Desta pushed her leg into her denim trousers and grunted as
she found that it was getting too snug. She wasn’t pulling it off anyway, she
thought as she had to make a stop at the police station to see what her
boyfriend had been up to. She needed to show him what he’s been missing these
past few weeks of their not being together. She stared at her hourglass figure
at the mirror and smiled, she was definitely going to get a great response
today from Christian, she told herself.
Since Christian asked her to leave the house, they hadn’t
spoken to each other at all and she wanted to remedy that by all means
possible. Christian was her life, he was the only man whom she’d ever been with
that was really good to her. Yes, he was obsessed with his ex but that was
that. She walked out of the room she shared with her friend, Judith and made
her way into the small sitting room.

“Going out?” Judith asked.
“Yup! I’m going to show that man what he’s been missing.”
She said turning around so that Judith could get a better view of her.
“Hmmm…after he threw you out?” Judith asked.
“Hey…he didn’t throw me out, we just decided to stay away
from each other for a while especially as he’s working on the case of his ex’s
“And now, you’re going to throw yourself at him?”
“Darling, I’m just going to pay him a visit.” Desta
“Look hun, you need to prioritize …what do you want in
life?” Judith asked.
“Hey…it’s not because I tell you things about my life that
you should go around acting like the chief relationship adviser.”
“You weren’t in a relationship but a situation-ship.” Judith
said folding her arms under her breasts.
“Darling, that’s where you’ve got it all wrong and I’ll
prove it to you because when I get back to this house, I’ll be packing my bags
and heading back to my matrimonial home.” Desta fired.
“It’s been two years of dating already, why hasn’t he
proposed? Is he allergic to marriage?”
“Listen Judith, I honestly think that you should shove your
opinion right through your ass!” Desta spat and stormed out of the house.
Memunat stood and watched as Mabel’s coffin was lowered into
the ground, she breathed very heavily and her throat was constricted. Mabel’s
parents weren’t at the burial but at home with some of their relations while
Mabel’s siblings stood around the graveside, weeping. Memunat felt so lonely,
Mabel was gone for good and right now, as her body was being lowered into the
earth, it felt as though life held no meaning.
“I’m sorry Mabs, for all the times that we quarrelled, all
the times that I didn’t deserve your friendship and for all the times that we
didn’t communicate as often as we should have.” She whispered in tears.
A hand patted her back and she jerked, she turned around to
see Christian standing by her side.
“I had…no idea…that you were here…” She sniffed.
“I’ve been here for quite a while…” He said emotionally.
“It must be hard for you too…even though it didn’t work
out between you guys, you both were the best together. You were so close…”
Memunat said and tears began to fall from her cheeks.
Christian looked away, trying desperately to hide his tears.
“It’s okay Christian, you can cry…you have the right to
mourn her too.” Memunat said.
Christian nodded and turned to look at her, his face was
streaked with tears.
“I got Lucas arrested last night for her murder.” He said as
though a heavy weight had been lifted off his chest.
“What? You what? Are you for real?”
Christian nodded as he recalled the stunned expression that
Lucas had on his face last night when he’d stormed his place with some police
officers and arrested him.
“You’re a fool man! A fool!” Lucas had spat at him.
“You murdered her, you murderer! How many times did you
punch her? Once? Twice? Countless times? You’re a bastard Lucas!” He’d screamed
back at him.
“I’ve never lifted a finger at her! Why are you so keen on
pinning this murder on me? You know I could never have killed her!” He’d
screamed at Christian. “You know it but you won’t accept it because you hate to
think that you failed her.”
Christian had watched as he was pushed into the vehicle and
taken away.
“Yes, we arrested him last night. He’s gotten himself a
lawyer.” Christian said to Memunat.
Memunat stared at him, she didn’t know what to say.
Desta stood at the exit gate of the cemetery, she couldn’t
go in. It reminded her too much of how life suddenly became so empty and she
hated facing realities. She stood there for about fifteen minutes waiting and
watching for Mabel’s family to leave the grounds. She had gone to the police
station and was told that Christian was at the cemetery for Mabel’s funeral and
she’d come to see him. She was still standing and waiting as she watched
Mabel’s relatives leave the grounds, she glanced at her watch, it was some
minutes past one pm and her stomach growled as she hadn’t eaten anything all
morning. She stood there staring out and hoping to catch a glimpse of
She did, and to her shock, he was with a woman, a young and
pretty lady who clung on to his arm as though for her dear life. Desta stared
in fury as anger poured into her body as cold on ice.
She watched them make their way towards the exit gate and
she walked over to stand at the gate with her hands on her hips. Christian saw
her standing there and stared at her questioningly.
“You couldn’t wait for me to leave your life completely
before hooking up with the next available skirt right?” Desta spat at him in
Christian and Memunat were stunned, they both slowed down
their steps and stared at her in complete confusion. Memunat didn’t know Desta
as she hadn’t seen her before.
“Who is she?” Memunat asked Christian.
“I’m his bloody girlfriend you swine! Take your hands off my
boyfriend.” Desta shouted.
“This is a cemetery, please don’t cause a scene!” Christian
“Like hell I will…no one takes my man and gets away with
it.” Desta spat and rushed over to Memunat, pushed her to the ground and fought
her like her life depended on it.


To be continued…..
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    • Lolol. Desta is desperate. I think the problem with ladies is that we don't know our self worth. if we did, we wouldn't be giving a man husband duties when he hasn't married us, and we wouldn't be fighting other ladies for him either.


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