Lois mother was surprised that her daughter had returned to the house almost as soon as she’d left. She had just stepped outside to check if the taps outside were running as the ones inside the house had for some reason ceased to run when all of a sudden, she heard Lois’s footsteps as she ran into the house.

“Lois! Darling…” She called out but her daughter hurried past her into the house.

She was quite surprised at her attitude, perhaps she was in a bad mood or maybe she’d forgotten something at home and came back to get it. Nevertheless, she’d speak to her later.

Lois on the other hand couldn’t stop running till she pushed the door of her room open and slammed it behind her and fell on her bed. The girl she’d seen in the neighbour’s house was her exact look alike. How could that be? What was happening? She wondered. She got off her bed and walked over to sit before her computer. Opening her laptop, she connected to the internet and did a search for identicals. She quickly read theories that stated that identicals not related by blood existed in the world but it was rare, however, two or more people could look alike but not be twins or triplets or even born by the same woman. She stood up from the chair and walked to her mirror to acess herself and she felt her breath hang in her throat.

What in the world was going on? The girl at her neighbour’s house even almost had her voice. What could this mean? She began to pace the room, silently. She couldn’t comprehend it. As soon as she’d stood face to face with the girl and had stared into her eyes , it was  as though she’d been looking into her own eyes. She’d turned around and fled without a moment’s thought but thinking of it now, she shouldn’t have run away. She should have stood there and spoken to the girl like a well-behaved child. She quickly opened her door and headed out of her room. Just as she was leaving, she almost collided with her mother but instead of apologizing, she raced out of the house, leaving her mother in a daze.

“What’s gotten into her?” Lois’s mother said to herself.


Ashanti looked at her boyfriend and his sister and was more confused than ever. Since Lois left, she’d drunk two large glasses of water and had only dropped the glass to catch her breath. Something wasn’t adding up. She knew that her mother gave birth to her because she’d seen a  one day old  picture of her at the hospital with her mom but where did this girl come from? She wondered.

“Are you okay? Do you need more water?” Her boyfriend’s sister asked.

Ashanti shook her head. Suddenly, the door burst open and Lois stood there, she was silent as she drew a deep breath and took shaky steps towards Ashanti and her neighbours.

“Hello…” Lois said.

“I said hi to you when you came in at first but your response was the Usain Bolt race you did, out of the house.” Ashanti said.

“I was…confused…I’m sorry.” Lois said.

Ashanti looked at her replica and instantly felt a surge of jealousy knife within her. Her clothes were obviously expensive and from the way she spoke, it was obvious that she was attending a very expensive school, something her mother could never afford.

“It’s okay…I’m shocked too but I guess we handle things differently.” Ashanti said.

“My God!” Amelia said, still in shock at the resemblance of the two girls. “Do you know that you guys can switch places and no one would suspect a thing?”

Lois looked at Ashanti and said nothing, Ashanti looked at Lois and said.

“Well…we both have different characters and we speak differently, someone is bound to notice.”

“Not if the person doesn’t know that you guys are two and not one.” Amelia said, already conjuring a story for her personal blog in her head.

“Well…the first thing we need to find out is why we look so much alike.” Ashanti said, crossing her legs.

Lois looked at her, she could tell that Ashanti was very outspoken and confident unlike she who was always very shy and always scared.

“Do you think you’re twins?” Ashanti’s boyfriend asked.

“I don’t doubt that but if you guys are twins then your parents are obviously lying to you. Maybe you are adopted and were separated by birth or something…” Amelia said with eyes twinkling.

“I doubt that…I have a photo with my mom in a hospital bed when I was born besides, we have the same genotype and blood group.” Ashanti said.

Amelia turned to Lois who had not said anything for quite a while.

“What of you? Can you say the same? Do you have a picture of you and your mother as a baby and do you share the same blood group with her?”

Lois shook her head, she had pictures of her childhood but her mother had only started appearing in the pictures when she was about three years old.

“That explains it then. Maybe your mother had twins and Lois’s mother stole her from your mom.” Amelia said to Ashanti.

“That doesn’t explain anything, besides, why would her mother steal Lois from my mom?” Ashanti said.

“What of your dad?” Jeff asked.

Ashanti looked away, any time she broached the subject of her dad, her mother looked away and never answered her questions. It was evident that their breakup had been painful.

“I don’t know him.” Ashanti said.

“Lois, you know your dad don’t you?” Jeff asked.

“I am my dad’s replica.” Lois said.

Ashanti looked at Lois.

“If you’re your dad’s replica…that means that I look like your dad too?” Ashanti asked.

Lois nodded quietly.

“This is getting more confusing. How can your dad have two children and have no idea that they are two?” Amelia asked, happy that she was solving this puzzle with her brother. It reminded her of the Famous Five series she read when she was ten.

“Did your dad ever tell you about Ashanti?” Jeff asked Lois.

Lois shook her head silently.

“What’s wrong with your voice?” Ashanti asked, irked at Lois.


“Did you swallow a frog? Can’t you speak?” Ashanti asked.

“I can…I mean…I…don’t know what to say.”

Ashanti rolled her eyes in disgust, she couldn’t believe she looked the same with a dumb girl.

“We could do a DNA test, that’s the only way we can find out if you guys are twins or not.” Jeff said.

“Are you crazzyyyy? Where would we get that kind of money?” Amelia asked, staring at her brother incredulously.

Jeff shrugged, feeling angry that his sister had yelled at him before his girlfriend.

“There is just one solution to this problem.” Amelia said.

“And what is that?” Ashanti asked.

“The two of you have to do the digging yourselves…with our help of course.” Amelia informed.

“How can we…how do we do that?” Ashanti asked.

“I really don’t know but if I had found out that I had an identical me, I won’t rest until I find answers.”

“You are right.” Ashanti said. “The only thing is, I don’t think I’d be able to get much from my end. My mom is not really the cooperative sort and she won’t answer any of my questions about my father.”

“Lois…what about you?” Amelia asked softly, instantly liking the girl who looked like she wanted to faint. “Can you ask your dad or your mom if there’s any possibility that you might have a twin somewhere?”

“I have never had a reason to ask them about anything because I’ve always believed that they are both my biological parents. If I ask them anything now, I’d have to face the fact that one of them might not be my biological parent and that knowledge might be crippling.” Lois said.

Ashanti shrugged and looked away. The Lois girl even spoke intelligently, like she was in the University or something. She concluded that she didn’t like her at all.

“So, what do you suggest? Don’t you want to get to the bottom of this?” Jeff asked.

Lois shook her head.

“No, I don’t feel it’s necessary. It will only disrupt our lives…” Lois said.

“Well I object!” Ashanti said with firm determination. “I feel like I have been living a lie for years and now that I have the chance to know the truth, no one can deprive me of that.”

Amelia’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“Can I ask you guys a question? When’s your birthday?” She asked.

Lois and Ashanti answered together.

“Twenty-second of February two thousand and two.”

Everyone gasped.

“Wow! We’ve been able to prove without having a DNA test done on you guys that you were both born on the same day and the exact same year.” Amelia said, triumphantly.

Lois sat down, she couldn’t comprehend what was happening, Ashanti looked at Lois and envied her nice watch, ‘why couldn’t she have such a nice watch and live in an exquisite estate like this?’

“Now that we have found that you guys were born on the same day, our next step is to get your birth certificates to compare.” Amelia said, sounding like the chief detective in the case of the recently discovered identical twins.

“My mom swore an affidavit for me. She said that my birth certificate shouldn’t be carried about carelessly.” Ashanti said.

“I have never seen my birth certificate.” Lois  said.

“If we are able to get your birth certificates, we’ll be able to see the names on them and know what parent is real and which is fake.” Amelia said.

“Real and fake? There’s nothing like real and fake when it comes to parents.” Lois said.

Ashanti glowered at her.

“This is not the time to show us how intelligent or brilliant you are. Save that for school. We are trying to solve a great mystery here and not learn from the great Socrates.” She spat.

Lois was taken aback, her look alike wasn’t nice at all and she looked really angry.

“Sorry…” Lois said.

“Look guys, we have to work hand in hand to get things done.” Jeff said. “Lois and Ashanti, the two of you have to search for your birth certificates as though your lives depend on it because guess what? They do.”

Lois phone rang and she answered.

“Hello…daddy? Yes, I’m at the neighbours. Are you home? Okay…wait…what? Are you serious? I’m coming…” She said and hung up. Addressing everyone, she said. “I have to go, my dad’s home.”

“But what of our discussion?” Jeff asked.

“Like you suggested, we’ll search for our birth certificates.” Lois said. “I have to go now, my dad got me a new bike and that’s like the best news ever!” She said and hurried off.

“Kept the whole Ish a secret…will you?” Amelia called after her.

Ashanti rolled her eyes.

“What rubbish? She ran out on us all because of a stupid bike. Is she a kid or what? I hope we’re not twins because I can’t stand a sister like her.”

Amelia stared at Ashanti and said nothing, something told her that she’d dislike this girl, soon enough.


To be continued ….


  1. I Love Ashanti because shes opportunities.
    Now i’m curious as to what must have transpired in the lives of this teens.
    could it be that twin children was a taboo as of when they they were born?
    Adaaaaaaaa!!!, mbok provide answers
    E-high five


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