Steve walked up to Theodora’s door and raising his hand, he
knocked. The door opened and Theodora stared at him.
“What do you want?” She asked.
“C’mon Auntie Theo, you’re not going to kick me out because
I wasn’t able to do the job you wanted me to.”
“I don’t know why we contacted you in the first place,
you’re as good as useless.” Theodora spat.
“Your step sister is smarter than you think. She’s not the
normal teenage girl who gets carried away by sweet words from a guy.” Steve
said. “She’s different.”

“Why are you here?” Theodora asked.
“Well…I…errr…got a text from your sister, Aunt Eva,
last night, she’s asking me for the money she gave me when she felt that I’d be
able to deceive Winnie into being my girlfriend.”
“I don’t have the money Aunt Theo, please help me tell her
that I don’t have the money yet. You know how intense she is and I’m really
scared of her.”
“Well, speaking of her, she’s at my father’s house right
now, confronting that witch!”
“What witch? Do you mean Winnie’s mom?”
“Ofcourse…who else?”
Steve scratched his head.
“I hope Winnie is not there to experience the exchange of
nasty words between her mother and her step sister.”
“Well…I hope she’s there so that she can finally see her
mother for the liar that she is.” Theodora said.
Steve looked at Theodora and at her protruding stomach.
“All these negative energies will do you no good. Especially
as you’re carrying a baby. I know your sister quite well to know that the both
of you aren’t the same kind of people. You’re nicer than she is and Winnie
truly likes you a lot. Please don’t do anything to make her sad, that girl has
gone through a whole lot. Having a mother like hers is enough trouble as it is!”
“Wait…why are you preaching to me?” Theodora asked, then
she suddenly said. “Do you have real feelings for Winnie?”
“Well…I really like her…she’s unlike any girl I’ve ever
met. She’s content, true to herself and most of all, she’s really smart.”
“What? We sent you on a job and you went ahead and took your
heart along….I’m so sorry for you.” Theodora said.
“I just came to tell you to plead with your sister on my
behalf to…to…give me time to pay her back the money she gave me.”
“Well, you’ll have to tell her that, yourself!” Theodora
spat and slammed the door shut.
Kate was glaring at her former best friend in anger, her
face was streaked with tears as she watched her husband’s daughter speak to her
in the most disrespectful tone.
“You know what? You’re playing on rocky ground Kate! I know
you! You’ve forgotten that I know you, I know your secrets and I can destroy
you. I only left you alone these past few years because I thought you’d borrow
some sense and leave here.”
“What have I done to you? Why have you decided to insult me
this way? Is it my fault that your father fell in love with me?” Kate cried.
“Don’t give me that teary tone! My father didn’t fall in
love with you, you bewitched him! You took what doesn’t belong to you.”
“Your parents had separated for years before I got married
to your dad and I never dated him while your mother was still his wife. Is it
so hard for you to come to terms with the fact that your father fell in love
with me?” Kate asked with tears in her eyes.
She received a slap on her cheek and she winced, she
clutched her face in her palms and stared at her husband’s daughter.
“You slapped me! What is wrong with you Eva? Why did you hit
me?” Kate asked in shock.
“I told you to pack your things and leave this house! You
will do that now or I’ll do worse things to you.”
Kate saw red, she rushed to Eva and they both started
fighting eachother. The door opened and Kate’s husband walked in.
“What is going on here?” He thundered as he rushed to drag
his wife out of his daughter’s firm grip.
“Let me kill her daddy! I want to kill her! She took you
away from us! She destroyed this family! I need her out of here.” Eva screamed
like a mad woman.
“Don’t you dare come here and try to destroy my home! What
in the world is wrong with you?” Her father thundered.
“Are you taking her side over mine?” His daughter asked.
“I know that you’ve hated me since I married Kate and to
prove it, you’ve not stepped your feet into this house for years now.” Her
father said to her.
“I can’t believe this daddy! You’re taking sides with this
slut over your little girl. I was your favourite…” She said with tears in her
eyes. “I was your sweetest daughter, the one you loved so much.”
“But look at you! Look at what revenge and anger has turned
you to. How can you come into your father’s house and cause such a scene? I was
out at work when I received a call from the maid who told me that you’d come
here to cause trouble. Thank God my little sons are not here or they’ll be
traumatized and what of Winnie? She’s not here too or she’ll be heartbroken at
what you’re doing to her mother.”
“You think of them more than you think of us right? You love
them much more than you love us, much more than you ever loved us…” Eva said
with a catch in her voice.
Her father softened and stared at her in pity.
“Darling, I never loved you less…you and your siblings are
still my babies and I love you all so much.” Her father said to her.
“You are still with her…you’re still with the
backstabber…the betrayer…I can’t forgive you for that.” Eva cried.
“You’re letting your anger influence you. You’ve been bitter
since I separated from your mother and you’re getting sucked up in hatred.” Her
father said.
Eva wiped the tears from her eyes in anger. Kate sat on the
sofa and rubbed her swollen cheeks.
“Well…tell your wife to watch her back because I’m not
done here…” Eva said picking up her bag from the sofa and turning to regard
Kate. “If only I got to your precious Winnie through Steve, I won’t be here
talking trash!” She said and stormed out of the house.
Kate stared at her as she left with her mouth wide open.
Winnie and Rachel were on their way back home, they were
hungry and very tired and it was late too. Mira’s parents had spent the whole
day at the police station and they had been left in the house with Monica who
didn’t even offer them anything to eat. Since Rachel had been the one to drag
her out of her house, she hadn’t been with enough money to get them any food so
their stomachs growled as they sat inside the keke napep which took them to
Winnie’s street gate.
“I feel so sad for Mira…so sad.” Rachel said.
“Me too…it’s already six pm and we haven’t heard a word. I
hope nothing bad happens to her.” Winnie said clutching her stomach with her
“You’re really hungry right?” Rachel asked.
“Yes, we haven’t eaten since breakfast…” Winnie said.
“Let’s hurry home and see if there’s any left over from
lunch for us.” Rachel started.
Winnie nodded and soon, they alighted at the street gate and
walked in. Winnie’s phone rang and she answered it.
“Hey Steve…how are you?”
“Hey dear…you’re really scare ooo…” He said.
“Yes, I’ve been busy. Steve do you know what happened?”
“What happened?” Steve asked.
“Mira’s been kidnapped.”
“Yes, I am so sure that your friend Daniel has something to
do with it.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Do you think I bought your cock and bull story about
Daniel’s dad not being in prison and yadayadayada? I know he must have
threatened you or you must have felt you broke some sort of guy code.” Winnie
“I’m really sorry that Mira was kidnapped.” Steve said.
“Steve, we’ll have to meet so that you can tell me
everything you know about Daniel. The key to finding Mira could actually be in
your hands. She was kidnapped yesterday and till now, she’s not been found. Do
you know what that means?”
“Errm…I…can I call you back?” Steve asked and quickly
hung up.
“That’s strange…Steve is acting so weird.” Winnie said
staring at her phone.
“What did he say when you asked him to tell you about
“He hung up.” Winnie said sounding confused.
They both walked up to her house gate and were soon inside
the compound.
“Do you think that your step sister has gone?”
“I hope she’s left…” Winnie said sounding hopeful.
They both walked into the sitting room to see Winnie’s
step-dad and mother siting on the sofa.
“What happened? Mom…why is your face swollen? What
happened?” Winnie asked rushing to her mother in alarm.
“Winnie! We need to talk.” Her mother said to her.
“Talk?” Winnie echoed.
“Who’s Steve?” Her father asked.
Winnie stared at her parents and didn’t know what to say.
To be continued next week….
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