Desta smiled as Christian dragged her outside the house, she
enjoyed the thrill of his palm tightening against her arm.
“What is wrong with you?” Christian spat at her.
“What do you think is wrong with me? I’m in love…” She
sang out.

“It’s over between us do you hear me? It’s over!”
“Don’t say that…” Desta said trying to touch his face with
her palms.
He pushed her hands away.
“Don’t you miss me? Desta asked.
“No I don’t…” Christian spat.
“If I can’t have you, no one else will.”
“Show some respect Desta, this is a delicate time. We are in
the home of Mabel’s parents and she’s just been buried.”
“What do I care? I just want to know if my boyfriend is
coming home for dinner or not. Let the dead bury their dead, even the bible
says so.” Desta said.
“Get out of here now!” He spat at her.
“Give me the keys to your apartment.” Desta said.
Christian stared at her for a while.
“I know you changed the locks because I checked.” Desta
“I’m not letting you back into my life…it’s over…do you
hear me? Over!” He spat.
Desta looked at him and said.
“Okay then, I’ll go but can I have one last hug from you?”
Christian looked quite surprised that she was asking him for
one last hug. He obliged her and as soon as the hug was over, she turned around
and walked away. There was something strange about Desta, he wondered, she was
never calm in situations such as this. Shrugging, he turned around and walked
back into the house.
Desta got into the taxi and gave him the address of
Christian’s house. Unknown to him, she’d slipped the house keys from his trouser
pocket. Desta had lived with Christian for quite long to know his routine and
where he keeps his keys so, she was happy when he’d hugged her and she
had snuck the keys out without him noticing.
She soon got to the house and with the keys in her hand, she
found her way in. She knew Christian would be upset to see her inside his house
but she was a leech who never let go of her ‘host body’. She hissed as soon
as she got into the messy apartment.
“I keep things cleaner…” She said as she rubbed off the
dust from the television stand with her finger tips. “Why can’t men admit that
they need women in their lives? Look at this place! It looks like a pig’s sty.”
She noted.
She walked into the kitchen to bring out the broom to keep the house in order when she
heard the door bell. She walked over to the door and opened it.
“Good afternoon, my name is Mr. Ahmed.” A very tall man
greeted her.
“Good afternoon, I am Desta…how can I help you?” She asked
with a smile.
“I am a lawyer and I represent Mr. Lucas Thomas. I was
hoping to see detective Christian to ask that he shares with me, some files
from Mabel’s murder case.”
Desta rolled her eyes, she hated when the name ‘Mabel’ was
“Mabel is six feet under…” Desta said without a care.
“I know that but I’d like to help my client and I need some
files from Mr. Christian. I went to the station and he’s not there so I decided
to come to his house. He is in charge of the case and he can help me with what I
“Well…he’s not home.” Desta said.
“Where can I find him?” Mr. Ahmed asked.
Desta knew she couldn’t risk him going over to Mabel’s home as he could tell Christian that he’d seen her in his home and ruin her surprise.
“Wait…let me check his work space…I’m sure I can find
something.” She said.
Mr Ahmed smiled in response. Desta hurried into the room and searched everywhere for files tagged ‘Mabel’. She had searched for about
five minutes before pulling open one of the drawers. She saw Christian’s gun and
also a Ziploc bag.  She brought it out
and saw that the name ‘Mabel’ was written at the front and taped to the bag.
The bag was transparent so she saw a mobile phone inside as well as the
pictures taken at the scene of Mabel’s death. She walked out with the bag and
handed it over to the lawyer.
“I hope this is of help to you…” Desta said to him.
The lawyer looked surprised, he took the bag and nodded in
thanks. As soon as he left, Desta shut the door and got busy.
Titi had just walked into the office when a police officer
walked up to her and said.
“A man came here today, he’s name is Mr. Ahmed and he’s
representing Mr. Lucas. He wanted to take a look at some of Mabel’s things.”
Titi looked at him in surprise.
“He wanted to what? Did you let him see anything?” She
“No…I told him that detective Christian is not around. He
asked for his address so I gave it to him.”
“Hmmm…” Titi murmured. “Thank you for telling me.”
The officer left and Titi tapped her fingers on her desk,
she had a frown on her face.
“Rest it Titi…” She said to herself.  “Lucas is guilty! Don’t beat yourself too much
about it.”
She stood up and began pacing the small office and after
pacing for what seemed like an eternity, she left the office and walked over to
the place where homicide files were kept. She searched for Mabel’s file and
brought out a Ziploc bag where some personal items had been kept. She opened
the bag and brought out Mabel’s phone and she looked at it.
“I thought Christian returned Mabel’s phone to her family.”
She said as she looked at the phone and tried to turn it on.
She turned the phone on and there was a display on the
screen, ‘Insert sim’.
“Insert sim? Where’s the sim card?” She asked with a frown.
The phone displayed another message, ‘Update time and date’,
she frowned again and turned the phone around and looked at it.
“This is a brand new phone…this can’t be Mabel’s phone. It’s a
brand new phone.” She said as her eyes widened.


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