Daniel was ready to work, he had his sleeves rolled up while
he took a mental note of the company’s most competitive businesses. He was
still facing his system when someone tapped him. He turned to see who it was.
“Hey, it’s lunch time.” Dumebi, his colleague said.
“I know…” Daniel replied.

“Don’t you want to have a life outside this office? You
hardly ever go for lunch and you make it a duty to be the last person to leave.
Do you think that such attitude would fast track your promotion?” Dumebi asked.
“Excuse me? I was never…” Daniel started.
“Well then, why aren’t you coming for lunch?”
“I have some things to finish up…” Daniel started.
“Really? And you say that you aren’t in this business to
“No I am not and please, where did you get such ideas from?”
Dumebi shrugged and said.
“Just so you know, you are getting on many people’s nerves
and they are already beginning to wish that you’d just disappear.”
“Thank you very much for the advice…” Daniel said, already
getting upset about the way she spoke.
Dumebi nodded and left him alone, as soon as she left,
Daniel brought out his note pad and opened to the page where he had listed out
the names of his female colleagues and struck the name ‘Dumebi’ out of the
list. She would make a nagging wife he thought.
After his dad had called him and openly pressured him to get
married, Daniel had begun his search for a suitable wife and he had begun
searching from his office. There were seven eligible ladies in his department
and so far, he had struck out four including Dumebi, the first three on his
strike out list paraded themselves like peacocks. They were too proud for their
own good and he couldn’t imagine a proud wife. He was still submerged in his
thoughts when he heard his name.
David turned to see who had called him as the office was
empty, it was Gloria.
“Good afternoon ma…” Daniel greeted standing in respect.
“The gentleman…” She said to him. “Why are you still at
your desk?” She asked.
“I was going through a list of our competitors and trying to
decipher ways for us to be ahead of them.” Daniel said.
“That’s a job for a team and not an individual besides, your
job is to find us new businesses and not look at our competitors list.” Gloria said.
“Madam, with all due respect, I feel that finding out who
and who are our competitors would enable us understand where we are lacking as
a company and also stand to gain new clients even without going out to look for
Gloria smiled and walked up to him.
“Impressive! But as I said earlier, you need to have the
full backing of a team to fully implement such.”
“Okay madam…”
“It’s Gloria…” She said.
Daniel’s eyes widened, no one called her by her first name
instead, she was referred to as Dr. Gloria.
“I am too flattered madam…”
“You’ve earned it, you can call me by my first name. I love
your tenacity.” She said and walked away.

It’s needless to say that his reference to Dr. Gloria by her
first name sparked an outrage among his colleagues.
To be continued….

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  1. Hi Adaeze,

    Just to commend you for a job well done. But kindly clarify the numbering of your episodes. For instance, I can see two episodes 8 and no episode 7.

    Was it numbered in error, or am I missing it?


    • Hello Ceejay,
      Sorry for the mix-up dear, it was all my fault. I jumbled things up at the back-end but it's been straightened out now. Thank you so much for pointing it out, I never would have noticed it on my own.
      God bless you.


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