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As Ola left Aunty Lizzie’s house that evening, she felt as though the weight of the world was about to fall on her. She didn’t know what to do.

“Ola!” Chekuwbe called.

Ola turned around to face her sister. Chekwube was running up to her and when she got to her, she hugged her.

“Thank you…” Ola said and began to cry. “I thought you were so angry with me and I couldn’t bear it.” She said in their native language.

“I am sorry that I yelled at you…I shouldn’t have.” Chekwube apologized. “No one is above mistakes…”

“Do you remember our reader in primary school which read ‘The way you lay your bed, so you lie on it?’” Ola said.

Chekwube nodded.

“Yes, I remember.” She said.

“I made my bed…and now, I am lying on it.” Ola said with tears in her eyes.

“Will you tell your husband the truth?” Chekwube asked. “He deserves to know the truth.”

Ola looked at Chekwube with tears in her eyes and just as she was about to speak, a bike rushed up to them and Baba Tee alighted. Chekwube and Ola stared at Baba Tee in confusion.

“Mickey tell me say, na hia you go dey.” Baba Tee said speaking to Ola.

Chekwube looked at Baba Tee closely, he was a very young guy and shouldn’t be more than twenty or twenty-one years old but with the way he carried himself, he looked more like a man in his mid-thirties.

“Ola…I wan talk to you.” He said.

Ola looked at Baba Tee and looked at Chekwube, she didn’t know whether to accept or reject.

“Go on…talk to him. I’ll go back to the house.” Chekwube said and walked away.

Ola stood there and stared at Baba Tee, her legs suddenly felt like lead.

“How you dey?” He asked her.

“Fine…” She replied.

“Make wwe enter restaurant.”

“I am to go to house.” She said in bad English.

“Na beg I dey beg…” He said. “I nor want us to stand outside.”

Ola nodded and they both walked to a small restaurant by the roadside and sat there.

“You wan drink anything?” He asked her.


“Mickey tell me say…she tell me say you get belle.”

Ola was stunned, she looked away, she hadn’t wanted him to find out this way. Baba Tee inched his chair closer to hers and took her hand in his.

“Dat pikin na my own ooo.”

Ola’s eyes widened.

“Na true na….” He stressed.

“I never sure.” Ola said.

“You know say, I love you….” He said, looking at her tenderly.

Ola was torn, she really liked Baba Tee but her husband has been so good to her and even though she didn’t love him, he was a good man.

“I mean am…I love you, Ola.” He said.

“I nor sure say de child na ya own.” She said.

“Na my own…dis pikin na my own…I dey too sure…and because of dat, I want make you follow me leave dis place.”

Ola’s eyes widened in confusion.

“E get one big job wey I wan do…and after I don do am finish, I go get money nor be small. I want make we settle for faraway place…you and me.”


“To tell you truth, I never like any girl de way I like you…I swear.” He swore.

Ola didn’t speak, she looked at her laps in silence.

“Ola, will you marry me?”

Ola opened her mouth to speak, but no words came forth.


Chekwube was about to go to sleep but she found it difficult falling asleep because her mind kept wandering to her sister, Ola. She wondered what was going to happen when Nosike found out the whole truth. Would he send her back to their parents in the village? Will he divorce her? All these and many more ran through her mind.

“If Nosike sends Ola home, then, he will be tempted to send me home too…and I don’t want to go home.” She said sadly. “Oh Ola, what did you do?”

She wiped the stray tears from her eyes and stood up from her bed to use the toilet. She opened the door to her room and someone tumbled in.

“Oh my goodness!” She exclaimed.

EM sat up on the ground and began to laugh. Chekwube was very confused at what EM had been doing at her door.

“I was…I was…just placing my ear at the door to see if you were asleep yet.” He laughed. “Can you help me up to my feet?” He held his hands to her.

Chekwube looked at him, she didn’t help him up instead she glared at him with hostile eyes.

“I’ll help myself up…” He said standing to his feet and laughing while he did so.

“Could you please leave my room?” She said.

“Ooohhhh… you sound upset.” EM said. “Are you upset that I tumbled into your room or because I caught you unawares?”

“I don’t like it that you stalk me.” She said.

“Me? Stalk you?” He threw his head back and laughed. “I just want us to be very good friends…that’s all. I don’t stalk you.”

“I choose my friends and you are too old to me my friend.”

“Me? I am just twenty-three years old. I am not old.” He said with a laugh.

Chekwube felt like wiping off the humour from his face. She stood by the door and held it open.

“I get it…you are grumpy and you don’t want to be my friend.” He said.

“Please leave.”

He walked up to her till his body touched hers.

“You need to be on my side inorder to stay for long in this house. My aunt loves me so much and if I as much as complain about you, you’ll be sent away from here.” He said and walked away.

Chekwube slammed her door shut and rested her back against it. She angrily brushed the tears away from her eyes. She didn’t want to be friends with EM because she didn’t like him but if he said that his aunt loved him so much that he could influence her to send her away.

“Ola, why did you have to make such mistake? Nothing is hidden under the sun and very soon, your husband will find out about your infidelity and you will be sent back home and if you’re sent home, then, I won’t have the chance to stay here and even if aunt Lizzie wants me here, her nephew will stand against it. Why Ola? Why?” She cried.


To be continued tomorrow….

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