Osas was so upset, he looked at his friends the umpeeth time
and sighed again. Emeka and Dayo sat on the bed in his room busy with their
phones, chatting and texting.
“Guys I called you here for something important…” Osas
“Important? Osas has something to say ooo…please let us
listen…” Dayo said jokingly and nudged Emeka.
“Sorry jare…it’s this over-rated girl that I’m chatting
with. Can you imagine her asking me to buy her the latest iphone? All because I
want to date her and do you know that she’s not even hot?” Emeka supplied,
dropping his phone on the bed and turning to face Osas. “What’s up bruv?”
“I’m in real shit guys…Miyebi is pregnant!” Osas said.
“Miyebi! The general’s daughter? The one whose dad’s whips are
used for decoration at the entrance to his house? Mehn! Whoever the guy is that
got her pregnant must have guts ooo…that Miyebi’s father is a terrorist!”
Dayo proclaimed.
“I pity the guy wey Miyebi’s father go fry but oh boy…how that one come concern you na?” Emeka asked
“I…I am responsible for the pregnancy…” Osas said
“What? Did you just sign your death certificate
or what?” Dayo asked in shock.
“Wait ooo…our very own virgin Osas got a girl pregnant? See
this deceiver oo…so all the while you’ve been forming holy, you’ve been
playing hide and seek with girls…” Emeka asked bewildered.
“No…it’s not what you think guys…” Osas started.
“Wait…was she the reason you asked me that stupid question
some weeks ago?” Dayo asked. “Did you guys frolic on the bed without you, having to…”
Osas nodded.
“That na scam na…you are not responsible for that
pregnancy…” Dayo said.
“What is a scam? Is there anything I don’t know?” Emeka
asked, staring at his friends.
“Bend ear, make I tell you…” Dayo started and whispered
something to Emeka.
“What? What rubbish! How can a girl get pregnant without the
real deal? Abeg don’t tell me you halted my toasting with Toyin for this
rubbish talk.” Emeka flared.
“No…she said she was a virgin before and that I am her first
so, it’s got to be me…” Osas said tearfully.
“Make we slap and reset his brain?” Emeka asked Dayo, jumping
off the bed to stand beside a quaky Osas.
Dayo nodded and Emeka slapped Osas behind the ear and said,
“Receive wisdom!”
“What was that for?” Osas said rubbing the spot behind his
ear and frowning.
“Do you see the reason why its not good to train your
children with such tight fists? Ordinary sex education, Osas is clueless about ehn! I understand that your parents are pastors and that their goal is heaven but they are on earth na, haba! Let them expose their children to the world and not tie them to their apron strings!” Emeka said, then addressing the issue at hand, he said, “If she is a virgin and you are her first, there is no freaking way that a child
will get into that body of hers without penetration. Do you need me to spell it
out to you?” Emeka said. “I can’t believe that I left my landlord’s hot daughter
Toyin, for this rubbish gist.”
“Let’s bear with him…you know he needs us ehn…” Dayo
said, then addressing Osas he said, “You will call Miyebi right now and tell
her categorically that you are not the father of that child she is
carrying…am I clear?”
“But…” Osas said.
“Do you need another slap?” Emeka warned menacingly.
Osas shook his head, picked up his phone and made a call to
Miyebi was in her room standing before her mirror and looking
at her stomach, Oge was sprawled on her bed leafing through a magazine.
“I wonder why you are so worried over the baby bump…don’t
worry, first timers don’t show and I’ve even read of a girl who didn’t even
know she was pregnant till she gave birth.” Oge said.
“Ha! I wish I could say the same for myself, look at me, I am
already adding weight and my mom has even said stuff like ‘Miyebi…what did
you swallow? A toad?” Miyebi said in worry.
“Fret not jo…ehen…what did our new baby daddy say?” Oge
Miyebi stared at Oge in confusion wondering who she was
referring to.
“Osas of-course…what did he say about the baby news?”
“Exactly what I told you…he was just stammering and said he’ll
see what we’ll do about it and of-course I told him ‘no abortion’”
Miyebi’s phone rang and since it was on the bed, Oge picked
it up and stared at the caller ID, she handed the phone over to Miyebi.
“Answer it…it’s Osas and please put it on speaker, I want
to hear what he has to say…”
“Hello…” Miyebi spoke aloud as she placed the phone on
“Hello it’s Osas…”
“I know it’s you…”
“I called to tell you that the baby is not mine…I didn’t
penetrate and I err…in short, the child is not mine…goodbye.”
“Excuse me? I was a virgin Osas, till you came to this house
and disvrigined me. I have proof that you came here while no one was at home so
if you’ve figured that you can deny this pregnancy and run, you are wrong!”
Miyebi shouted.
There was a slight murmur from Osas’s end of the phone line
and soon enough another voice floated down the line.
“Ahem…this is Dayo…Osas’s friend…”
“If I remember correctly, I was talking to Osas and not to
you so kindly hand Osas the phone…” Miyebi shouted.
“Take it easy Miyebi…you see, my friend Osas is also a
virgin and if you really ask him, I’m sure he’ll tell you that he didn’t know
where to ‘go’ during  the
err…tete..a..tete with you. You see, we have been trying to teach him sex
education for a long while but he has made up his mind to follow his father’s
footsteps and be a pastor so…” Dayo said.
“What does that have to do with me? Osas got me pregnant and
I was a virgin before he did…” Miyebi said in a shaky voice.
There was a slight commotion at Osas’s end of the line as
male voices whispered, then suddenly, Emeka spoke.
“Bia…don’t let me switch to Igbo language but my guy did
not impregnate you…Osas is suffering from low sperm count, infact….according to a doctor’s report, none of
his sperms are active…”
There was another scuffle as Osas screamed ‘God Forbid’ while
Dayo snatched the phone and spoke.
“Well…I hope that after our debate, we were able to
convince you and not confuse you that Osas is not the father of your
child…thank you.” Dayo said hung up the call.
Miyebi’s mouth stood agape as she stared at the phone in shock and turned to look at her friend.
“What was that about?” Oge askedd standing up from the bed.
“Oh my God! They found out that it’s scam! What am I going to
do?” Miyebi cried.
“They sounded like confused rascals…but we’ve got to pin
this on them one way or the other, even if it means that we go to Osas’s house
and tell his parents.” Oge said vehemently.
“Isn’t that taking it too far?” Miyebi asked looking at her
friend with tear rimmed eyes.
“We have started already, we can’t have them think that you
are a scam and besides, who else can you pin this pregnancy on except Osas…we
have come too far to fail!”
To be continued tomorrow… 


  1. when you are friends with foolish and malicious girls, you will become same…… That is Miyebi's case. I hope she realizes her folly quick and confesses to her parents.


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