Memunat and Christian had agreed to meet up at a small Cafe,
Christian was there first and when Memunat walked in, he glanced at his
wristwatch. She walked up to him and sat down on the vacant seat across him.
“Hello Christian.” She greeted.
“Hi Memunat, let’s get straight to the point. Why do you
think it’s Lucas?” He asked in anticipation.
“He’s not coming for Mabel’s burial and worst of all, he has
a new woman in his life.”

Christian wanted to scream, he scratched his hair and stared
at her in disbelief.
“What?” He asked.
“I called him earlier and he said he’s not even in town. Can
you imagine that? Christian, I believe it’s Lucas. It all points to him. It’s
been weeks already and no one has been linked to my friend’s murder already.”
She said sounding exasperated.
Christian struggled to keep his cool.
“Do you think I’m joking here? Do you think that playing
detective is like playing cards?”
“I never said that, I’m just saying that…” She started.
“Listen Memunat, if this is what you had in mind to say to
me, then you’ve got it twisted.” He spat.
“Calm down Chris, I just want you to see it from my point of
view. What bereaved fiancé doesn’t even check up on his girl’s family to see
how far they’ve gone with her funeral? Don’t forget that he also has another
woman on the side.” She said firmly.
Christian looked at her and sighed.
“So, you mean that with these points, he’s the man we’re
looking for?”
“Of course! Look at it this way. On the night she died, he
was the last person who saw her because according to him, she went out of the
house after he’d returned from his trip. What if, he came back home, they got
into a fight, he killed her and took her body to the canal and dumped her
Christian looked at her, he was thinking.
“I’m making sense right? What if she wasn’t killed at the
Christian expelled a loud breath.
“There’s a possibility of that.” He said.
“Good.” Memunat said, happy that he was starting to reason
with her.
“Well…” He started.
“Are you still with her phone and laptop?” She asked.
“Yea…they are at the office…” He said.
“Are you done with them? I’ve packed all her stuff out of
her fiance’s house to her parents’ home and I want to pack the phone and laptop
too. Her parents are in the best position to figure out what to do with her
personal belongings.”
“I’ll send the gadgets over to you.” He said.
She nodded.
“So, are you going to call him to question him?” She asked
in anticipation.
“Yes…I will.”
“Please do…please call him and make sure he spills the
beans. I swear he knows something.” She said.
“Not a problem.” Christian said.
“I’ve got to go now.” Memunat started. “How’s your
girlfriend? What’s her name again? Desta.”
“Oh…she’s…errm…fine.” Christian said as his mind went
to Desta who he’d not seen since he asked her to leave.
“I’m glad to see you moved on…because I shudder to think
of what would’ve happened if you guys were still together and she died like
this. You’ll have run out of your mind.”
“It’s still the same, even now that we’d broken up in over
three years, I still feel so angry that she was killed.”
“Thanks for caring for my late friend. I’m sure that
wherever she is, she’ll be glad to know that you’re the one handling her case.”
Memunat said and stood up to leave.
“I’ll see you around.” He said.
“Sure…” She replied. “Will you be at the burial tomorrow?”
“Yes.” He said.
Lucas was angry, he was bitter and he was pissed. He pulled
open the door when the detective knocked at stared at him with blood shot eyes.
Christian took one look at him and said.
“You’ve been drinking.”
“The hell I’ve been.” Lucas slurred.
“You told Memunat that you’re not in town. When did you
return? Last night? This morning?”
“Listen inspector, detective, police man or whatever you
call yourself. I’m not in the damn mood for these questions.” He spat.
“You had better be because whether you like it or not, I’m
throwing whoever is behind Mabel’s death behind bars before the week runs out.”
Lucas looked at him and laughed.
“I always knew you lacked something. Whenever Mabel spoke
highly of you, I wasn’t flattered in the least. You’re such a clumsy old fool!”
“Say whatever you like but…” Christian started but was
A woman chose that moment to walk out of the bedroom, she
walked up to Lucas and stretched out her hand.
“Oh…the money…but we agreed you’ll stay till evening.”
Lucas slurred.
“I don’t have the time.” She said.
Lucas pushed his hands into his pockets and brought out some
money which he handed over to her, she took it and pushing her way through, as
Christian was at the door, she made her way out of the house.
“Bloody whore!” Lucas spat.
“I have some questions for you Lucas.”
“What else do you want to ask of me? What else?” Lucas spat.
“I really want to know what happened on the night of Mabel’s
murder.” Christian said.
“You’re really daft, you know? How many times have I
recounted the story of that night to you?”
“I need to take it in step by step, also, I would like to
search your house.”
“Search my house for what?” Lucas asked clearly upset.
“Lucas, did Mabel die inside this house?” Christian asked.
Lucas’s eyes widened and Christian feared that it’ll jump
out of its sockets.
“Did she die inside this house?” He asked.
“I…ermm..what?” Lucas asked again.
“Lucas, I am going to search your house…” Christian said
as he tried to push his way through.
Lucas pushed him back.
“I might be drunk but I’m not stupid! You’ll need a warrant
to search this place.”
Christian knew he was right. Getting a warrant was proving
so difficult because Titi was giving him attitude and he relied on her to get
the proper protocols in place. Christian sighed and said.
“Don’t make this difficult.”
“What’s my business with that? It’s your bloody job and not
mine. Go get a warrant and stop parading about aimlessly. You’ve been on this
case for two weeks now, I’m sure your superiors at the office are already tired
and want you to dump the case already.”
“I’ll be back!”
“Whatever! Just don’t come here without a warrant.” Lucas
said and slammed the door in his face.
Christian was angry.
To be continued later…..
The MTSA series is still on, all you need to do is, send
MTSA to 700 only from an MTN line. A new eBook will be out this week as well
and it will be up on Okada books. It won’t be The Promise as I initially
promised but something different.

bless you all for being such amazing readers



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