Christian stormed up to his office and slammed the door,
Titi watched him battle with his emotions as he paced his office for a short
while and groaning aloud, he sat at his desk. She pretended not to notice him
as she was staring fixedly at her computer screen. Christian was acting so
weirdly these days and she couldn’t help but worry about him. She had reported
him to the Head of the division and hoped that he be pulled from the case
before he ran mad from being too obsessive with it.
Titi was a very calm woman but a very determined one, she was
very stubborn and she hated disrespect, and lately, all her senior partner did
was disrespect her. She glanced his way again and saw that he was staring
intently at the wall and she remembered the phone conversation she had with
Desta an hour ago. She’d noticed that Christian had stopped looking
put-together, clean and well dressed, he’d even stopped bringing his lunch
packs to work so she’d called his girlfriend.
“Desta, how are you? It’s been quite a while.” She’d

“Yes it has, how are you Titi?” Desta had asked.
“I’m doing well…work is piling and we have so many cases
that we’re working on.”
“Well, yea…but not only that,” Titi had said. “Tell me,
what’s up with Christian? He’s worn the same shirt to work three times in a
row. This is quite strange.”
“Oh…” Desta had said.
“Oh? C’mon Desta, I know how you take care of him. It’s
almost as if you’re his mother. Tell me, what’s the matter? Isn’t he too keen
on looking good anymore?”
There had been a long pause, then Desta said.
“We broke up. I’ve been staying with my friend for two
“What?” Titi had asked in shock.
“I don’t know what Christian is doing to himself but he’s so
obsessed with Mabel’s case, it’s almost as if his solving the case will raise
her up from the dead.” Desta had said.
“Wow! I had no idea you guys had broken up.”
“Yes we have…” Desta said. “And he hasn’t even called me
since then. It’s as though I’ve wasted two years with him.”
Now as Titi stared at Christian, she was worried. He
suddenly tore his eyes away from the wall and turned to stare at her.
“How far with the search warrant?” He asked.
“It should be with us soon.” She said, almost pinching
herself for saying ‘us’ because she knew that Christian was going solo on this
case and had refused to let her in.
“Can you check to see if it’s out yet?”
“We’ll get it when it’s issued.” Titi gritted.
“Don’t worry, I’ll go check.” He said and left the office,
slamming the door in his wake.
Titi shook her head, things were worse than she predicted.
Three hours later, Titi, Christian and two other officers
were combing Lucas’s house. Titi was tired and desperately needed a cup of
coffee but Christian kept searching as though his life depended on it. Lucas
had followed them as they combed his house at first but after a while he got
bored and was watching television in the sitting room, turning up the volume so
loudly that it disturbed their ears.
“I found something!” Christian shouted.
Titi and the two other officers rushed up to Christian who
was holding up a white object in his gloved hand. They were in Lucas’s bedroom
and had combed the place for an hour.
“What is it?” Titi asked.
“A tooth.” Christian said and opening the small Ziploc bag,
he pushed the tooth inside.
“Whose tooth is this?” Titi asked reaching out to take the
bag to study the tooth.
“That’s what we’re going to find out.” Christian said to her
as he took the bag from her possessively and walked out of the room.
Lucas looked up from the television set to see Christian leave
the house. Soon, his team followed him behind.
“What is it? Are you done searching?” Lucas asked, his eyes
had circles around it and his breath reeked with alcohol. “Can I close my door
now? Bloody police detectives!”
Titi didn’t reply but followed Christian outside the house,
she saw him making a phone call so she waited for him to end it and when he was
done, she walked up to him.
“What did you find?” Titi asked.
“The tooth is Mabel’s. I asked Sam to check her files and he
said that a tooth is missing from her mouth. We’ve got him Titi…we’ve got
him.” Christian said with heavy relief.
Titi stared at him and blinked.
“What could this mean?” She asked.
“Think! He killed her! Obviously, the beatings started at
home…he beat her and she ran and he followed her. She ended her race at the
canal and he followed her there and killed her.” Christian said with so much
“Hmmm….” Titi murmured. “This doesn’t add up. Mabel’s car
wasn’t even found in the vicinity where she was murdered. Her car was at home.
If she was running from Lucas, she would have taken her car. To me, I think
Mabel left the house intent on seeing someone and that the person planned this
all out. He lured her out of the house and killed her.”
Christian stared at her with anger in his eyes.
“What other proof do you want? She was been beaten by that
bastard! How else do you explain the tooth on the floor of the bedroom? He beat
her and she ran out of the house and then, the chase began, he chased her till
he killed her. I am arresting him!” Christian said.
“I understand your quest to put someone behind bars for
Mabel’s murder but come to think of it, Lucas was getting married to her, he
obviously loved her, why would he kill her? I’ll put myself in Mabel’s shoes on
the night of the murder.” She said. “Imagine that I’m Mabel and that I’m having
a row with my fiancé, he hits me and I fall to the ground, we fight for a bit,
he hits my cheek hard and my tooth falls off. I run out of the house, then I
hurry to my car and get in…”
“That’s where you’re wrong Titi…what if she didn’t have
the opportunity to get her car keys? She was running remember? What if all she
had in mind was to leave the house and if she’d stopped to take her keys, he
would have caught her.”
“This still doesn’t make sense.” Titi argued. “How did he
trace her to the canal? He obviously chased her down there. Did she take a
bike? A taxi or a bus? Did he drive as he raced her down there?”
“Look Titi, you’re only stalling this case for long and
keeping that criminal out and free. I am arresting him for Mabel’s murder and
that’s final.” He said.
“You’d have to convince Jerome.” Titi said, speaking of the
head of their division. “You can’t arrest someone without concrete proof.”
Titi stared at him, something told her that Christian wanted
to receive some kind of trophy from Mabel’s family for arresting their daughter’s
murderer. She also felt that he was pressuring himself to place someone behind
bars before she was buried.
“I have concrete proof!” He shouted and held up the bag of
the tooth high enough for her to see. “This is my proof.”
“This is just a tooth, there could be a different story to
it. Maybe she had it pulled at the dentist and brought it back home for
keepsake and somehow it found its way to the ground. We need to investigate
further before drawing conclusions, Chris. What if he beat her and the tooth
fell to the ground but that wasn’t on the night of the murder.”
“Tell me detective Titi, when did he return from his trip?”
Christian asked angrily. “Wasn’t it on the night of the murder? He had been
away for close to a week and he came back on that night. Mabel loves clean
spaces and I can bet you that she cleaned that house everyday so if the tooth
was on the ground, she’d have cleared it away.”
“I…I…”Titi started, not knowing what else to say. She couldn’t
say that she had a feeling in her gut that Lucas wasn’t guilty because it’ll be
tagged as unprofessional.
“Are you with me on this? We need to have a united front
Titi? We are a team, we are supposed to go to the office with the same story
and not different ones.”
“I just feel that we shouldn’t act too fast, we might be
throwing an innocent man in jail.” Titi said.
Christian gave her a chilly stare and stormed off towards
the car. The detectives were already out of the house and in their vehicles.
Titi sighed and walked over to Christian’s car and got in.
Christian’s theory didn’t make any sense to her.


To be continued later….. The MTSA series is still on, all you need to
do is, send MTSA to 700 only from an MTN line.



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