Gloria was right, this was the hospital that her daughter
had said that the ungrateful idiot whom she had helped was admitted. She
quickly parked her car and stepped out of the vehicle. She needed to finish him
off once and for all or he might tell the truth and put her in great trouble.
“Hello, I am here to see Daniel Omorege…” Gloria said
silently to a nurse at the station.
“Are you a relative or friend?”
“I am a relative…he’s my son in-law to be…” Gloria said

“Could you give me a moment? I want to call the nurse at his
wing….” The nurse said.
Gloria nodded while the nurse made the call, when she was
done, she said.
“He doesn’t have ‘mother in-law’ on his list of visitors
but, the nurse says you can go and see him. He is in room 334.”
“Thank you so much…” Gloria said with a smile as she
headed towards Daniel’s room.
Daniel had strictly requested that no one pays him a visit
except Tola and when the nurse had informed him that his mother in-law was here
to see him, he was so sure that it was Gloria. He had known that Tola would
trust her mother by telling her his whereabouts and he was prepared for it. 
turned on his phone recorder and placed it under his pillow. Gloria knocked and
walked into the room.
“Danny…” She greeted grimly.
Daniel looked at her and said.
“My killer finally comes to see why her work wasn’t well
executed. Knowing you, I thought you’d have sent a team of hired assassins.” He
“It’s not that serious, Danny…” She said. 
“You tried to kill me and you would have been successful if I
hadn’t been strong enough to call the hotel reception for help.” Daniel said to
“Tsk tsk tsk…you were always a weak man but you surprised
me this time…I actually thought a pair of sharp scissors could kill you.” She said.
“Are you here to finish up your job?” He asked.
“No…I am actually here to pay you off…” Gloria said
opening her bag and bringing out her cheque book. “How much do you want?”
“Hahahahaha….you have the guts! Such temerity! How dare you offer to pay me off? What for? My silence?”
“Both for your silence and so that you leave my daughter alone!” Gloria said.
“You are so stupid Gloria…so stupid.”
“I am not here to waste time. How much do you want?” Gloria asked.
“I don’t need your dirty money.”
“Ofcourse you will need it because you have been dismissed
from the office. You didn’t show up at work and your phones have been switched
off, which shows your lackadaisical attitude to work so, your time is up.”
She said with a soft smile.
“Do you think you’ve gotten rid of me? I am the father of
your daughter’s child and  we are preparing for our
“Do you know the difference in social strata? When you
walked into my office that morning, some months ago, you were nothing but a waif who had no food
in your belly. I gave you food, and I made sure you rose in position. You were
mine but you decided to play tough boy and went after my daughter, That’s not
the way to treat a woman who sacrificed for you.” Gloria said.
“You’ll pay for this…I promise you…”
“Pay for what? Do you want to go to the police? Go ahead. I
booked that room in your name so…nothing can be linked back to me. I wore a
wig while I headed to that hotel, a red wig and I d
idn’t drive my car there…I
took a taxi. I covered my tracks, my only regret is, you are still alive to
tell the story. So, tell me….how much do you want? I’ll give it to you…ten
million, fifteen….”
“Hahaha….you can’t buy me babe….I am a part of your
family now so, the money is in the family…” Daniel laughed.
“I have done my best….whatever you see next, is up to
you.” Gloria said, placing her cheque book in her bag and leaving the room.
As soon as she left, Daniel laughed and brought out his
phone from under his pillow and stopped recording. He quickly called the police
officer that the hotel had alerted on the day he was stabbed.

“Hello sir…I have proof that Dr. Gloria Wilfred Adewusi
was the person that stabbed me a few weeks ago.”
To be continued tomorrow….



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