Monica and Daniel walked back into the house, they had gone
to visit the lawyer who’d promised to help Daniel’s father get out of prison.
As they walked up the stairs to the house, they spoke in low tones.
“So, how are we going to get the money? That’s a huge sum
and I don’t want Mira’s dad to get suspicious…” Monica whispered to her son.
“The lawyer is charging way too much but I believe he knows
what he’s doing plus, we’ve spent so much on dad too. He keeps asking for money
to retain his VIP prison cell and we’re running out on cash.” Daniel said.

“Mira’s father has started working your admission to a
university abroad…and I really don’t want to spoil things by asking him for
extra money.” Monica said.
“Is there no way that we can get our hands on the money that
he’s proposing to use for my education?”
“I don’t want you to loose this opportunity of getting a
good education. If you ask me, I’ll say that we can stall a bit so that you get
in and then he pays for your university education for the duration of four
years before we dump him.” Monica suggested.
“Don’t you get it mom? We need cash to get dad out. I can’t
be in a foreign university, while my dad languishes in a cell.”
His mother looked at him.
“Your dad committed a crime and he’s fine in prison, atleast
we’re providing for him there. He won’t die if we leave him there for the next
four years before reopening his case.”
“Mom! We have started working on the case already, why are
you trying to make this difficult?”
“That’s becaue you’re not looking at the bigger picture
here. An education is paramount and I want you to get it.” Monica said.
They were talking when a young girl walked up behind them at
the staircase.
“Hello…please excuse me…” She said to them as they were
obstructing the way.
“Hello, are you going to our flat?” Monica asked.
“I’m going to the second floor.” The girl said.
“Oh….that’s my house. Who do you intend to see?” Monica
“I’m Winnie…Mira’s friend.”
“Are you sure she’s at home? I think she stepped out…”
Monica started.
They heard the loud footsteps from the flat as Mira soon
emerged at the top of the staircase.
“Winnie! I’m so glad you’re here…please come.” She said.
Winnie smiled and made her way to meet her friend and they
both went into the house. Monica and her son exchanged looks.
“I know that girl.” Daniel said.
“She’s the one I saw at the party, the one my friend said he
was dating.” He said.
“Do you mean she’s the one who told Mira about your father?”
“I have no doubt in my mind.”
Monica looked up the stairs in open hostility.
Mira walked into her room with a glass of water which she
handed over to Winnie.
“I’m so glad you’re here. How are you?” Mira asked.
“Are those the people who have been giving you problems
these past weeks?” Winnie asked.
“You can say that again. They are evil.” Mira said.
“I can see it in their eyes. I know the guy, Daniel, I can’t
forget his face…” Winnie said.
“What were they whispering about at the staircase?”
“I didn’t catch anything that they were saying though….”
Winnie shrugged.
“So, how are things with your mom?” Mira asked, changing the
“I haven’t spoken to her yet…”
“She hasn’t called you?” Mira asked.
Winnie shrugged. Her phone chose that moment to ring, it was
“Hey Steve…” She greeted.
“Where are you? Can we meet up?”
“I’m at Mira’s place…and I just got here.”
“I really want to see you. How are you? You ran away
yesterday from school and you haven’t been answering your calls.”
“I need to be with Mira now at least for a while…I’ll see
you later.” Winnie said.
“Are you dismissing me?” He asked sounding irritated.
“No I’m not but it’s rude of you to ask me to leave my
friend’s place when I just got there.”
“I’m your friend too Mira and most times, I feel as if you
don’t want me around you.” He said.
“Can I hang up now? I really need to chat with Mira. I’ll
call you later.” Winnie said and hung up.
Mira looked at her once she’d ended the call.
“What’s with the long face? Lover’s spat?” Mira asked.
“I just don’t get it with Steve. He’s asking that we become
a couple but he’s being too bossy at the same time. I don’t want to tie myself
to someone who’s possessive and presumptuous as my mother.”
“You’re not really giving him a chance at all. You really
don’t hang out with him. Is it that you’re not attracted to him?”
Mira shrugged.
“Did your sister say you can date him?” Mira asked.
“Yes, she said I can and she also told me that my mom had
numerous boyfriends at my age.” Winnie said.
“So what’s holding you back?”
“Even though we feel as though having boyfriends makes us
grow up and gives us some kind of insight to ourselves as human beings, I feel
that having a boyfriend at my age would limit my freedom. I have a strict
mother already who monitors my movements and if I am to add a possessive and
controlling boyfriend to the mix, I’ll just go crazy.”
“Hahahahaha…you’re so funny Winnie but you’re very right.
I don’t think that having a boyfriend would help you in anyway, it’ll only
worsen things for you. I think we should leave this boyfriend thing for a while
and finish secondary school besides who knows what other guys we might meet in
the future?” Mira said.
“Yea…you’re right. So, tell me more about the mysterious
Daniel and his mother, I’m so curious to know everything….”
Monica walked into the bedroom to see Mira’s father lying on
the bed and reading a book.
“Hmm….reading?” She asked with a smile.
He looked up at her and smiled back.
“Yes, I have wanted to read this book in a long time. It’s
titled, ‘There was a country’ by Chinua Achebe.”
“Nice…I see where Daniel gets his brains from.” Monica
“He’s a smart boy.”
“Have you started the processes for his admission to the
foreign university?”
“Not yet…” He said.
“Why? I thought you said you’d handle it.”
“Yes…I did and I will but I was thinking that we should do
something first.” He said.
Monica looked at him puzzled.
“What are you talking about?”
“I’ll put it this way and I don’t mean to offend you but I
want to make Daniel, my son in name and in everything. So, enrolling him in a
school abroad means that he’ll have to bear my name and change his former
“I don’t see a problem in that.”
“No there’s no problem but I want us to do a DNA test first.”
His words chilled her and she opened her mouth and stared.
“A…D…DNA test?” She stammered.
“Yes, I need to be sure that he’s my son and that I’m not
changing his name for nothing.”
“Do you think I’ve been lying to you?” Monica asked enraged.
“No, I don’t think you’ve been lying to me but I need to be
a hundred percent sure…” He said.
“I…I…please excuse me…” She said and walked out of the
“Monica! Monica!” He called out.
Monica rushed out of the room and quickly entered her son’s
room. He was lying on his bed and playing a video game.
“Mom, are you alright?” He asked pausing the game.
“Daniel, we’re in trouble…big trouble.”
“What is it?” Daniel asked.
“He wants to do a DNA test.”
Daniel’s eyes widened, his hands began to shake.
“Yes and that’s the only way that he’s going to sponsor your
education. My God! What is wrong with that moron?”
“Do you think Mira told him something when we were away? She
looked so happy this afternoon.”
“Let’s forget if Mira told him anything or not, we need to
know what’s required for DNA testing so that we can prepare ahead of time.”
“What do you mean mommy?”
“I think they ask for hair samples…what if we get Mira’s?”
“I doubt that they’ll want us to get samples at home and
take it to the hospital….they’ll want to take all the samples there at the
hospital. We can’t trick or deceive them.”
“Oh my goodness! What do we do? I need to get my hands on
his money and I need you to study abroad too…” Monica said in frustration.
Daniel pondered for a moment and said.
“Let’s distract him…in that way, we can get our hands on
the money we need and also not get caught.”
“How do we distract him and get our hands on his money at
the same time?”
“Let’s kidnap Mira and ask for a huge ransom?”

To be continued next week….



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