Chekwube wanted to scream so badly but Broda Stanley’s palm was so strong against her mouth, it was almost like he wanted to choke her. She felt his weight on her body and could smell the sweat from his armpits. Chekwube began to cry as she felt her skirt rip and his free hand skim her thighs. She struggled hard but it seemed as though she was doing nothing because he was so strong and he was pinning her down on the bed that she could do nothing to help herself.

Suddenly, the door burst open and she heard Ola’s scream.


Broda Stanley shot off the bed and began to adjust his trousers in panic while Chekwube struggled to get off the bed, her uniform was already ripped but thankfully, her tights were still on.

Ola’s mouth hung open, she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Chekwube cried and ran to her sister’s side. The young boy who had accompanied her sister to the room quickly took the plates on top of the fridge and disappeared.

“He…he…wanted to rape me…” Chekuwube cried to her sister.

“Get out of my room!” Broda Stanley said quickly, acting on the defensive.

“You tried to rape my sister?” Ola said to him in the Igbo language.

Broda Stanley couldn’t make out what she was saying, he was sweating profusely and he looked quite disconcerted. Chekwube cried loudly.

“Go out of here…” Broda Stanley said, shooing them away.

“You are evil! You are a devil! God will punish you..” Chekwube said in tears.

“Go away from here!” Broda Stanley said to them.

Ola didn’t speak, she took her sister’s hand and they both left the room.


Mickey held out her hand to Baba Tee who stared at her as though she was out of her mind.

“Wetin?” He asked.

“Money na…” She hissed.

“I don’t have any money.” He said to her.

“You lie! Do you think I don’t know that the small job you did for Mr Thompson has been paid? I know ooo…”

“Ehen, how is that your business?” He spat at her. “Did you work for the money? Is the money not mine?”

“You always give me some money whenever you make something from a small job.” She said.

“Abeg nor give me wahala.” He said.

“Give me money ooo…” She said.

He didn’t respond but stood up from the bed and walked out of the room. As soon as he left, Mickey looked for his bag, and as soon as she found it, she began searching it.

“I must find money ooo…I can’t be starving in school because my brother is stingy.”

She was still searching when she stumbled upon an envelope with some pictures. She opened the envelope and stared at the pictures. She couldn’t believe it. They were pictures of her brother with Ola, Chekwube’s sister,  at the beach. They were smiling at the camera, sitting on horses and holding each other at the beach.

“Heeiiiii…see gobe ooo…” Mickey said placing her palms against her mouth in shock.

She quickly looked for her phone and opened the camera. She took pictures of the postcards at the beach and stored them on her cell phone.

“Mickey you don hammer sha! So, this is how you’ll get extra money for yourself.” She laughed as she took the pictures.

Once she was done, she slipped the pictures back into her brother’s bag and left the room as though she’d seen nothing.


Chekwube stared at nothing in particular, Ola sat on the bed mending the tears on her uniform with a needle and thread, between the two of them, no one had spoken of the incident yet.

Chewkube raised her knees up to her chest and the ordeal she passed through hours ago came back to her, she began to cry.

“Stop crying.” Ola said to her in their native tongue.

“Don’t tell me to stop…you don’t know…what…what that man almost did to me.”

“He didn’t succeed, did he? So, why are you crying?” Ola asked.

“Where were you? If you were at home, I would never have spoken to him. This wouldn’t have happened to me.” Chekwube yelled.

“So, it’s now my fault? How did this become my fault?”

“You weren’t at home!” Chekwube flung at her sister.

“Yes, I wasn’t at home but you should have waited for me outside the door.”

“I waited…” Chekwube cried.

“Don’t blame me for this Chekwube! You are old enough to know that there’s trouble lurking inside any man’s room. What did you think he was inviting you there for? To read books or study literature?”

“You don’t have the right to speak as if you were here when everything happened.” Chekwube fired. “I’m waiting for brother Nosike to come home, when he comes, I’m telling him everything…everything.”

Ola’s eyes flew open in shock.

“Don’t you dare tell him anything! You just like to draw attention to yourself Chekwube. The man didn’t rape you so why are you trying to dig up things of the past?” Ola said.

“What he tried to do was bad and it must have some sort of punishment. You witnessed what happened and so did the little boy. If I tell your husband, he might go to the police and…”

There was a knock at the door, Ola’s eyes flew to the door then to Chekwube.

“Not a word of this to anyone…” Ola warned.

Chekwube opened her mouth in protest.

“I mean it Chekwube! Not a word.” Ola warned in their native tongue and walked up to answer the door.


Gbenga listened to his father, rave and rant like an enraged animal, he had never seen him so angry in his life.

“Why would you let her in? Is this her house? The fact that she’s the mother of my son doesn’t give her the right…” Gbenga’s father screamed at mummy Justina.

“Sir, I had no choice…I thought that you would approve and she was very persistent.” Mummy Justina said.

Gbenga’s father threw a glance at him, Gbenga was seated in the sitting room staring at his father shout at the housekeeper.

Soon, they heard footsteps and Bunmi and her companion made their way downstairs.

“Such impeccable taste…you still have what it takes.” Bunmi said to her ex-husband.

Gbenga’s father turned to face her in anger.

“What are you doing here Bunmi? After running away fourteen years ago, what do you want here?”

“I didn’t come for you…I came for my son.” She said smiling at Gbenga.

“A boy you abandoned when he was a baby. Justina is more of a mother to him than you ever will be. You have always wanted the fine things of life that’s why you ran off with the man who promised to help you leave the country.”

“I am back now and my son will learn to love me as he should.” She said and addressed Gbenga. “Won’t you darling?”

“Listen, I won’t let you stay here beyond two weeks…two weeks and that’s final.” Gbenga’s father spat.

“Well…that’s enough time to bond with my son but mind you, if he wants me to stay longer, I’ll have to oblige.”

“Then you do so, under another roof and not under this roof.” Her ex-husband fired and stormed upstairs.

Bunmi walked into the sitting room with her teenage companion, they both stared at the house appreciatively.

“Is there a pool here?” The teenage girl asked Gbenga.

“At the back.” Gbenga replied.

“Ohhhh….it would be so nice to swim.” The girl replied with a giggle.

“Come, darling, take us on a tour of the house.” His mother said.

Gbenga stood up, gave them a long look and headed upstairs.

“What’s wrong with him? Is he on some kind of drugs?” Jermia asked.

“No, you are the one on drugs and not my son…he’s too smart for that.” Bunmi said as she watched Gbenga leave.


Chekwube felt broad Stanley’s palms against her mouth and felt his breath on her skin, she sat up and screamed. Nosike jumped off the bed to turn on the light switch.

“Chewkube! Are you alright?” He asked.

Ola sat up and rubbed her eyes.

“He was here…he was here….” Chekwube cried.

“Who are you talking about?” Nosike asked rushing up to her. “Who was here?”

“The…the…” Chekwube stammered.

“Don’t mind her, I thought she’d stopped these nightmares of hers now that we’re in Lagos. I didn’t realise that the dreams still disturbed her.” Ola said to her husband.

“Does it mean she used to have nightmares?” He asked.

“Yes, alot.” Ola lied looking at her sister and daring her to say otherwise.

Chekwube nodded and lay down again on the mat, curling her legs to sleep.

“Should I leave the light on?” Her sister’s husband asked.

Chekwube nodded. Nosike left the light on and climbed back on the bed. Ola heaved a sigh of relief. She knew that what broda Stanley had tried to do was very wrong and was punishable by law but she couldn’t bring herself to tell her husband or else, he’d ask the big question of where she’d been when Chekwube came home from school and she wasn’t ready to answer that question.

She wanted her relationship with Baba Tee to be kept secret for as long as possible and she wasn’t going to let her husband find out about the affair.

To be continued….

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