“If anything happens to this baby…I will sue him!”
Funmilayo screamed.
Simisola was lying on the hospital bed and crying, her blood
pressure had risen and the doctors were talking about operating on her to save
the baby.
“It’s all my fault…I roped him in…I…” Simisola cried.
She recalled the nasty fight she had had with Bayo last
night when he openly accused her of pinning a child that wasn’t his on him. The
straw that broke the camel’s back was when he had openly told her that he was
sterile. Bayo had quickly packed up a bag and stormed out of the house
threatening that she had three days to leave his house or face the
consequences. She had quickly called her sister and by the time her sister
arrived, she found that she was feeling faint and was instantly rushed to the

“Does that give him the right to kill you? Does it?” Funmi
There was a knock at the door and the door opened to reveal
Bayo’s mother.
“Mommy…” Simisola cried.
“What have you done?” Bayo’s mother shouted at her.
“The baby is Bayo’s…I swear it…” Simisola cried.
“Really? Is it? I loved you like I would my daughter and you
paid me back with this? How dare you deceive me?” Bayo’s mother asked.
“Madam, as you can see, my sister is not in the best of
conditions…I ask that you leave….please…” Funmi said.
“How could you Simi? You let us send out that poor girl
thinking that she couldn’t fall pregnant and you jumped in….why?”
“Mommy…please believe me….please….I…am not lying to
you…” Simisola cried.
“You are pathetic! Haven’t you heard of the results? My son
is sterile! How can he impregnate?”
“Medical reports can be wrong…” Simisola cried.
Bayo’s mother looked at her in anger and stormed out of the
hospital room.
“Goodbye Simisola and all the best.” Bayo’s mother said.
“What are you doing Simi? Why are you still lying?” Funmi asked as soon as Bayo’s mother left the room.
“I am trying to save my home and marriage. If I admit to the
fact that the baby is not his, I would end up being a single mother and that’s
not what I want…” Simisola cried.
“If you weren’t in this state, I would have slapped your
senses back into your head. The bubble has burst, they know the child is not their’s….what is wrong with you?” Funmi shouted.
“Once the baby is born, they’ll come around….” Simisola
said with hope.
Funmi looked at Simi and shook her head. Suddenly, Simisola
felt a sharp pain in her womb and screamed, her sister rushed out of the room
to call the doctor.
Tola was contemplating on if it was right to go ahead and
marry Daniel even though she didn’t love him. She had just resumed work for the
day and had a pile of work to do when her phone rang. It was an unknown number
so she picked and answered hesitantly.
“It’s me…” He said.
“Hey babe…”
“What do you want?” Tola asked as her voice broke.
“I want to say that I am sorry….I let my mom come in the
way of our love and I am sorry.”
“I saw your wedding pictures on Instagram. Your wife is
pretty…” Tola said.
“It’s over between us…I left the house…” Bayo said.
“What do you take me for Bayo? A shoulder to cry on?”
“Not at all, I heard that you are pregnant and about to
settle down…”
“Yes I am…” Tola said with a deep breath.
“I am sterile, Tola. It’s been my fault all along.” Bayo
said with a ragged breath.
Tola paused for a while.
“I am sorry to hear that…”
“I wish you all the happiness you deserve…and please know
that I never stopped loving you and I’ll always love you…even after death…” Bayo said.
“Death? What are you talking about?” Tola asked.
“I’m ending it all….my life….everything… nothing is worth it anymore…” Bayo said.
“What? You are what? Bayo! Don’t do anything stupid! Your
mom will die if anything happens to you.”
“Let her…she caused it all in the first place and I….was
too weak and listened to her…”
“Bayo, listen to me, please don’t do anything
stupid…please…” Tola pleaded.
“It’s all just a thought…I’ll be fine…” Bayo said. “I
wish you all the best…”
“Where are you?” Tola asked quietly.
“At the office….” Bayo said.

“Are you free for lunch?” Tola asked.
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To be continued tomorrow….



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