was reading his bible, he was propped on the sitting room sofa of his parents house and was
half-listening to the preaching on television. It was a video tape of his
father’s preaching being aired on one of the popular television stations in
Lagos. His phone suddenly rang and he quickly picked it up and checked the
caller ID, his heart skipped a beat, he immediately sat up and answered the

The female voice said through the receiver.
are you?” Osas greeted not knowing what to do, whether to stand or sit.
heard you’re back from school so…I decided to give you a call.” She said.
came back last week…is this your new number?” Osas asked.
dad got the line for me a while back, I just decided to err…use it now…”
Miyebi said.
tried calling the other line while I was in school but it was never
really? I thought you’d forgotten all about me.” She said.
I never forgot about you Miyebi…”
you around? Are you at home?”
am at home.” Miyebi replied.
I could come pay you a visit.” Osas said.
“Pay me
a visit? Sure…that would be really cool…my parents are not around you
I be expecting you?”
Osas said quickly.
“Okay…I’ll be waiting.” Miyebi said.
quickly hung up the call and rushed into his room and soon was in the shower.
Miyebi was Osas’s first crush. He had kissed her in secondary school and that
was his first and last kiss, not that his friends knew of it. Miyebi was hot!
Her father was in the military and he was very strict with his children and
everyone in general. He didn’t like to see his kids playing aimlessly outside
and he didn’t condone friends visiting, as well. Miyebi had always been shy and after
secondary school, while he gained admission into a Federal University, Miyebi
had not been able to get into any of the Federal schools so her parents had
placed her in a good private university quite close to Lagos. Her school had a
lot of rules unlike his and her parents were thrilled with that, at least they
would be able to send their daughter to school and at the same time, know that
she was under strict watch by the school authorities unlike those in Federal and State Universities. Osas and Miyebi never really
dated, but she knew he liked her alot and she always loved to watch him stammer
whenever he spoke to her, she loved her effect on him.
was soon out of the shower and readily got dressed then, left the house.
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was breathing heavily, her friend Ogechi was already standing and ready to
“Do you
think he will want to…” Miyebi started.
“Yes…we both know that Osas likes you too much…he’ll fall for it.” Ogechi said.
“I am
scared Oge…really scared…I feel guilty too…”
You need to have someone to pin this pregnancy on…and Osas is your best bet.”
burst into tears.
daddy will kill me…he will slaughter me when he finds out…” She cried.
find out when you tell Osas that you are carrying his baby and being a pastor’s
son, he’ll maybe marry you and err…”
We are just eighteen and the child is not his.”
do you want Miyebi? This baby is the product of one careless and wild night at
the University…you don’t even know who the father is.”
remind me please…I was so foolish. I was so drunk and before I knew it, I had
gone into the secluded corner with Musa, then I woke up feeling like crap and
seeing Jimoh on top of me.” Miyebi said miserably.
“Do you
see the reason why I don’t do University parites? I remember telling you not
to go…” Ogechi said quietly.
know…and I regret going to that party…I honestly don’t know how many guys I had sex with that night but one thing I know was that it wasn’t just one guy.” Miyebi sniffed.
abortion would be the better option but…” Oge started.
“No! I
am not aborting this baby! Do you know that my cousin died at an abortion
clinic? My father said that a curse was placed on my family by my great-grand
mother, she said that if anyone of her descendants tried to take the life on an unborn child, the person will die in
the process. I am not ready to die.”
do it! Seduce Osas and pin the baby on him! You can’t let the blame be on you
alone…I need to go now or Osas will come and meet me here. Goodluck.” Ogechi
said as she stood up to leave.
you so much Oge for everything…I am so grateful…” Miyebi said quietly.
gave her a quick hug.
will be fine…don’t worry, I’ll call you in an hour…” Oge said and left.
sighed and shut the door, she closed her eyes in grief as she contemplated on
what she had to do.
was at home and it was a Friday morning, she regretted not going to school, not
because she desperately wanted to write her test  but because she didn’t want to act like a
grown up when she was still a child. The doorbell rang and she hurried to open
the door, true to his word, her uncle was there with his arms outstretched. She
hugged him tight with bitter-sweet feelings, she loved his gifts but didn’t like
what he did to her.
An hour
later, when they were done, Frieda’s uncle presented her with her parcel, she
opened it and screamed.
gosh! It’s a Macbook! Thank you Uncle! Thank You!” She gushed as she hugged him
were both lying on her bed.
uncle…” Frieda answered.
come I don’t know any of your friends?”
friends? They are mostly at school and they visit when you’re not here…”
like to know them…” He said.
She asked.
see…I’d like us to spice something up! And I want you to choose one of your
best friends who can fit into our circle.”
What circle?” Frieda asked.
can I explain this without confusing you? My sexual needs are growing and you
are not old enough to accommodate them properly…”
“I don’t
mean…I’d like you to invite one of your friends into our circle so that we
can have you know…we could tangle a bit together. So, instead of two of us, it’ll
be three…”
me?” Frieda gapped.
take this too personal. Just look at it as though you are doing a favour for
your favourite uncle…”
“I don’t
want anyone to know that I have been having sex, talk-less of with my dad’s
this for me…”
“I don’t
think any of my friends will agree to do this and if word gets out, I’ll be in
trouble…big trouble…”
you have any of your friends who doesn’t have all you have? I could entice her
with gifts…”
“Well…I have
one…her name is Isiuwa…but her dad is a pastor…” Frieda said reluctantly.
“Can I
see her picture?” Her uncle asked.
Frieda hissed
and brought out her phone, scrolling to the picture section she quickly found
Isiuwa’s picture and showed it to her uncle.
She’s a beauty! I want her…”
don’t know…she blows hot and cold and I honestly don’t know if she would want
to do this…even though she loves the fine things of life.”
worry about that. I am here till Sunday, call her and tell her to come pay you
a visit then, I’ll take you both shopping and we’ll take it up from there.”
are you doing this uncle? Am I not enough?” Frieda asked looking pained.
you are…you are more than enough, but it wouldn’t hurt to experiment a little…”
Her uncle said.
you say so. How is aunty and my cousins?”
are fine, they extend their greetings…” Her uncle said as he turned to face
her .
smiled and settled into her Uncle’s warm embrace.
felt as though he was floating on the air, he had been in Miyebi’s parents
house for the past twenty minutes and had soon found himself upstairs and in
her bed.
“I love
your room.” Osas said, not knowing what else to say.
you…it’s a bit scattered don’t you think?”
“No it’s
perfect…” Osas said.
went into her bathroom and emerged wearing only her bra and her short skirt.
Osas’s adrenaline was on high, he stared at her in shock.
“I am
sorry…the weather is a bit too hot…” Miyebi said and settled beside him on
the bed.
immediately started humming a gospel song, he tried looking away but caught his
eyes straying to nest on Miyebi’s body.
you find me attractive?” Miyebi asked.
yes…I do…” Osas muttered trying in vain to look away.

reached for his face and pushed it till he was facing her, slowly, she bent her
head and gave him a deep kiss. It was like a dam broke in Osas’s body, he was
instantly overwhelmed, he fell for her kiss and kissed her deeply as well. His
journey had just begun.
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Isiuwa submitted the test sheets and as soon as she dropped them, she found that her hands were shaking.
“I will never do this again! I will give Frieda back her phone this evening…abeg I can’t die before my time.” Isiuwa muttered to herself.
“Everyone get settled, I have to take a roll call.” The maths assistant teacher said.
Isiuwa almost had a heart attack. A roll call would mean that the teacher would know that Frieda wasn’t in school.
“Can I quickly ease myself sir?” Isiuwa said in a raspy voice.
“Yes…go ahead…now, the roll call. Answer as quickly as I call you…Nkechi Ayomide…” The Teacher called out.
“Present sir!” Nkechi answered.
Isiuwa hurried out of the class and went to hide in the toilet.



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