Sesan kicked the stones down the road in
disgust. He was so angry at everything, at his sister for being too slow, at
his mother for always talking to him like he was a little boy and barging into
his room like he’s five years old, and at his father for shouting at him and whipping him
at will. As he walked down the road, he heard his sister’s voice.
Sesan! Wait up!”
pretended as though he didn’t hear her, sometimes he loved to act deaf.
Sesan! Please wait for me!” His sister called out louder.
didn’t love his sister Abigail, she always got their parents attention, she
always fell sick and she was the most pampered of the two of them. He was still
deep in his thoughts when he heard her yelp and heard the hard fall. He turned
and saw that Abigail had fallen to the ground and hurried to meet her.
leg…God no! Not when the debate is tomorrow and the homecoming party is in two
weeks. No!” Aby cried.
going to be okay…everything will be fine.” Sesan said as he reached into her
back pack to bring out the huge fold of bandage in it.
you waited for me, I wouldn’t have fallen.” Aby accused him in tears.
are you blaming me? Is it my fault that you fell down? Is it my fault that you
are a sickler?” Sesan said in his already deep-pitched voice.
Why are you so cruel? Did you have to say that?” Aby cried as she watched him
wrap the bandage around her bleeding leg.
ahead and keep running your mouth, go and tell daddy and mummy that you fell
down while trying to catch up with me…”
that’s the truth…you know it and it is mean of you to call me a sickler.” Aby
said quietly.
that not what you are? A sickler.” Sesan said again.
pushed herself away from him and stood up from the ground, she grabbed her
school bag and stormed off, limping in the process as tears rushed down
her eyes.
knew he had hurt his sister, she hated the fact that she was so sickly but as
his mother always told them, it was not Aby’s fault that she was born that way. It was the fault of love. It
was because their parents loved each other so dearly that they had to get
married and have children even after the warnings that there was every possibility that they might bear a sickle cell child or children.
So, fourteen years ago, when they were handed their twin children, a boy, Sesan and a
girl, Abigail at the hospital and later found out that the girl had taken the
sickle-cell trait, they had instantly ignored the boy and heaped all their
attention on the girl, besides she was the one with sickle cell, she was the
one that needed care, love and attention, the boy didn’t need any of those, they thought. Little did they know that they had formed a huge boulder between the two children and had made Sesan feel more deprived of their love and attention and as soon as he hit puberty, he was gradually becoming something else.
watched his twin sister, a much shorter version of himself limp towards their
street and sighed. He knew she’ll tell their parents everything he had done and he knew that he’d be beaten again.
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closed her laptop quickly and brought out her phone from underneath her pillow.
She rushed to her window, adjusted the curtains and making sure that the light
from the sunset streamed into her room she held up her phone, made a pout and took
quick selfies.
She said to herself as soon as she perused through the images.
quickly posted on Instagram and wrote a caption ‘taking a break from DivaLAND!
#nofilter #Godschild #nohatersplease #BabyOku. She had hardly set down her
phone when her Whatsapp messenger beeped and three messages came flooding.
Hey girl…just saw your latest upload…hawt
Baby Oku…na you biko
: Exams is in three weeks and you still have time for selfies, you are
looking for trouble ooo.
laughed and quickly replied the messages, she was still replying the last one
when there was a sharp knock on her room door. Like the sharp girl that she
was, she quickly dived for her blankets, threw in her phone underneath them and
rushed to open the door.
many times have I told you not to lock the door to your room?” Her mother
queried as she entered the room and glanced around suspiciously.
mummy, you’re back! Good evening ma, how was your day?” Isi asked quickly.
are deviating from the subject. Where is your brother?” Her mother asked.
have no idea mom, I have been studying in my room since I came home from
kind of young man is this ehn? Osas will not kill me ooo…it is seven pm and he
is not at home, where can he be?” Her mother asked, sounding worried.
mom, he’s eighteen and this is his first vacation since he got into the
University, I think he went to see his friends, you know…hang out…and stuff.”
“Okay…but he’d better come back soon or I won’t be happy with him.”
Her mother answered.
you and daddy decided on a birthday present for me?” Isi asked chewing her
lower lip and cunningly changing the topic.
we have not…the birthday is in one month.”
wanted to tell you guys to please reconsider getting me a phone…I am the only
student in the whole school without one.” Isi pleaded.
have said this countless times over and I will not repeat myself. No phones
till you are out of secondary school. I didn’t have a phone in secondary
school, same with your father, I don’t want technology to turn my children into
mom…I’m the odd one out in school. My mates laugh at me and sometimes…they
laugh at you and daddy too…they call you guys cavemen.”
their business, they can call me a buffalo for all I care! I am not buying a
phone for my fourteen year old daughter who is still in senior secondary two.”
stamped her feet and sat on her bed in anger.
that’s all you have to tell me, then, go to the kitchen and start preparing
dinner, I’ll join you once I get out of these clothes.” Her mother said to her
and left the room.
beat her bedding with her fist, she was so angry and tired of it all. How
could she have such mean and annoying parents? She asked herself. Everyone had
a phone in her school, everyone! And she didn’t have any. Yes, she had one but
no one knew about it except her friend Frieda and some of her schoolfriends and ofcourse they didn’t know that it was given to her on loan. Frieda had an uncle
who bought her everything and he just bought her the latest iPhone so she had
loaned her former phone to Isi pending till her parents changed their minds but
it wasn’t happening so, she had to hold on to Frieda’s hand-me-down phone till
she was out of secondary school. Isi hissed and stood up from her bed, she
quickly wore her indoor slippers and left her room, headed to the kitchen.
stared at the new picture that Isi had put up on Instagram and hissed.
pose!” she hissed loudly and stared at the picture again.
was Isi so beautiful? Why did she have everything I don’t have?’ Frieda
thought as she stared at the pouting Isi on the screen of her phone. She
scrolled to check Isi’s followers on Instagram.
thousand, two hundred and seventy one followers! Mtcheeww! How does she do
that? I have just eight hundred and four followers and I’m following two
thousand people, gosh!”
was still lamenting when her phone rang and she stared at the caller ID to see
who it was, it was her uncle, she quickly picked the call.
baby! I just saw the latest Samsung tablet and guess what? I bought it for you!”
Her uncle said.
uncle James, thank you so much!” Frieda gushed.
don’t have to thank me baby, you know how much I love you and will do anything
for you because you’ve been a very good girl.” Her uncle praised.
nodded as she gulped the bile which was already rising in her throat.
be in town tomorrow and stop by at the house…” Her uncle said.
is a school day sir…” Frieda started.
the usual, take a day off and say you’re sick. You know my brother and his wife
doesn’t like to hear that their only child is sick, they’ll let you stay home
especially when I tell them that I am coming. You know that they trust my
babysitting skills.”
and her uncle knew that his babysitting wasn’t the usual one, it involved a lot
of stuff like watching porn and she, doing everything that the ladies in the
porn movies were doing to the men.
I think that we have a test tomorrow.” Frieda started.
you or don’t you want the tablet?” Her uncle asked.
know I do…”
be a good girl and do as I say…I can’t wait for tomorrow.” Her uncle said and
hung up.
threw her phone carelessly and it plopped on her mattress, she breathed in deeply and
exhaled slowly. She was already in up to her neck, she had been having sexual
relations with her uncle since she was nine and it had escalated to full-blown
sex when she turned twelve, now she was fifteen and she was more experienced
than most women in their twenties. 
To Frieda, it was too late to tell anyone, besides, it’s
just sex, she thought, and she consoled herself with the fact that even if she didn’t have sex now, she’ll still do it later when she’s all grown up, so,
why not allow her uncle have his way with her while she got all the expensive
and latest gadgets to the envy of her friends and schoolmates. Her parents weren’t
as rich as they used to be when she was a child, her father had lost his job
years ago and was still making ends meet as he worked as a contractor on a
dusty site while her mother who taught French at a small school, struggled to keep
the family afloat with her earnings. Her uncle was partly the reason she was in
a private school and the best in the area, so, she owed him much more than he
did her. She straightened her bed and left the room to get a broom to keep her
room clean, one thing she knew about her father’s brother was, the fact that he hated dirt.
watched with eyes wide as the stripper twirled her bra between her fingers and
threw it at the gasping crowd, the bra fell on his face and he blinked in
His friends hailed loudly and slapped his back.
stripper left the stage and walked up to him, rubbing herself on him and making
him feel things that he couldn’t explain.
I tell her you’re a virgin?” His friend Dayo whispered into his ears.
didn’t reply, he gulped and stared at the lady with eyes wide, he couldn’t comprehend
what she was doing to him. He started trying to remember his father’s huge
bible and his mother’s cane all to no avail, the sensations wouldn’t go away.
The stripper took her bra, folded it and placed it into the pocket of his shirt
and danced away. As soon as she left him, he broke into a sweat.
boy! We got to go…” Emeka said as he stood up ready to leave.
down jo! Are you jealous that Osas got the girl’s attention? Na wah for you o.” Dayo said
do you mean by that?” Emeka asked menacingly.
jare…this should tell you that not all women are attracted to you, playboy!”
Dayo continued.
you guys staying here or are you leaving with me? Because I drove us here with my dad’s car
and he’s going to be back in no time.” Emeka pushed.
go…my mom will be mad if she finds out that I’m not at home when she gets back
from work.” Osas said.
your momsy should chill jo…na man you be ooo…which kain cage she wan cage you?”
Emeka said.
stood up and Dayo stood up as well.
boy! See ooo…” Dayo laughed in glee as he pointed at the crotch area of Osas’s
you have cash on you, I could arrange a cool girl for you…” Emeka said
forbid! I will not succumb to that please!” Osas said.
you are high already! Do you know that I heard that it’s dangerous to …you know…not
release…err…”Dayo said.
am not doing it!”
you a girl? It’s only girls that keep their virginity!” Emeka taunted.
dad is a pastor and…”
shut up! That’s his life, why don’t you live yours?” Dayo said.
we go?” Osas asked.
make we leave this place jo and Osas, for your information ehn, if you know
that you will spoil show for us, next time stay at home and play daddy’s boy.”
Emeka said as he stormed out of the club in silence.
are disappointing me oo…e never reach to break your virginity? Forget all that
mommy and daddy talk oo…guys have nothing to loose. We don’t get pregnant, we don’t
even contract STD’s either, we are African men and disease nor dey catch us. If
we weren’t friends from secondary school ehn, I’ll have ditched you long ago and
I’m sure Emeka would agree with me. You are not a baby anymore! Go into a whore
house, grab a girl and let her teach you how to be a man!” Dayo said
disgustedly and stormed off.

stared at his friend’s retreating back, he turned back to look at the
strippers on the pole and shaking his head slightly, he walked out of the place.


  1. The Yorubas say you do not perceive the odour of something you have no intention of eating. Osas had better stay away from such places.
    I hope Sesan's parents realize what is going on in their son's mind.
    The earlier Isi starts being content with what she has, the sooner she'll stop being slaves to those who use her to their own advantage.

    You really open the eyes of parents to the dangers their children are exposed too. I wish parents would read this series and equip themselves with needed skills to train their children to live lives of integrity and confidence. Well done!


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