Christian sat at his desk, he couldn’t concentrate no matter
how much he tried to. Titi chose that moment to walk into the office with aN envelope in her hands.
“Here are the pictures, we’re handling the case.” She said
to him as though expecting some sort of pat at the back.
He looked up at her and looked away, his eyes caught the bag
of sandwiches on the table. Desta could never take no for an answer, she had
sent him breakfast even after he’d told her that he didn’t want any.

“The other team wanted to take the case but I know how
important it is to you, that’s why I chirped in that our team was the first to
arrive at the scene.”
Christian nodded, he collected the envelop from her and
opening it, he brought out the pictures within. The reality of Mabel’s death
hit him in the chest as he slowly took in the pictures, one at a time.
“She was murdered.” Titi said as though he didn’t know that
she was.
“Yea…I know…”
There was a rap at the door and an officer stood there.
“Detective, some people are here to see you, the lady says I
should tell you that she’s Memunat and that she’s with Lucas.” The officer
“Okay…I’ll be out in a bit.” Christian said and picking up
the envelope, he pushed in the pictures and stood up.
“Are you taking the pictures with you?” Titi asked.
“How else can I show them that she’s really dead? Her body
is already at the morgue but Memunat is like family and the man with her was
Mabel’s fiancé.”
Titi nodded and gave way for him to pass, she watched Christian’s
droopy shoulders as he walked out of the office and out to the waiting area.
She wondered if was wise that they pursued this case, as he seemed clearly
affected by it.
Christian walked out to the waiting area and saw Memunat and
Lucas, they both looked shaky.
“Christian…” Memunat called out, walking up to him.
Christian wordlessly gave her the envelope and she opened
it, she brought out the first picture slowly and when she saw it, she covered
her mouth with her palm and sobbed. Lucas took the picture from her and sat on
the bench in the waiting area. He looked pale and grief-stricken.
“She’s been taken to the morgue.” Christian said.
“How did this happen? Who found her? I mean…this doesn’t
make any sense…” Lucas said to Christian.
“Homicide isn’t common in these parts but if you ask me, she
was either killed by someone who knew her or maybe a hoodlum. Besides, she was
wandering around the canal at the dead of the night.” Christian said.
“I don’t believe any of this. I don’t know but I don’t feel
too good about this….something sounds fishy…” Lucas said.
Christian took one look at Lucas and concluded that he didn’t
like him. He hadn’t seemed so affected by his fiance’s death and instead of
sobbing over her loss, he was asking questions as though he wasn’t directly
affected by her death.
“Well…we can only investigate.” Christian said.
Memunat held on to the photo of her friend’s lifeless body
and began to reminisce on the times that Mabel was still alive. She couldn’t hold
back the tears that poured from her eyes and as she thought of all the good
times they’d spent together.
“I’m sorry Memunat…I know you’ve been hit the hardest.”
Christian said, looking away from Lucas.
Lucas looked up at him and scowled.
“How do you mean by that? I am her fiancé…” Lucas said.
“Excuse me?” Christian asked.
“You said that Memunat is the hardest hit as though I’m not
here or as though I’m not devastated by my fiance’s death.”
“Look mister, this is a police station and not a wrestle
ground, if you want to pick a fight, please step outside.” Christian said.
Lucas looked as though he wanted to punch Christian in the
face, Memunat stood up immediately and took the pictures from Lucas and handed
them back to Christian.
“I…errr…I have to go to the morgue and I have to call
her parents, her siblings…” She sniffed.
“Good…” Christian said.
Lucas kept scowling at him.
“I would like to know if…if…err…you’d investigate
on…err…” Memunat asked in a shaky voice.
“Yes, I will do my best to take up the case. I’ll see that
the culprit is brought to book even if it’s a hoodlum who wanted to steal from
her and mistakenly killed her in the process.”
“Thank you Christian…I trust you a lot.” Memunat said to
“I’ll also need to get some things errmm…from her
place…just to see if I can get a clue as to errm…what made her go out that
night.” Christian said.
“Her phone is at home. She left it there…” Lucas said, as
his eyes had suddenly began to tear up.
“Good…I’ll be at your place to take the phone. Please don’t
go through any messages or any calls, I need to properly check the phone so
anything that you do to it might somehow destroy evidence. I also need to take
her laptop, tablets and the like.”
Lucas nodded, as they left the station, Christian stared at
them, something didn’t seem right with Lucas.
Desta was at home preparing another special meal when
Christian walked into the house.
“Hey baby…” She greeted as she rushed out of the kitchen
to give him a hug.
“Hi…” He replied.
“Are you okay? Did you get the breakfast I sent?”
Christian remembered the sandwich he’d given to a junior
officer and nodded.
“You know I love taking care of my boo boo…” She smiled.
“Desta, I’ll be in the room checking through some stuff from
work. I don’t want to be disturbed okay?”
“A new case?” She asked.
He nodded.
“What? You haven’t finished investigating the other cases
and you’re taking up a new one. I thought you said that there are not enough
funds for your department. Why are you still taking up cases when there are no
provisions for a successful investigation?”
“I need to take up this case.” He said.
“Why? What’s so special about this case?” Desta asked.
“It’s Mabel.” He said.
Desta looked at him, she knew Mabel, infact she was
terrified of Mabel all because she knew that Mabel was the only one Christian
had ever loved.
“What happened to Mabel?” She asked.
“She’s dead.”
Desta stared at Christian and laughed, it was a naughty slow
laugh at first then it suddenly turned hysterical.
“Are you alright? Why are you laughing over the death of
“Wait…hahahaha…wait…are you trying to tell me that she’s
dead to you?”
“Read my lips Desta, Mabel is dead.”
Desta stopped laughing and stared at Christian in shock.
“You heard me…she was killed last night…about midnight.”
“What are you saying? Mabel is really dead?”
“I thought I’ve told you that countless times already.” He said
and walked away.
Desta watched Christian’s retreating form, she didn’t know whether
to laugh or feel sad. Mabel had been in Christian’s life from their secondary
school years and when they broke up, it shook him up pretty badly. Desta knew
that all the while Christian was with her, he’d refused to take their
relationship further all because of Mabel and now she was dead.
“Wow! Life’s really an unexpected journey.” She said as she
began to hum a tune and returned to the kitchen.

To be continued…..



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