Bunmi walked through the airport terminal pushing a trolley filled with luggage. Her eyes scanned the crowd. She had lost her again. First, it was at the airport on their way to Nigeria and now, it was here, at the Muritala Mohammed Airport, in Lagos Nigeria.

“Where is this girl?” She spat as she made her way out of the terminal and straight into the sunny exterior of the arrival section of the airport.

The sun was so hot that she started sweating instantly, even though Brazil was hot sometimes, it wasn’t as hot as Nigeria, she concluded.
“Hey Bums…wait up!” A female voice called out.
Bunmi turned to stare at the teenage girl she’d been looking for and almost groaned in agony. When Jermia had asked to accompany her to Nigeria, she had given a big ‘No’ for an answer but after a while, she figured that she could need some help especially with her estranged teenage son.
“Where have you been? You disappeared like a bolt of lightening.” She said.
“I had to pee…and you were wasting time so…” Jermia said chewing her bubble gum noisily.
Bunmi was about to speak when she heard a shriek in the crowd of people at the airport who were waiting for loved ones.
“My goodness! Olubunmi! My goodness!” Her cousin, Folake screamed and rushed to hug her, almost pushing her down with her luggage.
“Taxi…airport taxi…” A man said walking up to them and flashing an ID.
Everyone ignored him as greetings were being exchanged.
“How are you Folake? It’s been so long…it’s almost ten years since we last saw each other.” Bunmi said.
“Yes, you left the country exactly ten years ago. My goodness! You’ve grown so big…” Folake said.
“Are you trying to say that I’m fat?”
Jermia chuckled and Folake looked at the teenage girl.
“Oh, meet my step-daughter, Jermia…she’s the daughter of that useless man I was once married to.”
“You mean Jim?” Folake asked, taking in the girl’s funny-looking appearance.
Jermia was wearing a very mini hot pink skater skirt, a neon coloured cropped tee shirt which had ‘bad gal don’t care’ inscribed in bold leopard prints and a pair of hideous leggings and boots.
“Yes…Jim.” Bunmi said nonchalantly.
“You are welcome to Nigeria.” Folake said flashing a smile at Jermia.
“I’m Nigerian…so, you don’t need to give me the welcome speech.” Jermia said rudely.
“Jim is Nigerian, but Jermia’s mom is Brazillian.” Bunmi said.
“Oh…really?” Folake said, taking in the girl’s creamy complexion.
“Yes.” Bumni said, scanning the crowd with her eyes.
“Who are you looking for?” Folake asked.
“Everyone! I’m looking for the members of my family! Where’s auntie Bukky, Uncle Bashorun, Sister Ayomide and everyone else?” Bunmi asked.
Folake rolled her eyes and shrugged.
“Well…I dunno…I mean…”
“They didn’t want to come and greet me after ten long years of not seeing them right? Don’t worry, I’ll be rich soon and none of them will cut into my fortune.” Bunmi spat.
“Rich? Do you mean money rich?” Folake asked with wide eyes.
“Yes…Felix, my son’s father is a multi-millionaire and apparently, the son I bore for him, is the only child he has so all the property goes to my darling boy who, by the way, I’m off to see.” Bunmi said with a smile.
“How…I mean…how do you intend to do that? It’s been years since you left Felix and I think…think he’s moved on…” Folake said.
“I didn’t say I came for Felix, I came for my son and his money!” Bunmi said.

Gbenga wasn’t concentrating in class, all he could think of was the news Alex had dished out to him.

‘Girls ain’t loyal.’ He said to himself as he watched the English teacher pull out a teaching aid and teach the class, the parts of speech.
He was still staring at the teacher when she asked a question and one hand went up. It was Chekwube, no doubt and she surely answered the question. All the teachers were beginning to know and like her because she was very brilliant.
The class was over and the bell for break was rung, he looked at his watch and wondered why time refused to fly. He needed to pay Amanda, his ex-girlfriend a visit to beg her to return to him.
Amanda was one of the prettiest girls in his former school and she belonged to a group of very sophisticated girls that tagged themselves as ‘old money’ they came from old wealthy families and claimed to mingle only with high-society. Gbenga had been lucky to ask her out at the end of the last term and she had agreed but they didn’t have any time to continue their new found love as she had to quickly travel with her family for the summer. Now, there was no hope because he hadn’t resumed at his former school but in a new school, and from what he’d heard, word had gone round that he was attending a government school, so, Amanda had decided to date another guy and end their relationship which by the way, she never told him about.
He had it all planned out, he was going to pay her a visit at her house after school. Alex had promised to send him her house address and he was determined to beg her to come back to him.
“How far?” A raspy voice brought him out of his reverie.
Gbenga looked up at Mickey, he was pissed.
“What do you want?” He asked.
Mickey looked upset at his response to her.
“We are friends na, or aren’t we? I just want to know if you want to go for break.”
“No, I’d rather stay in class and study.” He said.
“You mean with the village girl?” Mickey spat.
“What do you mean by that?” He fired.
“Don’t think you can lie to me because I know you like her.” Mickey accused.
“Like who?” Gbenga asked.
“Please don’t be ridiculous besides, who made you my guardian angel?” He asked.
“I am your guardian angel in this school whether you like it or not!” She fired.
“Listen Mickey, the fact that you beat a boy for stealing my wallet and had to go through punishment for that doesn’t mean I owe you!” He said standing up in anger.
Mickey’s mouth flew open.
“If you’d please excuse me, I need to study.” He said, sitting down and bringing out his books from his bag.
Mickey looked at him bewildered over his outburst and turning on her heels, she walked away.


To be continued tomorrow….



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