Tonia looked at the beautiful ring on her finger and smiled,
she was getting married. Finally! She left the plaza, walking majestically like
a woman engaged and was about hailing a taxi cab when her phone rang. She answered the call.
“Hey Kentura…” Tonia greeted over the phone. “Did you see my ring on BBM,
Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp?”
“Yes…I did…but babe, there’s trouble ooo…” Kentura
said in a panic filled voice.
Kentura was Tonia’s bosom friend who resides in Abuja.

“What’s up?” Tonia asked in a shaky voice.
“I had no idea that the girl’s uncle is a Judge. The
news of her death is on newspapers and even the television. The police are deep
on this case and they are looking for the killer.” Kentura said with fear in
her voice.
“Shh….I hope you’re somewhere private?” Tonia said.
“I am in my bedroom and I am home alone. Tonia, we should
have investigated further before anything…”
“What’s happening now? I hope no one can link you to it?”
“I don’t know…all I know is, on the day she went to the
club for a swim, I snuck into the wash room and waited for her to be done with
her swimming and pretended to be a worker at the club. I saw her emerge from
the water and I walked out with the bottle of wine and a glass and I told her
that it was compliments from some gentleman. The wine was cold and tempting and
I watched her drink it all…” Kentura said.
“I hope no one saw you?”
“Not that I know of…”
“And there are no surveillance cameras?”
“I didn’t check…”
“Fingers crossed….nothing will happen. She’s dead and
they’ll soon drop the case or pin it on someone.” Tonia assured.
“I really don’t know and I’m scared. Everyone knows her at the club especially due to her condition…”
“So what? She’s dead and a dead woman can’t talk, besides I wonder how she’d have looked like, swimming without a limb…”
“I’ve got to go now…I need to find my way out of town at least till coast is clear.”
As soon as she dropped the call, Tonia waved at a taxi and got
in. On the drive home, she recalled how she had closely monitored Ebuka’s
movements on the day he had first informed her of his trip to Abuja. She had
quickly called her friend, who lived in Abuja and told her to monitor Ebuka’s movements in the city of Abuja. Kentura had reported disturbing news that Ebuka went to a house of a
certain lady known as Chantal who lived with her family and stood outside for
hours, begging to be admitted. 
She soon found that there in the house was a
beautiful woman who had a prosthetic leg and she seemed to have some ties with Ebuka. She had quickly called Tonia and informed her
of her findings. Kentura kept a close watch on the young woman and her household
and Tonia who had a confidante in Ebuka’s secretary was yet again tipped off of
his second visit to Abuja, this time, with his long time friend Bayo. Kentura
went spying again and saw the two men enter the house and reported that they
stayed there for quite some time before they emerged with Ebuka looking quite sad.
Tonia had then told Reme, to take her to Ebuka’s place and her
unsuspecting friend did as she had asked. On getting there, Tonia waited till
Ebuka came home and had purposely snuck into the compound so that he could see
her. As soon as they both got into the house and spent the night in each
other’s arms, Tonia woke up at the middle of the night and began snooping
through Ebuka’s phone. 
She had pressed him to tell her what was happening and
he hadn’t let anything out so she guessed that he was having an affair with the
lady in Abuja and was having a hard time deciding on who to propose to. She
had already checked all the messages in his phone but stopped short when she saw a saved
message which was originally sent to Bayo. It had read;
the way things are, if I ever want to get married in life it’ll have to be with
no one else but Chantal. Unless she dies, Tonia and I can never be together.”

That was the message that had got her thinking. She wanted
Ebuka by all means possible and she was not going to let anyone come in the way
of their marriage. She made a quick call to Kentura, reminding her of the
favour she owed her and telling her that it was time to return the favour. 
Tonia heaved a deep breath, she knew she had pushed her friend too far by
asking that she poisoned Chantal but Kentura owed her a whole lot.
Gloria was in her office when the door was pushed open and a
team of police men stormed in. She opened her mouth to protest but was quickly
silenced as she was arrested for the attempted murder of Mr. Daniel Omorege.
The staff of the company shook their heads in disbelief at
the fact that their boss was behind the disappearance of Daniel.
When the news reached Tola, she was shocked. She hurried to
the police station and saw her mother looking so dishevelled and disoriented.
“Mommy!” Tola cried.
“Tola…I am so sorry…” She cried.
“So it’s true…you were the one who is responsible for
Daniel’s attack. Oh my God! Why mommy why?”
“I loved him…” Her mother cried.
“Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I wanted to but I realized that he loved you…and he
didn’t love me but looked at me as a boss and a woman he had to respect because
of his job.” Her mother wailed.
“Why did you try to kill him? Why mommy, why?” Tola cried.
“I am sorry….please Tola, help me, I don’t want to rot in
jail…” Gloria cried.
Daniel chose that moment to walk in on mother and daughter,
holding his abdomen with his right hand, he snaked the left over Tola’s
“You got what you deserved Gloria.” Daniel said angrily.
“Get your hand off me…” Tola cried, pushing him away.
“Tola, I am sorry but she tried to kill me…”
“The both of you make me sick! I blame myself for putting
myself in the middle of all this. If I never seduced you, this would never
have happened….never!” Tola cried.
“But you did and I am grateful to you for it. I have loved
you from the first time I set my eyes on you…” Daniel said to Tola.
“I do not love you…” Tola said and hurried out of the
police station.

“Tola! Tola!” Daniel shouted as he hurried after her.
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To be continued tomorrow….


  1. Here's me being honest… I love reading your stories, but I have to say of all I've read, this "episode" has got to be my least favorite, especially the part where you described how Tonia saved Kentura. It was just extremely farfetched and unrealistic.

    • When I made it that Tonia killed Chantal through the help of a friend, I had to create a scenario which shows 'that' friend indebted to her. This was what came to mind.
      In all, writing is a blank canvas, whatever you put on it comes to life. It's all a world of make-believe after all.
      Thank you so much for reading.


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