Tola walked into her mother’s office, Gloria was standing by her window and suddenly turned when she walked in.

“Hey mom…”

“Tola…I’ve been calling your phone, was it switched off?”

“I am sorry, I didn’t realize that it was off…”

“Where have you been? You left home without a word.” Gloria said.

Tola looked at her mother and let out a long breath.

“Daniel is alive…”

Gloria turned pale.


“Yes…he called me and gave me a clinic address….he said he was attacked.” Tola said.

Gloria gripped the back of her chair and stared at her daughter, suddenly realizing that she was in deep trouble.

“How is he? Where is he?” Gloria asked.

“He really doesn’t want me to divulge…” Tola replied.

“What? He’s my employee! How can you with-hold such information from me?”

“He asked me to keep his whereabouts a secret…”

“That’s not proper! We have been on the lookout for him! You know it’s not ethical to keep his whereabouts a secret from us…” Her mother said. “Besides, we need to get him the best medical care.”

Tola nodded and said.

“Okay mom, he’s at the Memorial clinic….it’s a small clinic located at….” Tola filled her mother with the details while her mom hastily took down notes. When Tola turned to leave, her mother said.
“I am sorry for the harsh words spoken some days ago, I have no right to tell you what to do with your life and I promise to be a hundred percent supportive of whatever you decide.”

“Thanks mom, it means a lot….coming from you.”


Bayo paced the house, the door opened and Simisola walked in carrying a nylon bag of things, she was so heavily pregnant and looked like she was ready to burst.

“Where have you been?” Bayo demanded.

“Out…shopping for the baby, since you want to be the absentee father…” She said.

“Absentee father? Really? Am I the father of that child?” Bayo asked.

“Yes you are….what sort of a question is that?”

“I saw Dr. Gregg and we figured out that you had conceived before we even bumped into each other.”
Simisola stared at Bayo, her heart pounded in her chest.

“How can you say this to me? Bayo!”

“As soon as that baby is born, I am carrying out a DNA test…” Bayo said harshly.

“No way! You are not subjecting my baby to any type of test! I am against it!” She shouted.

“That’s your business! I am not ready to father a child that might not be mine…” Bayo said.

His phone chose that moment to ring and Simisola hissed and walked away from him and headed to the bedroom. Bayo answered the phone, it was Gregg.

“Hey Gregg…how are you doing?” He greeted.

“Hello Bayo….I’d like to speak to you about something important…” Gregg said.

“What is it?”

“Can you come to my office?”

“Please say it over the phone…” Bayo said.

“Are you seated?”

Bayo walked over to the nearest chair and sat down.

“I am seated.”

“The result for your test is out. You are sterile….” Dr. Gregg said.

Bayo blinked and stared at the walls of the house, blandly.


“Yes….there are treatments available and ….”

“Do you mean the fault has been mine all along and Tola had to take the blame for it?” Bayo said in a whisper.

“I am sorry…this is the reason you should have also come in for treatment while Tola was doing so when you both were together.”

“So the child that Simisola is carrying is not mine?” Bayo asked.


Bayo hung up the phone and growling in anger, he stormed into the room he shared with Simisola.

To be continued next week….


  1. Very angry, Daniel should not have told Tola anything when he knows she can spill to her mum. Then why would a doctor carry out a fertility test on a female without testing the male, doesn't it take two to have a baby?


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