Bunmi stepped out of the taxi in her four inch wedge high heels and multi-coloured leggings and hoodie. She was about making her way across the street when she heard her cousin whisper to her from the car.

“Hiss! Hiss!”

Bunmi turned around and spat.

“What is it?”

“Please…be careful…I have been told that they can be dangerous.” Her cousin whispered.

“Can you do me a favour?” Bunmi asked sounding irritant.

“Yes…whatever you ask.”

“Stay in the car and keep your mouth shut.” Bunmi hissed and walked away.

As she crossed the road, she wondered how she’d been stuck with her dumb cousin, Folake. Folake was the only one among the members of her family who had cared enough to pick her from the airport and who had helped arrange a meeting for her with a young man who she believed would help her with an important job. Even though Folake was stupid, she was loyal and Bunmi was sure that her cousin won’t repeat her business to a soul.

Bunmi saw some young men perched on the fence of a house still under construction and walked up to them. She cleared her throat and spoke.

“Please…which of you is Baba Tee?”

The young men gave her a sour look, she could see the scrutiny in their gazes as they took in her appearance.

“Who dey find am?” A young man with dreads asked.

“I was sent here by Rashidi.” Bunmi said quickly, recalling the name of Folake’s contact.

The young man nodded and said.

“I will call him for you.”

Bunmi watched the young man bring out his phone and dial a number then placed it against his ear to listen to it ring but ended the call, as quickly as he’d started it. Soon, a scruffy-looking man walked towards them, the waist band of his denim trousers sagged at his knees and a dirty-looking pair of boxers could be seen in clear view.

“Why you flash me?” The scruffy-looking man asked the guy on dreads.

“Rashidi send dis woman come.” The guy on dreads informed.

The scruffy young man gave Bunmi a once over and asked.

“Na who you dey find?”

“I am here to see Baba Tee.” Bunmi said quickly.

“I am he.” Baba Tee said.

“Good. Can we talk in private?”

“Whatever you say hia…consider it secret.” Baba Tee said.

“I’ll feel more comfortable if we talk in private.” Bunmi stressed.

Baba Tee nodded and motioned that she follow him into the uncompleted building. As they made their way in, Bunmi felt her insides turn over in fear. She had heard a lot of stories and seen enough about rituals, kidnap and murder on the internet, to know that her country wasn’t a safe place.

“Can we talk here?” She asked, stopping at the gate.

“You dey fear?” Baba Tee asked with amusement written over his features.

“No…I just prefer that we stay here besides, we’re already inside the compound.” She said.

Baba Tee nodded and stopped.

“Wetin you want make I do for you?” He asked.

“I need you to finish off somebody but not yet, I need you to finish the person once I give you the signal to do so.” She said.

“You get picture?” He asked.

“Yes…” She responded as she dug into her bag and brought out a photograph.

Baba Tee looked at the picture which had two people in it instead of one.

“You want make I finish de two of dem?”

“No…not at all…I had to bring this picture because it was all I could find. I need the man dead but not the boy.” She said.

Baba Tee looked at the picture again and nodded.

“The man’s name is Felix, I will give you information on his movements and how best you can take him down but please, do not touch the boy…he’s my son.”

“How you want make we finish work? You want make we beat am or you want make we kill am sharp sharp.”

“I want him dead.” Bunmi said quickly.

“E go cost you ooo…” Baba Tee said, staring at the picture meaningfully.

“Name your price…” She said in response.


Chekwube and her brother-in-law helped Ola onto the bed and began to fan her with a hand fan inorder to revive her.

“What happened?” Nosike asked.

“I don’t know…we were talking then she suddenly passed out.” Chekwube said in tears.

Ola opened her eyes and groaned.

“Ola! Ola, thank God you’re okay.” Chekwube said.

“We have to go to the hospital.” Nosike said quickly.

“Yes…let’s take her to a hospital.” Chekwube said.

“No…I am fine.” Ola protested.

“Stop talking rubbish! You fainted.” Nosike said. “Wait here…I’m coming. Let me go and ask Mr. Hassan to loan me his car so that I can take you to the clinic.”

Chekwube watched him leave and as soon as the door was shut behind him, Ola grabbed her by the hand.

“Tell me…how…did you…find out?”

“You should be worried about your health first. Ola, you scared me.” Chekwube said.

“Please…tell me…who told you about…Baba Tee and I?” Ola asked in their native language.

Chekwube stared at her sister in anger.

“You have definitely gone too far this time, Ola! How could you? Baba Tee is a ruffian, he’s not worthy of a lady like you and most importantly, he’s not your husband.”

“Tell me quick before my husband comes home.” Ola said. “Who told you about us?”

Chekwube had made up her mind not to tell her sister who had told her about the affair, so she said.

“The walls have ears.”

“Chekwube please…please…” Ola cried. “Remember that I helped you come to Lagos…remember…”

The door opened and Nosike walked in, he headed to the bed and gently lifted Ola into his arms.

“Please lock the door behind you.” He said to Chekwube.

“Can I accompany you to the hospital?” Chekwube asked.

“Yes…yes you can.” Nosike said as he carried his wife out of the room.


As Bunmi headed home in the taxi, the phone conversation she’d had with her ex-husband’s lawyer came to mind.

“Long time Bunmi! What brings you back?” The lawyer had asked over the phone.

“I came to pay my son a visit.” Bunmi had said.

“Ohhh…that’s nice. Gbenga is growing so fast…I can’t believe that he’ll be a man soon.”

“Yes, I am so proud of him.”

“I am sure you are.”

“Attorney, you know I really regret not living with my son here in Nigeria.” She’d said with a voice twinged with regret.

“You ended your marriage and he had to stay with his father.”

“Yes I know but there’s a fact that he’s the only child that Felix has ever fathered. I’m glad that I left him here with him because they formed a bond and they are very close.”

“Hmmm…” The lawyer said, obviously sounding bored.

“Well…I guess I’m glad that my son is the only heir to Felix’s fortune. He deserves it you know.”

“Why did you call, Bunmi?”

“Nothing really. I just called to confirm whether my child is going to be well-settled. I mean, has there been provisions made for him?”

“Well, that’s not for me to divulge. If you want to know if he has a share of his father’s wealth, you’ll have to ask Felix.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! You know how my ex-husband and I relate with each other, we are not even friends.” She’d said.

“I have to go now…” He’d said.

“Please attorney, tell me…I am returning to Brazil soon and I need to know that my son will be well taken care of and that he has what rightfully belongs to him. Please understand a mother….” She said.

She heard an exhaled breath at the end of the line.

“If that’s what you want to know…well, yes, your son will be well taken care of.” The lawyer had said quite reluctantly.

Bunmi had smiled as soon as she ended the call. It was almost time to strike.


Chekwube sat in the waiting room and waited for Ola and her husband to leave the doctor’s office. Soon, the door opened and Nosike led Ola out of the doctor’s office, he had a huge smile on his face.

“Is everything alright?” Chekwube asked in concern. “Is Ola going to be fine?”

“Yes…she is.” Nosike said with a smile.

“Why are you smiling?” Chekwube asked him.

“You are going to be an aunt, Chekwube.” Nosike said, hardly able to contain his joy.

Chekwube’s mouth opened, she stared at her sister who looked shaken and instantly knew what she was thinking. Chekwube was thinking the same thing too. Who is the father of the unborn baby?

Was it Baba Tee or her brother-in-law? She had no clue.


To be continued….


  1. Just turn this to e-book. Let somebody read and not die from suspense.
    Ada, well done oo. you writing has soared so high. Keep it up.


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