Desta was tugging at Memunat’s hair so hard that it was
almost as if she was going to pull her head off.
“Stop it Desta! Will you stop this?” Christian screamed as
he dragged Desta off Memunat’s body.
Desta screamed at lunged at him, determined to scratch his
“How dare you? Take a good look at me Christian, I’m the hottest
thing alive! How can you throw me to the side only to pick up this piece of
trash?” Desta shouted.

“This is a cemetery! Please respect the dead.” Christian
“Respect who? Don’t you dare tell me that! Is that why you
brought her here? To respect the dead?” Desta spat.
Christian hurried to help Memunat up from the ground, she
was confused at what was happening.
“Christian, do you know her?” Memunat asked.
“Of course he does! I’m his fiancé.” Desta spat at her.
Memunat stared at the woman who had wrestled her to the
ground, almost tore out her hair and ripped her dress.
“You have a mad woman for a fiancé? Christian!” Memunat
“What did you call me? How dare you?” Desta screamed again,
lunging for her but Christian was quick to drag her back to stop her from
attacking Memunat.
“I need to go now Christian, and please buy a leash for her,
she’s a dog!” Memunat said and walked away.
“Come back here coward! Come back and let me redecorate your
whole body. Idiot!” Desta spat.
Christian stood there and stared at Desta, he tried so hard
to control his temper.
“Listen here Desta, I asked you for a break in order to sort
things out and investigate Mabel’s death. What are you doing following me
about? How dare you attack Memunat?”
“Oh, is that her name? Memunat! Is she your new woman? You
brought her here to that slut’s burial which means she’s your new woman right?
She’s your latest heart throb!”
“I don’t think I owe you an explanation as to who Memunat
is. Just stay out of my way from now on because it’s over between us. It’s
finally over!” Christian said and made to walk away.
Desta threw herself at him and begged.
“Christian no…please…no…don’t do this to me, you’re my
life…without you everything is pointless. You’re my all…please Christian,
don’t leave me…please…”
“You’re crazier than I thought Desta. Go home!” He ordered.
“My home is with you…my home is by your side. Let’s get
married, I’ve picked out the wedding dress, the ring…everything…please.”
Christian looked at her in disbelief.
“What are you talking about?” He asked.
“If you want me to apologize to Memunat, I will…I’ll beg
for her forgiveness but you have to forgive me and promise that we’ll stay
“I can’t believe this…” Christian said and stormed off.
Desta ran after in pleading and crying.
Memunat arrived at Mabel’s family residence, looking quite dishevelled
as all efforts to put herself in order was to no avail. She couldn’t go home
and change clothes because her house was quite far and she wanted to be at the
small family gathering organised for Mabel, on time. Mabel’s sister in-law took
one look at her and asked.
“Are you okay? You looked put-together at the burial, why is
your dress ripped?”
“It’s a long story and I couldn’t change…”
“Is that blood on your cheek?” She asked.
Memunat touched her face in alarm and felt the scratch on
her cheek.
“My goodness! I had no idea.” Memunat exclaimed.
“What happened to you? Do you know what? You can borrow one
of my clothes, it’s in the room.” Mabel’s sister in-law offered.
“Thank you so much dear…I really appreciate this.” Memunat
said in gratitude as she followed her into the room to change.
Desta sat at the back of the taxi cab and took in deep
breaths, she couldn’t return to her friend’s house still single, she was
determined to patch things up with Christian whether he wanted to or not.
“Driver, follow that blue car…please follow it…” She
said to the driver again.
She watched as the driver followed Christian’s car closely
“You can’t get away from me Christian just like that! I know
you are looking for ways to dump me but I will never let you go! Never!” She
muttered to herself.
Soon, the taxi slowed to a stop and she watched Christian
park his car and alight. She handed the taxi driver his money and alighted too.
She watched Christian walk into a compound and she also noticed that lots of
cars were parked outside the compound. She crossed to the gate and walked in,
she stopped when she saw the large banner with Mabel’s picture on it.
“I beat you darling…” She murmured as she walked towards
the picture. “You’re gone now and Christian can’t continue to love a dead
She quickly walked into the house and noticed that there
were lots of guests within. Christian was greeting an elderly couple and she
guessed that they were Mabel’s parents. She stood there, wondering what to do
next when Memunat suddenly emerged from inside the house. She was wearing
another dress.
“Humph! Fancy that! She changed clothes…” Desta said to herself.
Christian walked up to Memunat and spoke to her, she saw
Memunat nod in understanding and she knew that Christian must be apologising
for her bad behaviour.
“Whatever…” Desta hissed.
“Are you going to stand here all day?” A voice asked.
Desta turned to stare at a young man who was holding a
“Oh….sorry, I didn’t errm…I didn’t see any vacant seats.”
Desta said.
“Here, I have some plastic chairs…” He said, placing one
beside the door. “You can seat here.” He said to her.
“Thank you …” Desta said in gratitude.
“So, how did you know Mabel? Was she a colleague? A
friend…” He asked.
“No…I…err…I’m dating her ex boyfriend…” Desta said.
“Oh, do you mean Christian?” He asked.
“Do you know Christian?” She asked in surprise.
“Mabel’s my elder sister.” He informed.
Yes…Christian is my fiancé.”
“Oh…okay, so you both came together then…” He said.
“Yes…” She said with a smile.
Christian was still speaking with Memunat when Memunat said
“What’s she doing here?”
“Who?” Christian asked.
Memunat turned to stare at Desta with anger in her eyes.
“Your girlfriend of course.”
Christian was alarmed; he walked over to Desta with anger in
his eyes. As soon as Desta saw him, she flashed him a smile.
“Hello darling, I was just speaking with this kind young man
here…”Desta said with a smile, then peeking over his shoulder, she waved at
Memunat. “Hello Memunat darling…I see you’ve changed your clothes. You look
“She said she’s your fiancé.” Mabel’s brother said to
Christian looked at Mabel’s younger brother and said to him.
“Excuse us please…” He said and yanked Desta by the arm.
Desta followed him outside smiling in glee.


To be continued….
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