Ebuka had been back from Abuja for two whole days and there
was still no sign of Tonia. Had she really meant what she said over the phone
some days ago? Did she really want a proposal? Was their breakup for real this
time? He picked up his phone to call her but pride wouldn’t let him instead he
called one of her friends, Linda.

“Hello Ebuka, wha’ts up?” Linda greeted over the phone.
“Nothing much, I was just wondering if anything new is
happening within the clique.”
“What clique?” She asked, shouting over the loud music at
the background.
“Why is there noise? Are you are a party? Am I disturbing?”
“No…it’s just that we are at the engagement party of one
of ours…”
“Really? Who?”
“Serious? That ugly thin girl was proposed to?” Ebuka asked,
trying to hold back a giggle.
“Yea she was…and we are all at the engagement party right
now…” Linda shouted, trying to be heard over the noise.
“Is Tonia there as well?”
“Ofcourse she is…”
“Oh true…she told me that she would be attending a party
tonight, I just didn’t ask what party it was.” Ebuka lied.
“She told you?”
“Yes…is there anything strange in that fact?”
“I dunnoo…”
“What is wrong? Why are you sounding that way?”
“Well…it’s common fact that you guys have broken up…I
wonder why she’ll ask your permission to come to a party when you guys are no
longer together.” Linda said.
“What? She said that?”
“Tonia has moved on from you, she’s even here with a new
guy…and it was common knowledge among us friends that she broke up with you
and was single and searching for about three days before hooking up with one of
Aaliyah’s contacts.”
Ebuka was numb, ‘she meant it’ he thought.
“Okay then…have fun at the party.” He said and quickly
hung up.
He stared at the phone in his hands and angrily threw it at
the wall, watching it break in half, he was was so mad.
At the party, while Tonia was busy dancing with her new
companion, Linda walked up to her and asked to see her in private. Tonia
quickly excused herself and followed her friend into the restroom, when they
both got in, Linda said,
“Guess who called?”
“Are you serious?” Tonia asked.
“Yea…he wanted to know where you were and I told him.”
“You did what?” Tonia asked.
Two of their friends walked into the restroom, they had seen
them leave the dance floor and were curious to hear what Linda had to tell Tonia.
“Wetin happen?” Peace asked curiously.
“Give us gist..” Onome supported.
“Ebuka called me a few minutes ago, he was asking about
Tonia.” Linda supplied.
“Mtchewww…time waster!” Onome spat.
“What did you tell him?” Tonia asked.
“I told him that you have moved on from him and that you
have a new boo.”
“What? How could you tell him that?” Tonia said.
“See this mugu ooo…so this is how you want to waste your
time with the Chief of the Time Wasters Club of the federation.”
“I still love him.” Tonia said.
“And he’s playing you…” Linda said.
“You shouldn’t have told him that I had a new boo…you know
that I am still testing the waters to see if any of the new guys I’ve been
linked with is worth it.” Tonia said.
“Serious? Look at this girl oo…e be like say you nor wan
marry? How old are you sef?” Peace mocked.
“Heyy…these are matters of the heart okay…” Tonia started.
“There is nothing like matters of the heart when a ring is
involved. The way it works is, whoever pops the question is the man to spend
your life with. Stop dedicating yourself to Time Wasters!” Linda said.
“Listen Tonia and listen good. We are all your friends and
we love you…that man Ebuka is not ready to wife you up so, it’s time you left
him and walked away. In all our friends, you are the only one left. I am
married, Efe is engaged, Reme is engaged, Ty is enaged, Linda’s wedding is in
two weeks, Aaliyah is married while you are still single and
desperately searching. Wake up girl! We are done with single life and are about to form a WAEC club here
which means, ‘Wives and Engaged Chicks’.” Peace said.
Tonia looked at all her friends and nodded.
“Please dear, don’t let that man drag you down…if he’s not
ready to propose, move on to a new boo…” Linda said and gave her a hug while
the other girls joined in.

Tonia sniffed, she was grateful to have such supportive
To be continued next week…..
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  1. So any man that proposes is the right man, sigh, that's how female woes start. Has she considered that her appalling habit is why he hasn't proposed?


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