Suddenly, the door opened and a male voice floated through
the room.
“What are you doing to her? Get off her, this minute!” The
young male voice cried.
Uncle Fry stopped instantly and turned to see where the
voice was coming from, it was the boy he’d seen with Frieda earlier that day.
“Get off her, you old goat!” Josh shouted, ready to unleash
the Kung-Fu he had learnt from his practical lessons at school.
Frieda’s uncle immediately bailed and jumping off the bed,
he rushed out of the room but not before he got smacked by an angry Josh who
made sure he hit him hard with his fist and elbow. Isiuwa gasped for breath,
she groped around blindly for her inhaler.
“Are you asthmatic? Oh my God!” Josh said in alarm as left
the fleeing Uncle Fry and helped her look for the inhaler and handed it to her.
“Thank you so much…” Isiuwa said in gratitude.
“You are welcome…” Josh started. “I’m sorry…I didn’t
introduce myself. My name is Josh…a girl gave me this room number, her name is
Frieda…I came looking for her and when I found the door open and heard female
screams I had to enter and…”
“Thank you…you saved me…” Isiuwa said in tears.
“I’m sorry but was that man trying to do what I think he was
trying to do to you?”
Isiuwa nodded and broke down in tears, Josh pulled her into
an embrace.
“It’s okay…he’s gone now even though I would have loved to
teach him a lesson or two. We have to report him to the police you know. You
have to file a report.”
“No…I can’t…my parents will know that I came to the island
and…and…they’ll be mad at me. Let’s leave it the way it is okay.” Isiuwa
“Okay…if you say so. Atleast you are safe now! I hope he
didn’t harm you.”
“No…thank God…you came just in time.” Isiuwa said, looking
at her ripped clothing.
“Is he your uncle too? I remember Frieda mentioning to me
that he’s her uncle.”
“No…he’s not…he is Frieda’s uncle and he brought us here and
he…is my ticket to getting off this island and I’m scared that he’ll do
something terrible to me if I don’t give in to him.” Isiuwa cried.
“My family returns to Lagos this evening…I wanted to come
and tell Frieda so that I could maybe, get her phone number or something. If
you like, I could tell my parents that you’d like to join us in the boat. My
dad has urgent work to get back to, so we had to cut short our stay on the
Island.” Josh said.
“Really? Thanks, I’d love to join you guys…I can’t stay here
anymore…I want to go home.” Isiuwa cried.
At that moment, Frieda walked into the room.
“Hey Frieda…I actually came looking for you and…” Josh
Frieda took one look at Isiuwa and instantly knew what must
have happened. She had spent some time at the alcove, crying her eyes out and
thinking of how everything Isiuwa had told her made sense but then, she
couldn’t just leave the luxurious life her uncle provided her with, she
couldn’t trade her being the most popular girl in school for anything in the
“I’m leaving with Josh…his family leaves the island today.”
Isiuwa said quietly.
“Can I have the phones back? Both the one my uncle bought
for you and the one I loaned you…” Frieda said in a steel-like voice.
Isiuwa went to her bag, brought out the phones and gave them
to Frieda. Frieda opened the phones and taking out the sim cards, she handed
them to Isiuwa.
“You can have the sim cards. I’d like you to know that from
today, we are no more friends. You are not allowed to speak to me, wave to me
or even walk next to me. Our friendship is history from now on and I hope you
also know that everything that happened on this island is to be kept a secret
till your dying day. Am I understood?” Frieda said to her.
Isiuwa nodded solemnly, she
slowly packed her bags and left the room with Josh. Even though she didn’t know
who Josh was or what his family was capable of, all she knew was that anything
was better than being with Frieda’s uncle. This weekend was officially her worst
Osas and his friends had been sitting idly around the house
the whole day and they were already getting bored.
“Is there no food in this house?” Dayo asked, yawning
“There’s noodles, that’s if you’re interested in cooking
it…” Osas replied.
“Where is your sister? That fine little girl with beauty and
brains!” Emeka asked.
“Hey…get those silly eyes of yours off my sister!” Osas
shouted in warning.
“Abeg joor…how can you think I’m having the hots for your
kid sis, haba! Chill joor…” Emeka said.
“Are we cooking the noodles or not?” Dayo asked sounding very hungry.
“The kitchen is that way…” Osas continued gesturing with his head and scrolling
through his phone hastily.
“Are you still scared of Miyebi and what she and her
pregnancy could do to you?” Emeka said.
“Girls are dangerous, there’s even a saying that goes, ‘hell
hath no fury than a woman scorned.’” Osas replied.
“Are you ready to be a daddy?” Emeka asked.
“What kind of bloody question is that? I am not even ready
for the labour market sef!” Osas shuddered.
“Well then, forget about her…and about the tales by
moonlight stories she’s got you wrapped up in. If you ask me, she went to
school, got careless and got pregnant for a guy who doesn’t care and thought of
the easiest person to pin it on…” Emeka supplied.
“Easiest person? Do I strike people as a fool of some sort?”
Osas asked.
Emeka and Dayo exchanged glances.
“I think I need to go cook the noodles now…” Dayo said uncomfortably,
getting up.
“Wait! Is that how people look at me? Like a fool? Like
someone that’s Lilly-livered?” Osas asked.
“Well…you are not exactly ‘street smart dude‘…c’mon.” Dayo
said, “Look at Emeka for instance, Miyebi would have to think twice before pining
a pregnancy on him even if he was the father.”
“She dey craze?” Emeka asked rhetorically, already feeling
like a Don.
“Dude, you are too soft and I blame your parents for that!
They cage you too much and you really don’t have a freewill. My parents are
strict disciplinarians but they let the boys be boys and protect the girls, even
though my sisters get their independence from time to time. Parents are too
scared of letting their kids make mistakes that sometimes, they unknowingly
push them into those mistakes. Look at you, you really don’t have a life
outside school and church. Your parents have to scrutinize your friends before
they come to visit, that sometimes, Emeka and I button our shirts to our necks
and pull our trousers to our stomach just to impress your dad and mom.” Dayo
Osas stared at his friends, stunned.
“What Dayo is trying to say is, we appreciate the fact that
you have loving parents but we feel that their too frigid upbringing is affecting you. How
come Miyebi who never used to give a hoot about you and who used to laugh at
you with her friends, suddenly calls you up and wants to have sex! Think of it!
She had a master plan from the beginning ooo.” Emeka said.
There was silence and they all regarded each other calmly,
at that moment the door opened and Isiuwa walked in with her bag. She looked so
tired and beat, following closely behind was Josh.
“Oooooh see what the cat dragged in!” Emeka said smiling.
Isiuwa ignored her brother and his friends and turned to
regard Josh. Josh, being his friendly self said hello to Osas and his friends.
“Thank you so much for everything…I am so grateful…please
tell your parents that I said thank you again.” Isiuwa was saying.
“You said that countless times already. I’d better get back
to the car, mom said I should see you inside the house and be right back so…I
have to go. You don’t have a phone so err…how can I keep in touch?”
“Here’s my brother’s number…you can call his phone if you want to reach me, atleast for now, till he goes back to school.” Isiuwa said as she quickly
brought out a pen and paper from her bag and jotted it down and handed the
paper to him.
They both hugged and Isiuwa saw him to the door and he left.
Without speaking to her brother or his friends, she hurried upstairs.
“Now that’s a smart sister! She even brought a boy into a pastor’s house as though nothing happened. Osas, this your sister wise pass you ooo…”
Emeka said playfully.
Osas gave his friends a nasty stare and walked to the
kitchen. Dayo and Emeka followed suit, making jokes and laughing as they went.

To be continued…

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  1. Like I always say,parents should not be too rigid,we need to relax our rules from time to time always bearing in mind that children will always be children,what with what they see around them everyday,music bideos,adverts,songs,social media etc,I've discovered that teenagers,when they feel too overprotected,that's when they decide to exlore n find out why you're protecting them,if Isiuwa's parents had provided her with a phone,she probably wouldn't have fallen prey of Freida's uncle,God only had mercy om her by bringing Josh to her rescue,not everybody will be that lucky,may God help us all


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