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Chekwube walked into Auntie Lizzie’s sitting room and stood with head bowed to the ground. Mickey followed behind and sat on the sofa in the sitting room. Aunt Lizzie took a seat and stared at the girls.

“Can the two of you tell me what truth you have bottled up within?” She asked, sounding impatient.

“I don’t have any truths to spill but Chekwube has…” Mickey said.

Chekwube looked at the ground, her heart beat so fast.

“Chekwube, don’t waste my time.” Aunt Lizzie said. “You really need to go home to your parents and first thing tomorrow, I am putting you in a bus en route to the village.”

Chekwube fell on her knees with tears in her eyes.

“No! I don’t want to go back. I’d rather die than return to my parents, they will destroy my destiny and…and…” She burst into tears.

Aunt Lizzie was moved by her desperate pleas that she said calmly.

“You can talk to me, Chekwube. I really like you and I think that you’re a good girl but you’ve been keeping so much secrets from me and I’m not happy about it.”

“I was…I was…” Chekwube started. “I was keeping secrets from you but I promise not to anymore.”

Mickey looked at her urging her to speak.

“I have been getting weird advances from Ebuka.” She blurted.

“I don’t understand.” Her aunt said.

“I left my sisters house because I was almost raped….” Chekwube cried.

Aunt Lizzie’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

“What did you say?” She asked in a shaky voice.

“I felt the same way you’re feeling right now when she told me that broda Stanley had tried to take advantage of her.” Mickey said.

Aunt Lizzie stared at Mickey and then, looked at Chekwube.

“Broda Stanley? Who’s broda Stanley? Who did you tell? Who knew about this?” She asked.

“Ola knew but she told me not to tell her husband and that’s why I was so scared to continue staying in that compound that when you offered to let me stay with you, I jumped on it.” Chekwube said.

“My God!” Aunt Lizzie exclaimed, standing from her chair and pacing the room.

“That’s not all.” Chekwube said. “I came to your house and I noticed that Ebuka loves to stalk me.”

“He even came to our school to harass Chekwube because he wanted her to come home and make lunch but you weren’t home so she didn’t come because she was scared to be alone with him.” Mickey said quickly.

“What?” Auntie Lizzie said, shocked at what they were saying. “How? When?”

“Mickey insulted him and I didn’t return home immediately but waited for you to return before coming back home. When I got back that evening, I avoided him at all costs and I went to bed early but I couldn’t sleep. I was so scared so I stayed awake all night and very early the next morning, I hurried to school before six am and I forgot to take money for lunch and I skipped my meal. Then, to make matters worse, Mickey told me that my mother had come to Lagos because of Ola’s issue and I was disconcerted. Later in class, I lost consciousness and was taken to the sick bed and…” She cried.

“Oh my God! Is this true? I should have listened to you. I…I…can’t believe that my nephew did such…” Aunt Lizzie said.

“That’s not all. When you told me to leave your house, he came to my room and told me that he can help me stay in this house if only I become his girlfriend.”

“What? His girlfriend? Ebuka is almost eight years your senior and you’re a minor. He is crazy to have asked that of you.” Auntie Lizzie fired.

The door opened and Ebuka walked into the house, he was whistling a tune. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Chekwube and Mickey.

“What is going on here?” He asked.

“Ebuka, I am disappointed in you.” His aunt said to him.

“Disappointed in me? What did I do?” He asked, looking at his aunt in confusion.

“I loathe men who try to take advantage of minors and to think that such was happening under my roof is appalling.”

“Auntie…what are you saying?” Ebuka asked, laughing nervously.

“Can you deny that you asked Chekwube to be your girlfriend?” She fired at him.

“Me? That’s ridiculous! She’s a child.” Ebuka said.

“You’re lying.” Chekwube screamed. “You have been a torn in my flesh since I came into this house and you asked me to be your girlfriend if I didn’t want Auntie Lizzie to send me back home.”

“You liar! You swindling child. Weren’t you the one who has been following me about and asking that I date you?” Ebuka screamed back.

“Heiiiiii…see liar ooo….if I nor know Chekwube, I go talk say you dey talk true.” Mickey shouted.

“Will you stay out of this?” Ebuka fired at Mickey.

“Stay out of wetin? I can’t stay out of this ooo…” Mickey spat.

“Auntie, do you see the kind of problems that Chewkube is bringing to this house? Look at the kind of girl that she calls her friend. They are birds of a feather and they flock together.”

“You haven’t answered my question Ebuka. You have spent the past minute, talking rubbish.” His aunt said.

“Auntie, how can you believe the words of total strangers rather than the words of your nephew? I am your only brother’s son.”

“I don’t care if you’re my own child. I won’t stand a man who disrespects women and who doesn’t think twice before propositioning a minor. I brought Chekwube to this house and I am responsible for her. To think that you disrespected me by trying to be smart with her cannot be forgiven.”

EM looked at his aunt, he was short of words. Chekwube couldn’t stop crying, she stared at EM hoping desperately that Aunt Lizzie believed her.

“What are you saying aunt?” Ebuka asked in a quivering voice.

“Do you know what? You’ve lived with me for long enough. I think it’s time you left this house besides you’re done with your higher education and you’re supposed to get a job.” Aunt Lizzie fired.

“Are you sending me away, auntie?” EM asked, surprised.

“Yes, I am. I choose to believe Chekwube because I know she doesn’t have anything to gain from lying against you.” His aunt said.

“I can’t believe this. Auntie, I swear that I never…” He started.

“It’ll be better for you if you told me the truth rather than keep lying…” His aunt said, sounding hurt.

“I’ll go but this doesn’t end here.” EM threatened.

“Are you threatening me? Have you forgotten that this is my house?” She shouted.

“This is not just your house but my cousins’ house too. I wonder what their reaction will be when I tell them that a stranger lied against me and their mother took sides with the stranger and kicked me out of their house.”

EM angrily stormed out of the sitting room. Chekwube looked at Aunt Lizzie with tears in her eyes.

“I’m telling the truth…I promise…” She cried.

“Get your things, you’re coming back to this house. I’ll speak to Nosike to get across to your mother and inform her that you’re in good hands.” Aunt Lizzie said.

Chekwube rushed to hug Auntie Lizzie while Mickey stood there and smiled, she felt tears tug at the corners of her eyes and she muttered to herself.

“Mickey, you don dey soft ooo…”


To be continued…..




  1. Thank you Aunt Lizzie for standing by the truth.
    Mother Theresa Mickey…. thanks for making Chekwube come out on this..
    I hope more of this good vibes continue


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