Simisola had hardly entered her room before making the
phone call. The phone was answered at first ring.
“Good afternoon ma…” She greeted over the phone.
“Hello…” The woman’s voice said over the phone.
“My name is Simisola ma…I am a friend to your son Bayo.”
“Oh…how are you?”

“I am…” Simisola burst into tears.
“What is wrong with you? Are you alright?”
“I am not alright ma…I…couldn’t go through with it…”
Simisola cried.
“You couldn’t go through with what?” Bayo’s mother asked. “Who are you?”
“The abortion ma…”
“Abortion ke? You haven’t answered my question. Who are you?”
“I am pregnant for Bayo and when I broke the news to him, he
insisted that I abort the baby. I went to the clinic today and I couldn’t go
ahead with it so…I decided to call you to tell him that I can’t just
kill…kill my baby…” Simisola cried louder. “My name is Simisola and I and Bayo used to date while at the university.”
“My dear, come quickly to my house. I will send you my
address. Are you in Lagos?”
“Yes ma…”
“Good…just come to the address that I will send to your
phone.” Bayo’s mother said.
As soon as Simisola dropped the call, she laughed loudly.
“You can run boo boo but you can’t hide. This baby has a new
father and I have a new husband, it’s such a sweet coincidence that Bayo has to take up the role.”
Daniel was sad, everyone at work treated him like some sort
of plague. Even at the meetings where he was supposed to be the team lead no
one gave suggestions or contributed meaningfully to the meeting, they all sat
there and watched him speak. Life sucked! His intercom buzzed and he picked the
“Daniel…can I see you in my office?” Gloria said over the
She didn’t wait for Daniel to reply before the line went
Daniel picked up his notes and headed towards Gloria’s
office, he knew she might want to know about the ideas he and the team had thought
out but he wasn’t ready with a presentation yet.
“Hello Daniel, please sit down…” Gloria said gesturing to
the chair before her desk.
Daniel sat down, clutching his book in his hands and praying
silently that she doesn’t ask for an update.
“I will be travelling to Johannesburg in a week and I need a
companion. I chose you.”
“What? Madam…sorry…Gloria, do you want me dead before my
time? Everyone in the office thinks you treat me specially…” Daniel started.
Don’t pay them any attention, you see, people always hate
those who succeed. Try being a failure and see how much you’d be loved!” She
“Errr…can you pick someone else?’ Daniel asked.
“This is not a request, I expect you to be ready for the
trip. We are meeting with top business people in South Africa as we want to grow
our horizon.”
“Okay…” Daniel said in a small voice.
“I’ll send you more details to your email…that would be
“Thank you Gloria…” He said, standing up to leave.
“Yes Gloria.”
“Let this be the last time you ever reject any of my
“Yes Gloria…I am very sorry.”
“You can go.” Gloria said.
“You will not flush my grandchild down the toilet!” Bayo’s
mother screamed at him.
“I don’t believe this! How did she get your number?” Bayo
asked aloud.
“I don’t care how she got my number. Listen to me Bayo, you
are going to start a family with that girl whether you like it or not! Can you
imagine! You just knocked her up after one attempt. One attempt!” Bayo’s mother huffed.
“So what? I don’t want to marry her, my heart is with Tola.”
“But she was your heartthrob in school.”
“That was ten years ago mum…she’s no longer my
“You are going to do as I say or you’ll never get my
blessings for your wedding with that Tola.”
“Mummy please…don’t do this to me, don’t do this to us.”
“Bayo, you are the only child I’ve got and the only seed of
your father’s loins…you will not, I repeat, you will not marry a woman who
cannot give you a child. That girl, Tola,, has been with you for three years and
she hasn’t gotten pregnant. You found your former flame, rekindled your passions and
bam! She’s pregnant! Don’t tell me that you can’t see the opportunity staring
right in your face.”
“Don’t mom me! Get the engagement ring from Tola and give it
to Simisola. Get married to her so that your child isn’t born outside wedlock.”
His mother said.
Bayo stared at his mother in resignation, since he lost his
father about five years ago, his mother has been his all and try as he may,
he could never disappoint her. He nodded and said.
“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Do it!” She said.
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To be continued tomorrow….


  1. This is just pure wickedness on Simi's part, destroying a relationship just to get married and possibly hurting an innocent unborn child in the long run.

  2. Simi you're just heartless, don't worry your eyes will open when the child is born we shall know who the father is na

  3. You see this thing Simi has started, she will not be able to handle it at the end of the day. I feel bad for Tola (Bayo's fiancee). I low key feel bad for Bayo but, i can't really get past his 'mistake'. Simple control could have avoided all these wahala for him but i understand konji na bastard.


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