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Sandra woke up very early the next morning and without being
told, she went about the chores in the house, she was just coming in from
taking out the trash when the woman of the house walked into the kitchen.
“Good morning ma…” Sandra greeted genuflecting, she was so
grateful for the roof over her head at least for the night.
“Did you clean the whole house? Everywhere is sparkling
clean.” The woman said.
“Yes ma, I did..” Sandra said.

The door to the kitchen opened and her husband and son
joined them, they too were staring at the kitchen unbelievably.
“This house is so spotless…did she clean the house?” The
woman’s husband asked.
“Yes…she did…this is unbelievable…”
Sandra was shocked at their appraisal, in aunty Joy’s house
she did more chores than this, so this was not as difficult as they thought.
“Where is your family? Who are you?” The man asked.
“Who is she, dad?” Asked their son, he was about twelve years
“We found her at the boys-quarters yesterday…go to your
room, stay there with your brothers, don’t come out till we tell you to.” His
mother instructed.
“Yes mom…” The boy responded politely and left the
Sandra stared at the young boy, she had never seen a more
well-behaved child in a long while, not with the way Seyi spoke to her parents and even Chika, and even in
Port-Harcourt with Aunty Joy, whose children didn’t accord her any respect.
“We would like to know what brought you here?” The woman
said calmly.
“I ran away…” Sandra replied.
“Why…what made you run away? What if your family is
searching for you? What if…” The man asked.
“I don’t care…I’d rather die than return.” Sandra said,
tears falling down her cheeks.
“We need to report this to the police…we can’t let her go
out there and we can’t keep her here either.” The man said to his wife.
Sandra fell on her knees.
“Please madam, sir, I will earn my keep, I promise. I will
work hard and do everything in the house. I will cook, clean, wash…everything
you ask me to do…but please do not send me away, I have suffered too much…”
She cried.
The woman walked up to her and pulled her up to her feet.
“Don’t kneel for us, we are not God…we are humans just
like you.” The woman said.
“I beg you not to send me back…I can’t go back.” Sandra cried.
“What of your family…they are going to be looking for you.”
The man said worriedly.
“I don’t have a family, I lost my mother months ago and
before she died, she told her friend to take care of me…then…then…a lot
of things happened and I was sent here to Port-Harcourt to my foster mom’s
sister-in-law’s house and it’s been hell.” Sandra cried.
“Let’s go to the sitting room, I’d like you to tell us
everything…the whole truth.” The man said.
Sandra nodded and followed them out of the kitchen, deep
down, she made a firm resolve, never to return to Aunt Joy.
Nike was ill, she knew it, immediately the doctor prescribed
tests and immediately she and her mother came to collect the results of the
The doctor perched his glasses above his nose and stared at
Nike and her mother, after a while he said.
“Your daughter has PID.” The doctor said solemnly.
“What? What is that?” Nike’s mother asked.
“Pelvic Inflammatory disease.” The doctor said.
“What’s that?” Nike’s mother asked.
Nike looked away, she didn’t care, she’ll just undergo
treatment and she’ll be fine.”
“Pelivic Inflammatory disease is an infection of the female
reproductive organs. PID is one of the most serious sexually transmitted
diseases as it is one of the major causes of infertility in women.” The doctor
“What? Excuse me?” Nike’s mother screamed in shock.
“No…it’s not true…I can not be infected with
PID….noooo!” Nike cried, standing up and stamping her feet.
“Are you sexually active?” The doctor asked, when she did
not answer, he said, “do you know that Pelvic Inflammatory disease is more
common in sexually active teenagers than adults? When was the last time you had
sex?” The doctor asked her.
Nike stared at the doctor then, her mother and said.
“Last night…”
“What? Adenike! You were at home all through last night,
where did you have sex?” Her mother asked in anger.
“My…my boyfriend lives with us in the house.” Nike
“Who? What did you say? Who is living with us?” Nike’s
mother asked.
“Madam…I’ll suggest that you sort this issue at home, Nike’s
infection is a bigger case.” The doctor said.
“I am sorry doctor…please continue.” Nike’s mother said,
eyeing her daughter in anger.
“Do you feel pain during sex?”
“Yes…” Nike whispered.
“Normally the cervix prevents bacteria that enter the vagina
from spreading to the internal reproductive organs. If the cervix is exposed to
a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia. The cervix
becomes infected and less able to prevent the spread of organisms to the
internal organs. PID occurs when the disease-causing organisms travel from the
cervix to the upper genital tract.” The doctor said.
“What can we do doctor? How do we treat it?” Nike’s mother
asked in a worried voice.
“I need to in the meantime, view Nike’s reproductive organs
through a sonogram. “
“Is this very serious?” Nike’s mother asked.
“Yes it is…we will place her on antibiotics but if the PID
has caused an abscess which is what I am going to check through the ultrasound,
we might have to operate on her which is not good as we might have to remove the
organ with the abscess.”
“What do you mean remove the organ with the abscess?”
“It means that to prevent it from rupturing or causing
widespread infection through the pelvis and abdomen,  we might have to remove the ovaries or do a
hysterectomy which is, to remove the uterus.”
“Mogbe! Mogbe oooo….” Nike’s mother jumped up and
Nike’s heart beat fast, she understood everything the doctor
said, she was the best student in Biology in her class and she knew that her
sexual escapades which she had never thought would bring huge consequences
on her was about to ruin her chances of ever having children in the future. She
fell to the ground in tears.
Sandra watched the reactions on the faces of the couple as
they listened to her story, she told them everything and held nothing back. The
woman’s hand flew to her mouth in horror as she listened to Sandra’s tale while
her husband clenched his fists in anger, when she ended the story, she looked
away and stared at the ground, letting the tears fall from her eyes in rapid
“So…you are pregnant?” The woman asked.
Sandra nodded silently.
“Oh my God! I am so sorry about this but do you know what?”
“What…” Sandra asked sniffing back her tears.
“We will fight for you. I am part of the ‘Girls movement
Union’ an NGO that works with abused girls and women in the society. Are you
ready to bring your foster father to justice for what he did to you?” The woman
“Yes…he has hurt me more than I could ever imagine and
because of him, I can never live a normal life…I will never forget the nights
he raped me against my will. Because of him, I am going to have a child that I
don’t even know if I would love…” Sandra cried.
“Shhhh…” the woman comforted as she moved to Sandra’s side
and hugged her close.
“My name is Efe and my husband is Vuoke, we are going to
help you. You are safe with us, you will get the justice you deserve. Your
story will be on every newspaper headline, all social media handles and every
TV station.  We will fight this together,
gone are the days when women were oppressed due to their sex.”

Sandra nodded, deep down she knew that everything had
happened for a reason. Seyi’s dad had whisked her off to Port Harcout to cover
his tracks but had ended up sending her to a place where her cause will be
fought for and justice served. This was the beginning of his End!


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