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has been had the three most-restful days of her entire life. Aunty Efe was
an angel is human clothing and she took good care of her, together with her
husband. They had two sons, the first was about twelve years old while the
second was ten. Sandra warmed her way into her benefactors’ hearts and they
loved her so much.

was Monday afternoon and Sandra and Aunty Efe were getting ready for their trip
to Lagos. Aunty Efe had made sure that she bought Sandra new clothes and had
even taken her to a salon where her hair was neatly braided, Sandra’s pregnancy
was already protruding a little as she was adding a bit of weight, so the not-so clingy clothes that Aunty Efe had bought her, came in handy.
look sullen, what is the matter?” Aunty Efe asked, obviously noting the very
serious expression on Sandra’s face.
am scared aunty…so scared.” Sandra confided.
about what?”
get me wrong, I am so happy that everything seems to be over but I am more
scared of what my life will become after the confrontation tomorrow. What will
happen to me? What will happen to the baby?” Sandra said.
They were supposed to leave for Lagos at four pm today and were both waiting for Aunty Efe’s husband to come and take them to the airport. Aunty Efe was such a God-sent as she had decided to follow Sandra to Lagos for the confrontation. The president of the NGO was also a part of the trip as she was to meet them at the airport.
are right to be scared but be rest assured that everything will work out for
good.” Aunty Efe assured.
“How?” Sandra asked in a worried voice.
soon as the confrontation takes place and your foster father is arrested and
charged to court, the judge will definitely rule in your favour and it is your
foster father’s obligation to take care of you and the baby.”
don’t want him to have or take care the baby.” Sandra said fiercely.
you serious about this?”
I am. I don’t want the child to know him, I want this baby to
start life on a fresh page. I am thinking of the child’s best interest and
honestly, even though I feel I’m too young to take care of the baby, I don’t
want the baby to bear his name, at all or ever know him.” Sandra said
are options…that’s if you are convinced that that’s what you want.” Aunty Efe
kind of options?” Sandra asked.
You could give the child to a couple that is really in need of a child to call
their own.” Aunty Efe supplied.
you help me with it? I’d really like that.” Sandra said.
you sure?”
I am very sure…” Sandra said.
dear, till then. You still have about five months to go, so there’s enough time
to think about your decision.”
Efe…” Sandra started.
am so grateful to you for everything you’ve done for me, I know that I have not
been the best person in the world but I thank God for leading me to you. When
my mother was critically ill, I did some things I shouldn’t have done, because I
was looking for means to take care of her and I am really ashamed of them. I
had to borrow a lump sum of money from a gang in my village and well…after she passed and I left
the village, they came after me to pay them back and I almost led them to my
foster parents home inorder to rob them of valuable possessions. Thank God I changed
my mind and refrained from it. I just want you to know that I do not deserve
your kindness…and that God will repay you for helping me in my worst moment.”
Sandra said with tears in her eyes.
here…” Aunty Efe said and pulling her to her bosom, she hugged her close. “You
are safe now Sandra, nothing or anyone can harm you ever again. Now’s not the time to think of the past, the future is yours to live.”
you hear that? Did you hear the gunshot and the scream?” Chika asked in a
startled voice.
had just alighted from the car and was about entering Nike’s grandparents’ house when they heard the shot and the screams.
they have a gateman?” Felix asked Chika.
they don’t…funny right? I think her grandfather believes in an open door policy
or something…” Chika whispered.
heard another loud scream and shouts coming from within and they both proceeded
into the house quietly. Felix felt something was wrong, he placed his finger
against his lips and told Chika to be silent, she nodded and they quietly
tiptoed towards the back of the house.
think the sound must be coming from Nike’s room…” Chika said as she inched
closer towards the small path leading towards Nike’s room window which was high above the ground as it was upstairs.
can hear something.” Felix said to her as they both inched closer to the
will kill everyone in this house if you guys don’t shut up! If she had listened
to me and given Nike and I her permission to go ahead and get married, this
would never have happened.” Preye’s voice floated to them.
killed my mother!” Nike wailed aloud. “You will kill me today Preye, you will have to kill me…what is life without my mummy?”
froze at the mention of the name, immediately, he knew who it was, the voice had given him away earlier. It was none
other than his prodigal cousin, Preye.
my God! Something is happening in the house…something terrible.” Chika cried.
here…I’ll be right back.” Felix said.
are you going to?” Chika asked, tears streamed down her face.
going to place a call to someone…don’t move I’ll be back.”
Felix, patted her reassuringly on the arm and hurried off, Chika
crouched low to the ground and cried silently.
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waited impatiently, he had made the call about ten minutes ago and they still hadn’t
showed up. Felix had called his aunt and had informed her that he knew where
Preye was, she had friends in high-places and she had quickly called the
police. She was as scared as he was especially when he had quickly told her what
was happening in Nike’s house, she had begged him to be safe. Soon enough the
police arrived, in their vehicles, there were about fifteen of them, all well-armed,
they had arrived without a siren. Immediately, they stopped in front of Nike’s
house gate, Felix had run to meet them. 
Within minutes, the policemen had surrounded the
house and some had gone into the compound. One of them brought out a shivering
Chika who had already peed on her school uniform. Felix was outside and he
quickly helped her into the car, Chika stared ahead in a daze and Felix sat
beside her holding her hand while waiting to see what was going to happen
inside the house.
minutes later, a disheveled looking Preye was seen as a policeman shoved her out of the house,
while his hands were bound firmly together in handcuffs. Two ambulances arrived
soon after and stretchers where rolled out and carried into the house. Nike’s
grandfather was the first to leave the house on the stretcher, and he was
placed on one ambulance which rushed him straight to the hospital. The other stretcher
that was rolled out of the house, had Nike’s mother on it, Nike and her
grandmother clung to the stretcher and cried loudly, Nike’s mother had been covered up with a white cloth which indicated that she was already dead. People
gathered at the frontage of the house and Felix and Chika came out of the car
as well, they looked overwhelmed and shocked. Chika and Felix walked over to
Nike and her grandmother to express their sympathy. A police man walked up to
meet them.
both did good. You are a brave duo, if you hadn’t called at the time you did,
it would have been worse.” Turning to Nike and her grandmother he said, “These
young teenagers are the reason you are free from that young devil. They alerted
the police.”
cried loudly and rushed to hug Chika, Chika patted her comfortingly at the back
and cried too. Nike’s grandmother was a nervous wreck, some neighbours took her
to the side of the road and gave her water to drink while her daughter was
wheeled into the ambulance headed for the morgue.
got home at eight pm that night, she was tired, confused and very sad. She felt
so bad for Nike and had spent the last four hours comforting her before her had father arrived and took her and her grandmother away with him. She opened the
door to the house and met the very angry stare of her father and the nonchalant
stare of his new wife.
have you been? What is the matter with you? Can you believe that I had to call
the driver inorder to know where you were but the stupid man did not pick his
calls?” Her father barked at her.
dad, it’s high time you realized that marriage is not a joke.” Chika started.
Her father stared at her with a baffled look on his face, he was too shocked her audacity to shut her up.
Chika continued, “If you know that
you were not ready to get married and father kids, you shouldn’t have let
anyone pressure you into making that decision. My friend’s mother was killed
today before her eyes. Why? Because she had brought in a strange man into their
home and why did this happen? Because she didn’t get the proper guidance and
direction she needed from her parents. Why was this the case? Because they were
divorced and they decided to be selfish and agreed to break their marriage and
leave their daughter at the middle of their mess. Daddy…I do not want this mistake to
happen to me or my brothers, and for the first time in my fifteen years, I witnessed
pure pain and grief from a family I have known for five years of my life. I beg you with all my heart that you should go and look for my
mother and settle whatever differences you have, and if you can’t, please come
together and find a mutual ground to take care of your children and train them right. If you can’t
do all these things that I have mentioned, DON’T START A FAMILY!” Chika said
and suddenly burst into tears.
you see how ill-mannered she is?” Her father’s new wife said to Chika’s father.
you excuse us for a moment?” Chika’s father said to her.
should I? Is this not my house too?” She spat.
out!” Chika’s father screamed at his new wife.
new wife was startled, she froze and hurried out of the sitting room. Chika’s
father walked up to her and hugged her fiercely.
so scared daddy…I am so scared. Nike’s mother is dead…Nike is so sad…oh my God…tell me that this is a dream.

father held on to her tightly and watched his daughter cry.
It’s almost here…the series is about to end and it’s bittersweet and mixed feelings for me. Hope you enjoyed it! Watch this space for more…next week.
Thanks Guys for reading!! God bless you immensely.


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