Isi gini?” Nosike asked in a whisper. “What did you just say?”

Ola fell on her knees and began to cry.

“The baby might not be yours…”

“What do…do you mean by the baby might not be mine? Have you been….have you?” He asked.

Ola cried loudly and nodded. Nosike’s eyes widened and he stormed up to her and began to shake her hard.

“Are you mad? How dare you? I married you barely two months ago and you’ve already cheated on me within a short space of time?”

Ola wailed.

The door burst open and Baba Tee stepped in.

“Leave that woman now!” Baba Tee said in a loud voice.

Nosike turned around to face him.

“What are you doing in my house? Who gave you the right to walk in here without knocking?”

“Ola, go outside…I dey come.” Baba Tee said.

Nosike looked at Ola and his eyes widened.

“So…you have been having an affair with…Baba Tee?” He asked in disbelief.

“He is young like me…he’s not old like you…” Ola cried.

Nosike looked at her in anger and at that moment, he wanted to slap her across the face but he held himself. He couldn’t believe that he’d been taken for a fool.

Ola stood up to leave but Nosike pushed her to the bed and she fell on the bed roughly.

“I don warn you…leave Ola ooo…” Baba Tee warned.

“She is my wife! How dare you deceive her?” Nosike asked with hurt in his eyes.

“I nor deceive am! She love me and I love her.”

“You? Love who? You don’t love anybody Baba Tee. Do you think I have lived here for the past four years and haven’t noticed that you always have different women hanging on your arm? You are going to destroy Ola’s life.”

“And na you go build am abi? I nor go warn you again, leave my woman make she come with me.”

“I paid her bride price and her parents handed her over to me…I will not let her go with you until I have spoke to her family.”

“Hahahaha…see dis born-fool ooo….” Baba Tee spat. “I nor go warn you again…leave my woman or else!”

“Come and take her.” Nosike sneered at him.

Baba Tee brought out a pocket knife from his pocket and wielded it. Ola screamed.

“You are such a coward, a good for nothing street rat. Is this how you want to take another man’s wife? By fighting with a knife?” Nosike asked.

“You dey lucky say, I nor hold my gun…or I go use am destroy ya head.” Baba Tee snarled.

“Biko…please…Nosike…please…don’t fight him…just let me go…please…” Ola begged in tears.

Nosike didn’t listen to her, he attacked Baba Tee and the fight began. Ola rushed out of the room and knocked at neighbours’ doors, wailing and telling them to come and stop the fight between her husband and boyfriend.

Soon, the neighbours gathered at Nosike’s door and some of them dragged the fighting men apart. Baba Tee had no scratch on his body while Nosike’s face was bleeding down to his shirt.

“Chei…which kain fight una fight so?” A neighbour asked as he dragged Baba Tee out of Nosike’s room.

Baba Tee stepped outside the house and took Ola’s hand.

“Oya, make we dey go.” He said as he pulled her with him.

“I nor understand dis ooo..nor be Nosike wife be dat?” Another neighbour asked. “Why she dey follow Baba Tee?”


Chekwube was tidying up the sitting room while Gbenga played a game on his tablet and waited for his driver.

“So, you really think that I am proud.” Gbenga asked.

“Yes…” Chekwube said as she wiped the center table with a damp rag.

“This is the first time I’m ever hearing that.” He said.

“Are you for real? Well…I guess it’s because you’ve been surrounded with people like yourself.”

“People like me? How?”

“Rich people.” Chekwube said.

EM walked into the sitting room and glared at Gbenga.

“What are you still doing here? Aren’t you supposed to go home already?” He fired.

“I’m waiting for my driver.” Gbenga spat.

“Chekwube, I hope you know that your boyfriends can’t keep coming to this house.” EM warned.

“He is not my boyfriend, he’s my study partner!” Chekwube spat.

“You’re very rude and I’m warning you that your days are numbered in this house.” EM said and walked away.

Chekwube stood and stared at his retreating back, all the anger inside her boiled and threatened to spill.

“Who is that? Is he your brother?” Gbenga asked. “He’s so rude.”

Chekwube turned to face him.

“He’s my aunt’s nephew…” She said.

“He was rude to me when I came this morning and would have sent me back if I hadn’t come with my dad. What’s his problem anyway?”

Chekwube looked away and busied herself with the table she was cleaning.

“Wait…does he threaten you? Is he like, a bad guy?” Gbenga asked.

His phone rang and he stood up to go.

“Uncle Soji is here…” He said.

“I’ll walk you to the gate.”

“Thank you for having me and thanks for the refreshment.” Gbenga said.

Chekwube nodded and opened the door, they both walked out to the gate and just as they opened the gate, a bike man rode up to the gate with a bleeding man at the back of the bike. The man alighted and stormed towards the small gate where Chekwube and Gbenga were standing.

He was none other, than her brother in-law Nosike.

To be continued….




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