Memunat was seated across Mabel’s parents, she had relayed
the news to them and they were devastated. They had spent the past hour
shedding tears and making phone calls to people in power who could help them
release their daughter’s body as soon as possible.
“Christian is in charge of this case?” Mabel’s father asked,
as though seeking reassurance that his daughter’s murder would be avenged.
“Yes daddy and he’s also affected by it as well. You know
they had a thing together.” Memunat sniffed.

“Who could she have wronged? Why did the person have to end
her life just like that? Why is this world wicked? Why? Why…” Mabel’s mother
Memunat walked over to the woman and sat beside her, sharing
in her pain.
“I feel so bad too…I feel terrible…Mabel was a sister to
me…we grew up together…we loved each other so much.” She cried.
“Did you say that the police have refused that anyone sees
her body?” Mabel’s father asked for the umpteenth time.
“Yes sir…I have already identified the body so, they are
placing it under investigation for now.”
Memunat said with tears in her eyes. “They
might allow you see it but not yet…maybe tomorrow.” She assured.
“I can’t wait for two weeks to get my daughter’s body out of
the hands of the law.” Mabel’s father said stubbornly.
“Those are the rules sir…and it can’t be changed. They
need to hold on to her body for investigation.” Memunat explained carefully as
though speaking to a child.
“My daughter, my sweet Mabel…we were planning your
wedding…we were going to go shopping in a few days and now…your body is
already cold. May God strike whoever did this to you. I don’t care if the
person is someone you knew or a random hoodlum. He or she must be punished.”
Mabel’s mother cried.
Memunat patted her friend’s mother’s back reassuringly and
just at that instant, her phone began to ring. She took the device out of her
pocket and stared at the ID, it was Christian.
“I have to take this call…please excuse me.” She said.
As soon as she answered the call, she could hear Christian’s
loud breathing.
“Memunat…” He greeted.
“Any news?” She asked.
“I was able to get Mabel’s personal stuff from her house
including her phone and laptop. I am with her phone now and I just found
something.” Christian said.
“What..what did you find?” Memunat asked in a shaky voice.
“Why did you hide it from me? Why didn’t you tell me this
when we met at the police station?” He queried.
“Tell you what?” Memunat asked.
“Why didn’t you tell me that you had an affair with Lucas and
that Mabel found out about it?” He said.
Memunat froze for a second, she quickly walked out to the
balcony of Mabel’s parent’s house and shut the slide door behind her.
“That’s personal stuff and shouldn’t be made public besides,
what has that got to do with the investigation?”
“You were sleeping with your friend’s fiancé?” Christian
“That was a long time ago and Mabel and I patched things up.
It was a fling and nothing more.” Memunat said with fear in her voice.
“Really? A fling? From what I’m reading on the Whatsapp chat
you both had on the twenty-fifth of last month, Mabel said and I quote ‘I will never forgive you for this. You
betrayed the friendship we had. How could you sleep with Lucas even when you
knew he was mine? ”.
“Errmm…we both trashed things out later on when we
errm…when we saw each other and spoke about it. We didn’t have any issues
about my fling with Lucas before she died.”
“I have reasons to suspect you.” Christian said. “How am I
sure you both trashed things out? How am I certain that you didn’t plan to kill
her so as to have her fiancé all to yourself?”
“No…please don’t believe that about me…I’ll tell you
what happened with Lucas. About three months ago, Lucas, Mabel and I went to a
party and after spending about thirty minutes there, Mabel begged to be excused
as she had to go home to rest. She took a taxi cab to the house we shared while
Lucas and I stayed at the party together. We both drank a lot and somehow, we
both found ourselves in Lucas’s house and…one thing led to another…I swear
that’s the truth. When Mabel foud out, she was very upset and I begged her for pardon…we eventually settled things but it was over lunch at a restaurant. We didn’t patch things up on Whatsapp.”
“I need to see you at the station this evening by four pm
for questioning.” Christian said stiffly.
“Come on Christian, you know me too well…you know that I
can never harm a fly talk more of Mabel. She was the best sister I ever had and..”
“Even best friends can turn worst enemies when the need
arises. I’ll see you at four pm today.” He said and hung up.
Memunat stared at her phone and sighed, she made her way
back into the sitting room of Mabel’s house and bringing out the handkerchief
in her pocket, she dabbed her eyes and cried as though her world had just crumbled.
Titi stared at Christian, his eyes were red from lack of
sleep and he was gazing intently at the emails on Mabel’s computer.
“Is this the laptop of the deceased?” Titi asked him.
“Hmm…” He grunted.
“Can I take a look?” She asked.
“I’ve got it covered.” He answered.
Titi stared at her partner and regretted ever having to have
dragged him into this case. He was taking it too personal and of course it was
personal as his ex- girlfriend was involved. She had overheard the Head detective
arguing with his assistant if it was wise to take the case away from Christian
as he seemed too invested in it.
To Christian, this case was an obsession, he was so
determined to find out what had really happened on the night that Mabel had
died and something told him that he was getting closer to figuring it out.
“Can I take a look at the files?” Titi asked.
“For pete’s sake Titi! I told you that I’ve got this
covered.” He spat.
Titi was taken aback, Christian had yelled at her and that
wasn’t professional.
“Why did you yell at me?” Titi asked sounding offended.
“I’m sorry Titi, I just want you to know that I have this
covered.” He stressed.
“I know you do and I was asking for the files for the James
Mickey case.”
“Oh that…I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…” He said pulling open
his drawer to bring out a file which he handed over to her.
Titi nodded, and taking the files from him, she walked out
of the office. She couldn’t bear to stay with him for one extra second.


To be continued…..



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