As Funmi drove her sister home, she felt so uneasy, what had
happened at Jimoh’s house she thought. What was going on? She stole one glance
at her sister’s unreadable expression and quickly said.
“It’s so funny how you can switch from the grieving
girlfriend to the single chick.”
“Don’t be too surprised.” Simisola said to her.
“What’s going on? What did Jimoh’s family say? Where they
excited about the news of the baby?”
“Jimoh has a family, he was married with kids ….he lied to
me.” Simisola said in a flat voice.

Funmi was so shocked, she didn’t know when she hit the car
“Do you want to cause an accident?” Simisola asked. “I’m not
in a hurry to end my life.”
A car overtook them and the driver of the car wound down the
car window to rain insults on Funmi.
“Bad driver! You should go to driving school!” The man
screamed and drove off.
“I’m sorry…” Funmi said and quietly manoeuvred the car to
the side of the road and parked.
“What?” Funmi Exclaimed.
“Yes…he is married with two kids…can we go home now?”
“No we can’t…he deceived you Simi, he lied to you….you
have been wearing his ring for two good years…”
“The good news is that the ring has been tossed into the
“My gosh! Why are men this cruel? How could he make such
promises to you knowing fully well that he was in a commitment? I wish he were
still alive, I would have killed him with my bare hands!” Funmi spat in anger.
“Yea…I know…” Simisola said dryly.
“You must be devastated…”
“It’s all in the past…” Simisola said.
Funmi looked at her sister curiously.
“You sound so strong, even much stronger than you were when
he died….”
“He is still dead, is he not? Life continues…”
“What would you do about the baby?”
“Baby? Oh…that…I’ll register at a clinic tomorrow and flush
it out.”
“Apparently, the baby I’m carrying is not his only
heir….so…what’s the point?”
“Do you want to think about this? I’d hate you to make hasty
“I’m not making hasty decisions.”
Funmi stared at her sister and not uttering another word,
she drove them home.
 Simisola was at the clinic, first thing the next day and
couldn’t wait to get rid of the pregnancy, she was at the reception waiting to
see the doctor when a young man walked in, striding purposefully into the
clinic. He hadn’t seen her but she had seen him and at that instant, she
recognized him, it was no one else but Bayo, her college sweetheart. She froze, ‘what was he doing here?’ She asked herself. He was no medical doctor, or was he
a patient? She asked herself again, and while she was still contemplating the reason her
ex was here in the hospital, he quickly emerged from inside the clinic and
there and then, their eyes met.
“Simisola Akintola….oh my goodness!” He exclaimed, walking
over to her with arms outstretched.
Simisola plastered a smile across her face and stood up to
give him a hug.
“Bayo! Long time no see. Look at you!” She exclaimed,
breaking the hug and taking him in.
Bayo looked good, infact, too good and Simisola hated
herself at that moment for choosing to wear her leopard print top and old navy
“Simisola! What are you doing here?” Bayo asked, holding her
hands and dragging up her left hand till it was almost touching the tip of his
nose. “Ooohhh…you aren’t taken yet?” He asked mockingly.
Simisola recalled the reason they had broken up. She had
concluded that she was too cool for him since she was getting offers from the
big boys on campus. That was nearly ten years ago.
“Well…shit happens…” Simisola placed a plastic smile on
her face.
A nurse called out Simisola’s name.
“Simisola Akintola…the doctor would see you now.” The
nurse said.
“Are you here to see Gregg?” He asked, beaming from ear to
“Gregg?” Simisola echoed.
“Yes…Gregg is a doctor in this clinic, infact this is his
father in-law’s clinic and he is the only other doctor aside his father in
Simisola opened her mouth and closed it again. Bayo couldn’t
be serious! Gregg was Bayo’s closest pal in school according to them, their
parents were best of friends.
“Oh really?” Simisola croaked.
“What are you here for?”
“Errr…well…my err…cousin wanted me to check out some
things for her at this clinic so, here I am.” 
Simisola lied, cursing inwardly
and cancelling all plans of seeing the doctor in this clinic. Once Gregg knew
she was here for a D&C, there is no way that Bayo won’t hear of it.
“Oh…” Bayo said.
“Are you seeing the doctor or not? There are lots of
patients on the queue.” The nurse asked.
“Don’t worry…I just came to make some inquiries…other
patients can go in.” Simisola said.
“Are you serious?” Bayo asked.
“So…why don’t we go someplace and catch up.” Bayo said

Simisola smiled and said. “Yes, we should.”
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