Clara was not concentrating during classes, she was so
disturbed by Rose’s words to her that she felt like going to Rose’s house and slapping her face.
‘Who does she think she is anyway?’ She said to herself.
‘It’s not as though she’s the most popular girl around…’
The class ended and she watched the tutor leave the class
for them to study. At the tutorial school, they were given long periods of
study time which enabled students time to gist.

As soon as the tutor left the class some guys and girls
walked in, most of them were the A-level students.
“Hello class…” They greeted.
Clara’s classmates murmured in reply.
“We are here to inform you of the biggest show in this
tutorial school’s history. It’s titled ‘ The Show Stoppers’ and we are all expected
to have joined respective clubs so that we can all participate. The Show
Stoppers is for everybody and not for a selected few and the finale of the show
will hold at a big event centre. We need everyone to tell
friends and family to come and watch us and have fun. We will sell tickets and
seat spaces too…” Their spoke’s person said.
“And one more thing, if you haven’t joined any club yet, the
performance club is still accepting talented individuals…” Oliver started.
“Booooo….boooo….” The students shouted slamming their
fists on their desk while Oliver’s fellow club leaders laughed at him.
The club leaders all left the class except Oliver who walked over to Clara and started talking to her.
“Hey…” He greeted.
“Pretty speech you made up there…” Clara said dryly.
“I know…I was just trying to be humorous.” He said.
“What’s up? You look dull…” He said.
“It’s nothing, really…”
“You are my group member and your problem is my problem. Why
don’t we go out and grab something to eat while you tell me all about it?”
Clara hesitated at first but after a moment’s thought stood
up from her seat and followed him out of the class.
They both walked to the cafeteria in the school, Clara asked
for spaghetti while Oliver asked for water.
“Weldone oooo…” Clara said to him.
“Why? What did I do?” He asked in a laughing voice.
“You asked for water, seriously?”
“Yea…I’m watching my weight…” He said.
“And you expect me to eat…while you are watching your
weight huh?”
Oliver smiled and drank his water.
“So tell me, what’s eating you up?” He asked.
“I didn’t bring you here to tell me nothing so…spill…”
“My friend hates me…”
“Why? You look pretty cool…why would you think that?”
“You see…she feels that we are from different social strata and she feels that my family looks down on her…”
“That’s tricky…but you don’t look down on her right?”
“Are you kidding me with that question?”
“As long as you don’t look down on her…it’s cool, she’ll
come around after all…” Oliver said.
“Are you sure?”
“Yes I am, Clara…” He said.
“It’s Clay!”
“My dear, Clara is a more appropriate name than Clay…for
pete’s sake if you want a nickname, you could do better.”
“You’re right, she gave me the name anyway…”
“Oh! I’m sorry, it’s a very nice name…Clay suits you…”
He beamed at her.
Clara smiled back at him and eat her meal.
James looked around his class, he couldn’t sight one person
that could be his friend. Everyone looked as though they were scared of the
law, and this was why he hated this school and preferred his former school. If
only the teacher hadn’t found the condom in his bag, this wouldn’t be happening,
he thought.
It was break time and some of the boys in the class sat in a
group laughing and discussing about various topics from music to sports, James
decided to join in.
“Hey…” He said in greeting.
The boys looked at him and shrugged.
“Hi…”One of the boys said.
“Was wondering if I could join your conversation..”James
“Sure…” One of the boys said.
There was silence, soon Kendra walked into the class, she
spied the boys discussing and James with them so, she sat on her seat and
brought out her books.
“Kendra can never get enough of those books!” Mohammed said
in anger.
“What do you expect? She’s been the best student of this school,
three years in a row…she needs to keep it up.” Gbenga said.
“I just wish she’ll date someone and focus her energy on
love instead of just books.” Emeka said staring at her wistfully.
“Haaaaa…he has a crush…” Timi laughed nudging his
“A crush?” James asked in surprise.
“Yea…he’s been crushing on Kendra in like forever…” Timi
“Really? She’s not that…hot?” James said.
The boys looked at him in surprise.
“Kendra is not hot? Have you taken a good look at the girls
in this class? There are no pretty girls in our class…” Gbenga said matter of
“Dabel is pretty…” Timi said.
“That one that wears braces! Ha! I hear that when you kiss a
girl with braces, it’s electric shock!” Gbenga said.
“That’s not true! Dabel’s braces makes her cuter….just say you don’t like her because she’s tough.” Timi
“Don’t tell me you’re crushing on Dabel. That girl is so
rude…” Gbenga said.
“Rude? She was rude to you because you tore the notes she
loaned you and who wouldn’t be?” Timi snapped.
“Hey…it’s okay guys…let’s leave Dabel out of this….”
Emeka said, then turning to James, he said.
“So you don’t think that Kendra is pretty?”
“I didn’t say that, I said I don’t see her as hot.” James
“Well…even if you don’t see her as hot, she’ll never date
you because Kendra doesn’t care about boys.” Mohammed said.
“That’s not true.” James said.
“She’s been our classmate for like forever, we know her
so…” Timi started.
“I can totally date her….she’s not hard to get.” James said.
“You are kidding me! If you do that and get a picture or a
video of you guys making out, I’ll give you one thousand naira!” Gbenga said.
“Is this a bet?” James asked quiet excited.
“Sure…I’ll top it up with one thousand naira too…so it’s
two thousand.” Timi said.
“I’ll make it three thousand but it must be done within a
time frame….” Emeka started, angry that the new student was bold enough to
want to ask Kendra out.
“I’m not going to be a part of this…” Mohammed said.
“One month…” Timi said.
“Sure!” James smiled.
They all shook hands on their bargain and James walked up to the seat he shared with Kendra.
‘Hey Kendra…”
“Hey…”Kendra said looking up at him.
“I just want to tell you thank you for helping me out of the punishment this morning, you
were great.”
“Thank…I don’t know what to say…” Kendra gushed
“Could I maybe…buy you something? I know you’ve had lunch
but maybe a coke…or something from the cafeteria.”
“Sure…I’d love that.”
Kendra got up from her seat, abandoned her books and led the
way out of the class while James followed, as James left the class he winked at
the boys.

To be continued next week…..


  1. I actually hope Kendra makes out with him and subsequently gets embarrassed. And then Raymond steps in. Perfect way to stop her slip and slide fall.
    I hope Rose Lily doesn't destroy Clara's life.
    Great job Adaeze.

    • I shouldn't be biased but then I also wish what you wish for Kendra on her too…however, I don't want her for Raymond but lets see what happens. Ray might fight for her….though.
      Rose Lily and Clara are complicated individuals, let's see what happens to them.

      Thank you for reading Uju.


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