“Are you still mourning? Come off it Simisola! If  he were the one that lost you, do you think
he’d still be mourning at this time?” Adaobi said.
“Tell her ooo…I have talked and talked….infact, I can’t
speak anymore.” Funmi said.
They were seated in the small apartment that Simisola and
Funmilayo shared. Adaobi, Simisola’s friend had come to pay them a visit as she usually did.
“Let me be! Abeg!” Simisola said and as soon as she opened
her mouth to speak, she felt nauseous and hurried to the bathroom.

“What is wrong with her? Is she sick?”
“For the past two weeks, that’s all she’s been
doing…throwing up and emptying the contents of her stomach. I mean, yes, she
can throw up all she wants but at least eat something so that your stomach can
see what to offload but no way! She wants to eat her cake and have it!”
“Ha!” Adaobi exclaimed.
Simisola walked back into the sitting room, she was drained
and very tired, she fell on the couch and stared at her sister and friend.
“Simi…how long have you felt this way?” Adaobi asked.
“For weeks….soon after Jimoh passed….” Simisola said.
“Have you taken a pregnancy test?” Adaobi asked.
Simisola sat up and stared at her friend in surprise.
“Pregnancy?” Funmi echoed.
“I never…thought of that…” Simisola said as she placed
her hand on her stomach.
“You need to take a test…” Adaobi supplied.
“Oh my God! Could I be carrying Jimoh’s baby? Could I?”
Simisola asked.
“You need to find out!” Adaobi said.
“There’s a pharmacy down the road, I’ll quickly go and get a
test knit.” Funmi said quickly.
“Please do…we need to know what is really wrong with her.”
Adaobi said.
Funmi was out of the house in a jiffy and in less than five
minutes, she was back with the test knit in her hand.
“Go and take the test…just read the instructions on the
leaflet…” Adaobi said, sounding like a pro.
Simisola nodded and left the sitting room, she headed to the
bathroom. Funmi and Adaobi waited for five whole minutes and when she wasn’t
out yet, they went to the bathroom door.
“Simisola…are you okay?” Adaobi asked through the door.
“What does the test say?” Funmi asked.
“I haven’t peed yet, it’s like my bladder closed up.”
Simisola said through the door.
“What do you want us to do? Pee on your behalf? Abeg pee
jor!” Funmi shouted.
“Hey! Stop shouting at me abeg…it’s not my fault that I’ve
not been able to pee.” Simisola shouted.
“But you’ve been able to vomit!” Funmi fired back.
Adaobi gave Funmi a stern look.
“Simisola love…please pee on the stick biko….we are in
suspense ooo…” Adaobi said.
There was silence and then a pause, after a long while the
door opened and Simisola stepped out.
“What does it say?” Funmi asked.
Simisola held up the stick at her sister and friend, they
stared at it and the truth dawned on them. She was pregnant.
Daniel remembered how long he had waited for the call and
after a stretch of eternity, the call came through, tearing through the
darkness of his jobless state. He had hurriedly given a testimony at church
that Sunday, bursting with good news and eager to tell the world that he was
the latest business consultant in town. He started his testimony with songs of
“Baba…ese oo…baba…” He sung with his eyes closed and
his hands lifted in the air and by the time he was through with his testimony,
the whole church erupted in loud applause.
When the service was over, he was congratulated all round by
all and sundry and while some thanked God with him, others reminded him that
one tenth of his earnings was strictly for the Lord. When the handshakes were
over and he was about leaving the church, he heard his name.
“Daniel!” The voice called.
Daniel turned around and didn’t see anyone, it was when he
looked up at the gallery that he saw the pastor signalling to him. Daniel,
ready for another heavy dose of congratulations, hurried upstairs and shook the
pastor’s hand in greeting.
“How are you Daniel?” The pastor asked.
“Fine sir…very fine sir…” Daniel answered.
“Good…I heard about your job…congratulations…” The
pastor said.
“Thank you so much pastor. Even though the job might be
demanding so much of my time, I’d like to reassure you that I am a strong
member of the church choir and I know that he who sings, praises God twice.”
“Hmmm…very good of you to remember that.” The pastor said.
“Yes pastor…”
“Was this the only job offer you received?”
“Well…this is the highest and the most paid sir…” Daniel
said smiling and remembering the six figures on his appointment letter.
“Hmmmm….interesting….you see, while you gave your
testimony I received a message.” The pastor said.
“A message? For me?” Daniel asked grinning from ear to ear.
“Yes…a message for you my dear young man.”
“Please tell me, what is the message?”
“The message is, ‘do not get carried away’!”
Daniel felt the smile freeze on his lips, he stared at the
pastor in surprise and blinked his eyes.
“I don’t understand what you are saying sir.” Daniel said.
“That job that you got is going to place you at a very huge
crossroad….I hope you are prepared for it?”
“Like I said earlier pastor, I am not going to compromise my
service to God for the job. I will still be dedicated to my service to the
church choir.”
“That’s not what I am saying my dear boy…you’ve been tossed
like a sheep in the midst of wolves…beware.” The pastor said.
Daniel was angry, how could he? Who gave him the audacity to
receive such false messages on his behalf? At that point he began to rethink
his membership in the church, maybe he should change his church, he thought.
“I know you might think that this message is negative and
you might want to run off from our church but I ask that you stay. The message
didn’t come from me but from the Lord.”
“Thank you pastor…” Daniel said. “I need to go now, I
start work tomorrow and I haven’t ironed my shirts.”
“God be with you Daniel…” The pastor said, murmuring as he
left. “May He save you from the lion’s den!”
Daniel rushed downstairs in anger, muttering under his

“When I was jobless, hungry and thirsty, did he receive a
message? No! He did not! Now that I have a secure future ahead of me, with
promises of good food on my table and a good shelter over my head, he’s
receiving messages sent from hell! Nonsense!” Daniel spat and rushed out of the
church in anger.
To be continued tomorrow….



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