walked to the library in silence, he loved the silence that the school library
offered. There, he could pour his concentration into his books and forget how
miserable his life was. His sister Abigail was at the hospital, her crisis had
begun and his parents had abandoned everything else and had taken their daughter to
the hospital.

It was a Saturday morning and one thing he loved about his school
was the fact that the library was open on Saturdays for students who wanted to
use the library services during the weekend. For Sesan, there was no point
staying at home today, he’d rather spend the whole day at the library. He had
just reached the library and was just about to settle down when he noticed that
the library looked unusual. The librarian wasn’t on her seat and three senior
students were hurdled together in a corner pouring through a magazine and
laughing. He ignored them and turned to his books when one of them called out
to him.

a Saturday, why don’t you join us?”
looked at them and quietly got up from his seat, leaving his books to join
them, they happily made space for him and he peered at the magazine to see what
they were viewing. He was shocked to see that the boys were viewing pornographic
material.  Sesan’s eyes widened and he
stared at the magazine in shock, he was viewing for the first time, what he had
never seen in his entire life. Sesan opened his mouth, closed it and opened it
again. The boys laughed at him.
you never seen a woman’s privates before? Grow up joor!” One of the boys said.
blinked, his sister hid her body from him and he didn’t care to know what was
hidden beneath her clothes but he was sure that she wasn’t as well-endowed as
the young ladies in the magazine. He blinked again and wondered if this was how
Isiuwa looked with her clothes off, Sesan wiped the invisible sweat from his
face and stared. The pictures looked real and it invoked in him, some kind of
strange feeling, the boys kept flipping through the magazine and revealing more
intimate pictures, Sesan felt so uncomfortable, he felt a bit of tightness in
his trousers and immediately excused himself.
wants to pee…” The boys howled in laughter.
was so ashamed, he ran into the school toilet and sat there for over an hour
contemplating on how to escape the boys and run home.
readied herself to go to Frieda’s house, she was so lucky to have escaped the
teacher yesterday after the test and she was so relieved that she had made it
unscathed. As soon as she got home, she had received a message from Frieda
which read:
babe…can we meet up at my house tomorrow by noon? Dress nice!”
Now, as
Isiuwa stared at herself in the full length mirror in her room, she smiled at
her reflection. She was stunning and she knew it, she had been blessed with her
father’s fine features and being a girl she was even more beautiful than her
father was handsome. She loved the way the teachers fawned over her at school,
whenever they said words like,
the most beautiful girl in school, or Isiuwa the beauty queen…”
always blushed at their remarks and loved the way they spoke in admiration of
her facial features.
The door
to her room opened and her mother stepped in, Isiuwa closed her eyes in
You can’t just barge into my room like that..” Isiuwa complained.
did you just say?” Her mother asked in anger.
ma…”Isiuwa said quietly, careful not to provoke her mother to anger or she
might as well as say goodbye to her outing.
are you off to?” Her mother asked.
and I are going to the library to read.” Isiuwa lied.
you know you have choir practice at church today?” Her mother asked.
how many times do I have to tell you that God understands that I have to skip
choir lessons. I am pursuing my academics.”
“God is
the owner of all knowledge and wisdom, He gave you the days of the week to study,
why can’t you set out the weekends for him?”
Sunday mom…c’mom.”
you sure you’re going to the library? You look impeccably dressed! Isn’t that
the dress auntie Usomine bought for you? Have you been permitted to wear it?”
Her mother asked.
almost rolled her eyes. Auntie Usomine was her mother’s sister, a woman whom
her mother described as ‘a wordly soul’ Isiuwa loved her auntie so much because
she was the only one who shopped for her niece with worldliness in mind. Whereas Isiuwa’s mother loved to shop for high necks, long skirts, and long sleeved shirts, trousers were banned
from her home to Isiuwa’s chagrin. This dress was one of the beautiful dresses
her auntie had bought for her from her trip to Italy.
nothing wrong with this dress…it’s decent and…”
“I don’t
like it! Change it before you leave this house or forget about going out with
your friend.”
mother left and Isiuwa hissed, she really wanted to wear the dress, she walked
to her wardrobe and pulled out a long annoying dress her mother had bought for
her and pondered on how to wear it when a thought struck her and she smiled.
She knew what to do.
off mom…” Isiuwa called out to her mom, fifteen minutes later.
Her mom
was seated at the sitting room, watching a prayer programme, she turned to look
at her daughter and smiled.
you look decent my darling.”
mom…see you later.” Isiuwa said and left the house.
She got
outside the gate and hurried off to the bustop where she took a bus to Frieda’s
street. She stopped at a fast food and bought one meat pie and a bottle of
drink and begged to use their toilet for a bit. She came out of the toilet
minutes later and strut out of the fastfood impeccably dressed in the forbidden
dress her mother had refused that she wore. Little did her mom know that Isiuwa
had taken off the cloth, folded it and placed it in her bag.
was ready to go the ten mile race but his father’s words kept ringing in his
ears. “Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit.”
tried to stop but she was so willing, Miyebi was dragging him into the pool of
lust and his body didn’t want to stop. The doorbell rang and quickly tore them
apart, Miyebi jumped up from the bed and quickly wore her clothes, Osas panted
heavily and zipped his trousers, he didn’t know what had come over him but his
eyes were clear now.
go anywhere…I’ll be right back.” Miyebi begged as she dashed out of the room.
wiped the sweat off his brow and stared around at Miyebi’s room, he quickly
went to the bathroom to ease himself and after flushing, he walked back into
the room and Miyebi walked in. She was onto him instantly and they started
kissing again. They shed their clothes again and fell to the bed, Osas was so
aroused, he didn’t know what happened but he suddenly felt himself relieved.
“I’m so
sorry…” Osas murmured as he stared at the mess on Miyebi’s body.
okay…we can try again…” Miyebi supplied.
think I have to go now…” Osas said as he jumped off the bed and quickly wore
his clothes.
stay…don’t go yet…”
“I have
to leave now…I’ll call you later.” Osas said and quickly left the room.
As soon
as he left, Miyebi picked up her phone and dialled her friend’s number,
far…is he trapped?” Oge asked.
“I don’t
know but it’s better than never right?” Miyebi said in a shaky voice.
do you mean?” Her friend asked.
poured all over me…” Miyebi said.
now? Haba!”
“Well, he
poured on me so…I could tell him that even though we didn’t do the real
thing, I don’t know how I got pregnant because he is the only guy I’ve ever
been with.” Miyebi said “I’m going to lie to him that I was a virgin till we
did stuff together…”
really hope it works…when are you hoping to tell him the preggers news?”
“In two
weeks…I’ll tell Osas that I am expecting his baby in two weeks from now.”
was so happy she came to Frieda’s house, Frieda’s uncle was super! He took them
to the cinemas where they watched a 3D movie and after that, he took them to a
phone store where he had told Isiuwa to pick any phone of her choice. As far as
Isiuwa was concerned, she was in heaven, this was what she always wanted.
Isiuwa had chosen the latest Samsung phone, and instantly Frieda’s uncle had
wasted no time paying for it. Isiuwa felt on top of the world, she was forever
grateful and indebted to Frieda and her uncle and she felt so privileged to be
a part of Frieda’s circle.


  1. Chei!!!!! See how Isi is being led to slaughter and she 's grinning in the middle of it. Parental guidance and prayers are seriously needed for children in every home. Lord have mercy!


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