Simisola stared at the white ceilings of the hospital, she
felt so bad. Her body ached and she felt so empty. She had used her child for
selfish reasons and now, karma was dealing heavily with her.
“I am so sorry Simi…” Funmilayo said, holding on to her
“I didn’t even get to see him…” Simisola cried.
“He was still born and the doctor asked if I wanted him to
dispose of the baby’s body or bring him to us but I told him to dispose of it.
The baby was beautiful, I saw him with my own eyes…he looked so much like
Jimoh…” Funmi said.

“I think he knew the kind of a life I was about to subject
him to and what kind of a mother I would have been to him, so he died instead. Look at what
desperation has pushed me to.” Simisola cried.
“I am so sorry Simi…”
“Have you heard from Bayo?”
“His lawyer called my phone, he has filed for a divorce…”
“Oh my God! I deserve this you know…I hurt him, and I
deserve all the punishment being meted out to me. My life is a lesson to
many….’never force someone to marry you’….I did and now, look at me.”
Simisola cried.
“I am sorry it all turned out this way but I warned you from
the beginning….”
“Yes you did…” Simisola cried.
Her sister bent over to hug her and they both cried

Tola was at the hospital, her heart was in her chest as she
waited for the medical team to tell her what was happening.
“Miss Tola…the doctor will see you now…” A nurse said.
Tola walked to the doctor’s office, how complicated could
life be? She asked herself. First, she gets pregnant for her mom’s lover, next,
her mom gets arrested for the attempted murder of her lover and finally, her
mom’s lover physically attacks her ex-fiance and God knows if he succeeded in
killing him.
“Come in Tola…” The doctor ushered.
Tola nodded and stepped inside the office and sat down.
“Is he going to be alright?”
“Yes…” The doctor said with a smile. “He is in critical
condition for now…the impact of stone was serious ”
“Thank God…oh thank God he’s going to be fine.” Tola said in great relief.
“You can go and see him but please do not try to initiate
conversation.” The doctor said.
Tola nodded and left the office. As she walked down the
corridors to where Bayo was, she replayed the scene that had happened at the
front of her mother’s house just this morning. 
Daniel had hit Bayo with a heavy
stone and Bayo fell to the ground, Tola’s scream had alerted Gloria’s security guard and  a few people. Daniel couldn’t believe what he had done, he kept crying and calling himself a murderer. The security man and a good Samaritan helped place Bayo in the car and Daniel joined in rushing him to the clinic.

Daniel couldn’t believe his foul luck. He had been the one
to make sure Gloria was jailed and for attempted murder but he had just almost committed murder. He waited with fear for Tola to come out from the doctor’s office and when she did, he rushed up to her.

“How is he?” He asked. “Is he okay?”

“The doctor says he is in critical condition.” Tola said, looking at him. “I should report you to the police you know…”

“I am so sorry Tola…I wish I could undo the hands of time…” Daniel cried.

“Pray he gets better….I am about to call his mom and I really don’t know what to tell her, he is all she has.”

“I deserve jail…I deserve to be imprisoned…”

“No, you acted in anger and this is why it’s bad to act in anger. I won’t tell anyone about your involvement in this…you’ve been through a lot already…and God knows that I am the cause of all this. I led you on, and you fell in love with me…this is all so twisted.”

“No…don’t do that for me. Don’t lie in order to cover up my mistakes.” Daniel said.

“Okay…but I really have to call his mom.”

“I’ll stay here with you while you call her.” Daniel said.


Days flew into months as Tola sat by Bayo’s side and nursed
him back to health, he was still grappling with his memory as the impact of the
blow caused him a slight memory loss. However, as days flew into weeks, his full memory was restored. Daniel was there too, praying and hoping that he would be alright. Tola had been honest with Bayo’s mom about the accident and she was very angry at first but Tola’s pleas that she pardon Daniel softened her heart. Ebuka came in daily to check up on his
friend, it was a painful time for him as well, seeing what had happened between
Tonia and him. 
Tola advised Ebuka to leave the country for a while in order to
clear his head and he was ready to do as she had advised.
Tonia was sentenced to seventy-five years in prison with
hard labour and Kentura was sentenced to fifty years in prison. Due to Tola’s kindness to him, Daniel dropped all charges against Gloria and she was set free, however, she couldn’t face society so she relocated to another country for a while. 

One day, as Daniel sat by Bayo’s bedside with Tola, he asked.

“There’s no hope for us is there?”

Tola shook her head. “I am sorry but my heart is with Bayo…” She said looking at a sleeping Bayo on the bed.

“I loved you so much and I still do…”

“I know and that’s why you’ll always be the father of my baby….”

“Take good care of the baby….” Daniel said.

“Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes…I am leaving town, I need to start afresh.” Daniel said.

Tola patted his hand and looked into his eyes.

“You are a good man….and I am sure that there’s a good woman out there for you.”

“Thank you….” Daniel said.

 Days after their conversation, Daniel left town.


Ebuka had just boarded a flight to Kenya when a young lady
walked up to his seat and sat beside him. He recognized her instantly.

“Adaobi!” He said.

She turned to look at him and instantly burst into fits of

“My handsome hunk? I remember meeting you at Bayo and Simisola’s wedding and I shamelessly chased you about.” She smiled in her very cheerful nature.

“How have you been? Fancy seeing you on my flight?” He said.

“This world is indeed small. I have a business meeting at
the capital…” She said.

“I am on my way for a vacation…” He said.



“You are one heck of a strange man…” She laughed.

“How is your friend? Simisola…” Ebuka asked.

“I really don’t know…she moved out of where she used to
stay and changed her number…I heard her husband divorced her and I’ve been
trying to reach her sister to no avail. Do you know what really happened?”

“It’s a long story…” Ebuka said.

“Wow! I feel so sad for her…” Adaobi said.

“So, how long are you going to stay in Kenya?”

“Three days but my leave starts a day after the business meeting…” Adaobi smiled.

“Can you prolong your stay?”

“I don’t know…seeing that you are as slippery as a
catfish…” Adaobi laughed.

“I promise that I won’t slip off again, besides I need a
friend to talk to…” He said.

“Sure…a few days won’t hurt…” Adaobi smiled.

Ebuka heaved in a deep sigh of relief, his trip to Kenya was
going to be eventful after all, he thought.


Some months later, Bayo’s mother, Tola’s father and Bayo were present at the hospital for Tola’s
daughter’s birth. When the doctors said that they could go and see mother and child, they all went in and Bayo surprised them all by falling on one knee and asking for Tola’s hand again.

Bayo’s mother was so happy and hinted that they could have a court wedding first of all and once the baby was big enough, they could start planning for a wedding.

Tola called Daniel’s phone to inform him of the birth of their daughter and he was so happy to hear of her arrival. He promised to pay a visit some day and asked that she send him pictures.

Tola and Bayo got married and raised their daughter Morenike together, Daniel was still in the picture though and his daughter bore his name.

Bayo has been undergoing fertility treatments since his recovery and  is hoping for the best.


#Lesson01: Do not be desperate, what is yours will come!

I hope you all enjoyed the daily series and learnt alot from it. A new daily series comes up next week, it’s titled: Baby Mama Drama…It’s actually a request by my aunt who reads this blog. She asked that I do something on the Baby Mama trend and I’ve decided to oblige. 
God bless you all for reading.
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  1. Ada you're just too much I've really enjoyed this story, what a happy ending, well done may God continue to bless you with more inspirational stories amen

  2. Hi Adaeze, thank you for the riveting series. Your website has become my to-go entertainment spot during idle hours. I have a little suggestion: would it be possible to link all the stories in a series? For example, at the end of each story, add links for previous episodes. I know it might be a bit of work adding links for episodes 1-33 etc, but it will be really nice if you can. Keep up the good work!


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