Jacob made his way to his bosses’s place, it’s been months since his boss suspended him all because he couldn’t find his stupid watch that he’d left in his car. Now, he had called and asked him to resume again but this time he’d given him a probationary period of three months before fully taking him back as his full-time driver. Jacob hated to work but he had to, in order to support his family especially his kids. He was tired of Rebecca’s nagging especially when she had to foot the bills for most things in the house and he honestly wanted her nags to cease. He got off the bike at the estate gate and walked towards the security post.

“My man…” He hailed.

The two security guards who were standing with bold badges plastered against their breast pockets stared at him in confusion.

“Who are you here to see?” The first one asked him.

“Oh, I forgot…you guys switch from time to time. When I used to work for my boss, it was mostly Jeremiah and Tola who manned this gate.” Jacob informed.

“Who do you want to see?” The second one asked.

“Na wah ooo… guys…cool down. I am not an enemy, I am your friend. I work for Dr. Alphonsus on house 34…” He said.

“Is he expecting you?” The first asked, already bringing out a phone to make a call to the resident.

“Yes, he is…he actually called me this afternoon.” Jacob said and eyed the guards.

‘Such show offs’, he sighed as he eyed the guards who were acting all high and mighty. If he hadn’t blown the money his father had actually given him for his school fees over and over again, he’d never have missed exams and would have probably graduated with his mates. However, he couldn’t regret the life he’d lived in school; the clubbing, night life and the lots and lots of girls. No one wanted to go through life without having a taste of what made it tick.

He watched the security man make a call and quickly said to him.

“You can go in… house 34…”

“Thanks…” He said.

The gates were opened for him but instead of going in, he stopped to inquire about another security guard whose information the second guard gave him reluctantly. Just as he was about to walk into the estate, a car sped to the gate and stopped then a voice said.

“I’m brining in a new car today for my wife and child…I need a sticker for it.”

He knew that voice anywhere even in his dreams. He turned to the direction of the car and froze. Seated at the driver’s seat of the car was none other than Ashanti’s biological father.

Jacob quickly turned away and raced into the estate, as fast as his legs could carry him.


Amelia dragged Ashanti by the hand till there were inside Lois’s bedroom.

“What?” Ashanti hissed.

“What are you doing here?” Amelia asked.

“What kind of a question is that? This is my house.”

“Do you think I’m stupid? You’re not Lois!” Amelia spat.

“So? But I’m her carbon copy, aren’t I?”

“Where is Lois?” Amelia asked looking around the bedroom. “Is she in the bathroom? Is she in the closet?”

“Oh please….do you think I stashed her there like a piece of fabric?”

“You never know!” Amelia hissed.

“What’s wrong with you? You should be happy that I’m here besides, I’m your brother’s girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend my foot!” Amelia spat. “Where is Lois?”

Ashanti looked at the girl she was beginning to dislike and said.

“We switched.”

“You what? Are you guys crazy? Do you want your parents to find out?”

“What if they find out? Perhaps we’ll know the truth.”

“What truth?”

“I’m guessing that my dad is the guy who owns this house and the woman I’ve called mom for years is my real mom and perhaps they were formerly married or in a relationship then broke up and they split us up.” Ashanti said.

“It doesn’t add up. It’s never wise to split up twins and identicals at that.”

“Well…I’ve watched it in a movie. Have you see Parent’s Trap? It’s something like that.”

“Lois’s father is such a reasonable man and I doubt he’ll do that.”

“Wait…are you trying to call my mom unreasonable?” Ashanti asked in fury.

“Look, I’m not here to pick a fight…all I want to know is how Lois agreed to this ridiculous idea and when you guys are switching back.”

Ashanti fell on the soft bed and closed her eyes.

“I don’t know…maybe never…” She smiled.

“What? Never? Are you mad? If you don’t switch back right this minute, I’m going to tell Lois’s mother that you are a fraud.” Amelia warned.

“Wait…what do you have to gain with all this? Are you trying to be Lois’s bestfriend?”

“Lois is my friend and I’m sure she already hates your arrangement.” Amelia said. “I’m calling her now and if she says she wants to come home, then we’re going to do everything possible to bring her here. Do I make myself clear?”

Ashanti rolled her eyes and propped some pillows under her head.


Lois was exhausted, she had worked so hard earlier and now that she was seated in Ashanti’s room and trying to make sense of all that was happening in her life, she desperately wanted to go home. She didn’t want to be rude but she hated Ashanti’s mother so much. First, she had asked her to lie and second she had shouted at her for taking aunt Rebecca’s side and after that, she’d said some very bad words which her mother would never approve of.

Lois wanted to go home to her mom and her dad, she really missed them but she didn’t want to call Ashanti anymore for fear of being referred to as a cry baby. Ashanti was everything she wanted to be. She was bold, brave, confident and she was very sharp, on the other hand, Lois was shy, quiet and very conservative. She didn’t like Ashanti’s rudeness but she didn’t mind being rude especially if it came as naturally as Ashanti’s did. Her phone rang and she was jogged out of her thoughts. She saw the caller ID was Amelia and she stared at the phone for a while wondering what to say to the girl. She couldn’t lie to her or to anyone for that matter and what if Amelia asked her if she was at home?

“Hello…” She said clearing her throat.

“Lois, come back home this instant!” Amelia demanded.

Lois didn’t know what to say.

“I know that the person in your house isn’t you but Ashanti and I’m telling you that you’re playing a very dangerous game by staying in a house where you do not know anybody. Come back home now!” Amelia continued.

“But…but…we haven’t unravelled the mystery…”

“What mystery? And how do you think you can unravel it if you’re in a house that’s not your own?” Amelia hissed. “Don’t you know that you can only find things in familiar territory? You should be at home digging, that’s if you want to find anything.”

“You’re right…” Lois said, suddenly glad to go home. Ashanti’s house was in disarray and it was very boring too. There was no single book in the whole house and the television in the sitting room was showing off some kind of greyish colour.

“Errm…how do we switch you guys back?” Amelia asked.

“Maybe I could ask Jubril to take me back to the house…” Lois said. “I could ask Ashanti’s mother for permission.”

“Wait…lemme ask Ashanti first.” Amelia said.

Lois nodded and waited, when Amelia came back on the line, she said.

“Ashanti said that Jubril won’t be home and that her mother won’t let you out especially if she’s at home. Is she at home?”

“You mean Ashanti’s mom?” Lois asked.

“Yes…is she home?”

“Yes, she is home but she’s been on the phone all morning.” Lois said.

“Do you know what? I think I can do something to help. Why don’t I ask our driver to err…take us to your place? I know for sure that my dad’s driver is around because my dad asked him to come.”

“Cool…” Lois said. “Thank you, Amelia.”

When she hung up the phone, she could breathe easily.


Ashanti was very upset, she hated it that Amelia was butting in where it was none of her business but she didn’t want to show the girl her true colours yet, besides, she hadn’t gotten anything from Jeff yet and she didn’t want Amelia to tell Jeff that she was a selfish person. She stared at Lois’s room one last time and groaned. She had only stayed one night but it had seemed like she’d spent less than a second. She wanted this kind of life and she was upset that it was Lois who was getting it.

She heard a rap at the door and Amelia opened the door and peeked in.

“It’s time…let’s go.” She said.

“Did you ask Lois’s mom for permission?” Ashanti asked.

“Yes, and she said that we could go to the cinemas together.” Amelia stressed the last part.

“Is your dad willing to let your driver take us?”

Amelia rolled her eyes and stepped into the room.

“Stop stalling! Let’s go and get Lois.”

“Okay…let’s go…” Ashanti said, picking up her bag and stepping out of the room.

She was wearing one of Lois’s clothes, it was the nicest one in her wardrobe and she had taken it with the intention of never giving it back.

They both made their way out of the house and to Amelia’s house. Amelia stopped to stand beside the very flashy car which was to take them to the meet up with Lois. They had agreed to stop the car two streets away from Ashanti’s place especially as Ashanti didn’t want Amelia to see her place.

“Oh, the driver’s here….” Amelia said.

Ashanti looked up to see the driver who was making his way to the car and pressing his phone.

She turned around and fled.


To be continued….


  1. Hahahahahhaaaa….. I guess the driver must be Jacob.
    Ashanti needs to mingle some more with responsible people. Maybe that would make her see life from a different angle.

    I also don’t know why they can’t just ask their parents for their true history.

    Nice twist, Adaeze.


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