waaaaat!!!” Some of the
boys said elbowing each other in mirth.
“Yep…deny it! He’s the man
whose been buying you lots of expensive stuff right? I know your house Freida, and your parents aren’t that rich!” Musa said.
Freida was shocked to hear what Musa
had said, she never believed that anyone would get to find out about it most
especially her school mates.
“Yep….you are a whore…a big
time one!” Another boy said.
“Really? How did you know that?
You might be lying for all I know…” Frieda said.
“Some days ago, I was the ice
cream parlour with my sister when I saw you walk in with an older guy and aside
from the fact that he was feeding you ice cream I saw you both leave the ice
cream parlour hand in hand. Unknown to you, I followed you outside to his car
and saw you hop in and before the car drove off, you leaned in and gave him a
kiss…” Musa said.
“Yuck!!!” The boys said
contorting their faces.
“Is that why you are calling a
whore? You don’t even get your facts right before saying anything…that man is
my uncle…my dad’s brother and yes, we kissed on the lips because we are
family and that’s how we show affection in our family.” Frieda defended.
“Well…that’s wrong.”
Musa said and his friends nodded in agreement.
“Get a life okay…stop
meddling into my business.” Frieda warned.
“Well…I will meddle after
all, your friends deserted you. as for Isiuwa, I can’t say why but for
Morenike, she told me that your mom found condoms in your bag and that she
couldn’t keep hanging around you. ” Musa said.
The boys gasped in shock at what
Musa revealed. Frieda was more shocked, she stormed off in anger and wanted to
confront Morenike but something told her that it’ll be unwise.
Morenike was so tired, she had
decided to leave school late because of the note she had seen on her desk. It
‘Hey Morenike, I’d like to see you
at the other side of the canal by six o’clock. I really need to tell you
something important and please come alone.’
It had been signed ‘secret’. ‘Who
could it be?’ She had thought, was it one of her classmates? Was it an admirer?
Who was it? Morenike had asked herself and while other students left for their
homes, she had readily waited behind so as to leave school at about ten minutes
to six and walk to the other side of the canal.
As soon as her watch struck ten
minutes to six, she got up from her chair, slung her back pack and headed out
of the school, greeting the gate man as she went.
She got to the other side of the
canal at two minutes to six and waited. The other side of the canal was mostly
deserted during evenings and mostly because it was cluttered with piles of
rubbish. Morenike glanced at her watch again and waited. When the hand of the
clock struck at six, she saw Frieda advance towards her, her heart skipped a
“Hey Morenike…” Frieda
greeted with a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.
“Oh it’s you…what do you
want?” Morenike asked.
“I’m not here to waste anyone’s
time… I know you have been dragging my name through the mud at school…you
even told some people about the condom incident…”
“Me? Why…why would I…say
that?” Morenike stammered, she had indeed told some students who were inquisitive
about her short-tern friendship with Freida about the condom incident

“There’s no use denying.” Frieda spat.
“What do you want from me Frieda?” Morenike
asked as fear flashed in her eyes.
“Boys!” Frieda shouted.
Freida watched in terror as young boys appeared
from the sides of the canal and advanced towards them.
“And for the record, you never saw me or smelt me…”
Frieda said and turning away, she moved past the boys and walked away.
“Frieda!” Morenike screamed in terror. The skies
were already getting dark and everywhere was quiet as people didn’t pass
through the canal at such late hours.
One of the boys advanced towards her and gave
her a loud slap on her cheeks and she recoiled, the other kicked her on the
ankle and she fell to the ground, while the third stomped on her with his foot.
Morenike cried as they beat her up, she could recognize the school uniform of
the boys which they had neatly camouflaged with sweaters which they had worn
over it. Suddenly, they heard sound of footsteps and the boys quickly
disappeared into the growing darkness.
“I was invited to a party by my friend in
school…would you like to come?” Mense asked.
“A party?When?”Isiuwa asked.
They were both at the dinning eating dinner and
Isiuwa’s mind strayed to Sesan from time to time.
“Tomorrow night.”
“Night? Why at night? Do people have parties in
the night?” Isiuwa asked.
“Yes…once you are grown up, you’ll find out that
day parties are not for grown-ups but kids…”
“I wonder what we’ll be doing at a night
party…”Isiuwa said in wonder.
“Will you come or not?” Mense asked, already
sounding offended.
“Hmmm…I don’t think I will…the ‘kill joys’ won’t
allow me…” Isiuwa said whispering as she spoke of her parents.
“Tomorrow is the beginning of camp…have you
forgotten? They will be out all weekend.” Mense said excitedly.
“True…very true…I forgot all about that…”
“So will you come?” Mense pleaded.
“Okay…tomorrow is Friday right?”
“What time does the party start?”
“Nine pm…”
“Nine pm? That’s late ooo…I go to bed by nine
thirty…” Isiuwa said.
“Be a big girl for once in your life…haba!”
Mense said.
“What do we tell Osas? Because I know he’s going
to want to know where we are going.”
“I dunno…maybe we’ll tell him that we are going
to my friend’s place. I wonder why you are bothered, your brother isn’t as
protective as many brothers I know…please…please Isiuwa, this is my first big
girl party and I don’t want the girl to regret ever inviting me…please….” Mense
“Okay…we’ll go…but we must be back before eleven
pm…I really don’t like staying out late.” Isiuwa said.
“Thank you so much bunny…thank you…” Mense said,
standing from her chair and hurrying to hug her cousin tight.
To be continued tomorrow….



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