Daniel had resumed work in his starched shirt, remarkably
ironed trousers and shiny cheap shoes, he wasn’t ready to take a chance. He was
going to throw in his all into his new job. It was his second day at work as a
business development executive for one of the most prestigious firms in
Nigeria, he was proud, his parents were proud, the world was a happy place.

His company had provided for his transportation as there was
a big coaster air-conditioned bus which picked him up from his house in the
mornings and after work, dropped him off. There was also a provision for a car
loan as well as provision for wardrobe allowance. It all, was so good to be
true. On his first day, he was sent stipends for phone calls, internet recharge
and other miscellaneous into his bank account, the whole sum was fifty-two
thousand five hundred naira, and Daniel felt like a rich man. 
As soon as he had
received the alert, he had hurried to the bank during lunch hours to withdraw
some of the money via ATM and sent call credit to his parents. His father had called
him immediately he received the alert.
“You make me proud, son.” His father, a retired secondary
school principal in Edo state said to him.
“Thank you sir…” Daniel had said, so relieved that his
father was singing his praises.
“So, if I received a call credit for an allowance, I wonder
what I’d receive when the main salary comes.” His father said.
“Prepared to be surprised dad, I will going to start sending
a monthly allowance into you and mummy’s account.” Daniel said with glee.
“That is very good my son, but then again, remember that you
have to save.”
“Save? Ofcourse I’ll save but first of all, let me spoil my
parents rotten.” Daniel had laughed.
“I am so flattered…thank you.”
“Yes sir…”
“You also need to begin your search for a wife, you know.
The test of a true man is his choice of a wife. You need to search hard and
well.” His father said.
“That will be later dad…”
“Later? You are through with school, you have a well-paying
job, what else do you need?”
“I haven’t gotten a place to stay yet, you know that I am
still staying with my friend’s uncle…and I should move out soon.”
“That’s not a problem, get an apartment that is big enough
to fit a family…” His father said to him.
“Okay dad…I will…in the meantime, enjoy your call
credit.” Daniel had said.
“I will my dear…thank you so much.” His father said.
As Daniel had hung up the call, he had suddenly felt so
unfulfilled. He had gone through life trying so hard to please his parents, he
had studied at the University of Benin because that was where his dad had
wanted for him, he had read Business Administration at the university because that was what
his dad chose for him, he had emerged with a first class honours because that
was what his dad had dreamt for him. Now, he had gotten a slot in the company
his dad had always wished he would work, and now that his father had made
mention of a wife, he knew he had to get married. 
Opening the page of his diary
which was on his desk, he went to the day’s date in the diary and wrote.
“Get a good woman and get engaged before the end of the year.”

Bayo was seated on the sofa in his sitting room watching a
sports game on television, his mind was not fully on the television, it was far
away. He picked up his phone and dialled her number. The phone rang severally
but there was no answer, he dialled it again and the network service informed
him that the phone was switched off.
“Tola…please come home…please…don’t leave me alone I
beg of you…please…we will make this work I promise!” He cried.
Wiping the tears from his eyes, he began typing a long text
message to his fiancée.
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