Tonia was planning for her engagement party, she was trying
so hard to take her mind off the atrocious deed she had done. Congratulations
were pouring in from friends and she was basking in it all. She was a bit
worried, she had been calling Kentura for the past three days but her phone was
switched off, ‘maybe she’s lying low for a while’ she thought.

She was just about to turn off the bathroom tap when she
heard the knock.
“Coming!” She called out.
She was Ebuka’s house and couldn’t think of who would come
calling at this time of the afternoon. She opened the door and was shocked to
the roots of her hair. At the doorstep was Kentura with a team of police men.

“Whaa….” She started.
“Miss Tonia, you are under arrest for the murder of Miss
Chantal, you are advised to keep silent for everything you say could be held
against you at the court of law.” A police officer said.
Tonia was shocked as they dragged her out of the house and
forced her into her vehicle. On the ride to the police station, she kept
looking at Kentura who was trying so hard to evade her gaze.
They had just arrived the station when Tonia asked to call
Ebuka, he was shocked to hear that she was held at the station and promised to
be there as soon as possible.
In less than thirty minutes, he was there, breathing fast
and looking so confused as to the reason his fiance was arrested.
“Tonia…what happened?” He asked as soon as he saw her.
“Ebuka, you have to get me out of here…” She cried.
“I need to see the DPO, this is absurd!” Ebuka started.
“This is not a Lagos case but an Abuja one…” Kentura said,
speaking for the first time. She saw him run into the police station and saw
that Tonia wasn’t in a hurry to tell him what was going on.
“Will you shut up? This is all your fault!” Tonia spat at
‘What is happening? Can someone tell me what is going on?”
Ebuka asked.
“Your fiancee, sent me to poison your Abuja girlfriend,
Ebuka’s mouth hung open.
“Chantal? Tonia! You killed her?” Ebuka asked, staggering in
“I don’t know what she’s talking about.” Tonia denied.
“There’s no need of your lies, the police has everything
documented, our text messages and phone conversations…” Kentura said.
“What is happening?” Ebuka shouted again.
“I poisoned Chantal because your fiancée was threatened by
her existence.”
“What? You poisoned Chantal? Tonia!” Ebuka exclaimed.
“You weren’t ready to get married to me so I knew that there
someone else….and…I had to investigate and I found out that you were having
an affair with an Abuja based chick! What have I not given to you? How could
you let that woman come between us? She’s not even a full woman, she has just
one leg!” Tonia said.
“What? You are pathetic!” Ebuka said
“You are more pathetic! You strung me along all these while
and after that, you wanted to marry Chantal.”
Ebuka shook his head and sighed in desperation.
“Chantal was my first love, I put her in that condition, I
was part of the cause of her accident that made her lose her leg. I had taken
an oath with her while we were together and I went to Abuja to beg her to break
the oath….I was never meaning to marry her.” Ebuka said.
“You what? I didn’t know…I thought she was your main babe
and I was the side chick…I thought…” Tonia cried.
“I can’t believe you have such wickedness in you Tonia. You
are many things but I can’t believe that you are a killer.”
“Look at the brighter side, Ebuka, since she’s dead, the
oath is broken. I mean…you wouldn’;t have asked me to marry you if she was
still alive…”
“You are stupid! How can you take a life and expect to be
congratulated for it?” Ebuka said, turning away to head out of the police
“Ebuka! Where are you going? Ebuka! Come back here and help
me get out!”
“No! I won’t! You killed a totally innocent woman who was
just protecting her own interests. No! It is over between us….I can’t believe
I have been dating a murderer.”
“You never would have married me if I hadn’t killed
her…you never would have…” Tonia wept.
“Does that give you the right to take her life? You know
what? I was right all along, I knew your obsession with me would be your
undoing and look at you. Look at what snooping has caused you? I pray you rot
in jail for this! I pray you do…” Ebuka said and walked away.
“Don’t you dare marry anyone else Ebuka! Our bond is greater
than yours and Chantal and if you as much as look at another woman, I promise
you…it will be your end.” Tonia screamed.
“This is a police station and not a night club, will you
shut up?”One of the police officers barked at her.

Bayo was in his office, his face was buried in his palms. He
watched his phone ring mindlessly and knew it was his mom, she was calling to
apologize and he wasn’t taking it. His secretary buzzed him and he answered.
“I told you I didn’t want to be disturbed…”
“I know sir…but Tola is here…”
Bayo jerked up from his seat and rushed to open the door,
Tola stood just outside the door and he quickly drew her into his arms.
“I am so sorry…” He cried.
“It’s okay…I’m sorry too…” She said.
“You don’t need to apologize….it’s not your fault…” He
The both walked into the office and shut the door behind
“You look pale…” He noted.
“Life has been tough…” She replied.
“How’s your fiancé?” He asked.
“He’s the father of my child and not my fiancé…” She said.
“How’s your wife?” She asked.
“I just asked my lawyer to draw up the divorce papers.” He said.
“Why? You should be there for her you know…”
“No…she lied to me and destroyed my life…” Bayo said.
“I am sorry…” Tola said.
Bayo hugged her and they both stayed that way for a long

Daniel was running out of his mind. Where was Tola? He asked
himself. She wasn’t in her mother’s house and he had spent the whole two days
searching for her.
He took a spot beside a small recharge card shop in front of
Gloria’s house and waited for Tola’s return. He had been doing this since
yesterday and he knew that sooner or later, she’d come home. He was thinking of
things to tell her when he saw the car pull up at the front of the house with a
young man at the driver’s seat and Tola at the passenger front seat. He was
growling mad, he stood up from where he was seated and hurriedly walked up to
the car.
“Tola! Will you step down from this car at once?” Daniel
screamed in mad fury.
Tola and Bayo were shocked at Daniel’s outburst and the
killer glare in his eyes. Tola quietly alighted and addressed him.
“What do you want from me?”
“You have my baby in your womb and that’s what I want.”
“You’ll have to wait till the next seven months to see
it…” Tola spat.
Bayo turned off the ignition and alighted too, he looked at
the young man who was staring possessively at Tola and grew angry.
“Who do you think you are to harass her this way?”Bayo
“Stay out of this, you are not a part of my family.” Daniel
“Who is a part of your family?” Tola asked.
“You are and the baby you’re carrying!”
“You must be raving mad!” Tola shouted. “You are not part of
my family.”
“Go inside park your things, you are coming home with me.”
Daniel shouted.
“Coming home to where? I am doing no such thing!” Tola
“Is it because of this thing? This man?” Daniel shouted in
“Yes…it’s because of him so go and hang yourself! It is also because of the messy relationship you have with my mother….oh my gosh! I can’t believe I got myself mixed up with all this. Bayo, let’s go.” Tola
shouted and holding out her hand to Bayo, they both walked up towards the
Daniel was blinded with envy and fury, he had lost his job
at the company not because Gloria tried to kill him but because his alleged affair
with her was suddenly made public. He was compensated by the company but he had nothing aside the fact
that he was going to be a father to Tola’s child. He had nothing to hold on to except his marriage to Tola and as far as he was concerned, the fact that she was to be his wife, made life more bearable. 

His eyes found a large stone at the side of the road and picking it up, he ran towards
Bayo and smashed the rock against his skull.

Last episode comes up tomorrow…



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